Advice For People In Crisis With The Saturn Pluto Square

I have a lot to say around the Saturn Pluto square but difficulty saying it. In part this may be due Mercury’s transit through Capricorn, I really don’t want to write anything inappropriate.

The fact is some people are in intense crisis, others are not. If I write for the ones who are – well this is super focused energy and it is quite repulsive if your name is not on it.  There  are also the “fear-mongering” accusations that fly. These things are irrelevant to people in the shadow (their own and others) up to their neck if not their eye balls.  But this much strikes me as widely applicable..

This is from a consultation with a gal dealing with Saturn Pluto on her angles.  She wonders what the effect Jupiter and Uranus will have when it joins this party later this year.

I wrote:

“Right now with Saturn and Pluto it is slow and focused. You really want these skills because when Uranus and Jupiter get involved it is going to be fast change and opportunity and you want your instincts honed so you can maximize potentials…”

You see this energy is animal-like. It is about survival and naked ambition.

For those who can handle the concept, I can put it more succinctly,  it is about, “the naked ambition to survive… and thrive”.  Just those words are too much for some but many are going to meet this face to face this summer and if this means you then maybe you see what I mean in the paragraph above.

The people who do this work now will be very well positioned.

That’s my point – who can relate?

28 thoughts on “Advice For People In Crisis With The Saturn Pluto Square”

  1. We are there, right here in the Mill Town, with old friends, old hopes and dreams crashed and basic skills rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding. Too old a goat to learn new tricks? Nope, goat sea-goat remembering how to swim after falling from the cliffs.

  2. I can very much relate…working my ass off now, so it can pay me back later…Sure, things are scary right now, but man…I can almost smell the good things to come…to life, I say “bring it!” 😀

  3. Saturn in Libra, V-Day activity, isn’t it nice to be partnered with someone who knows when to scream “incoming” during this battle.

    Thank-you Elsa, we all luv ya!

  4. Saturn in Libra, V-Day activity, who better to be partnered up, someone who knows when to scream “incoming” during this battle.

    Thank-You for ringing the air-raid siren, those of us who are in this battle knows it is not fear mongering. It is very real. Those of us who are being hammered, you know we luv ya.

  5. Please keep writing about this, Elsa. Yes, there are those who are somehow untouched by this, but for those of us who are, well, we need all the advice and encouragement we can get. (My hubby has his Sun at 2 degrees Libra, my Venus is at 6, and that’s just for starters…)

  6. “the naked ambition to survive… and thrive”

    That’s exactly right, and there is so much power behind it it’s awesome. It will not be stopped, so might as well go with it. It’s changing my life, that’s for sure.

  7. I don’t find it frightening to read those words. I do look at my life and think, “Here are the small ways this applies.” I’m not seeing big ways. But small ways can hold great power, too. Small things can pack big punches later. *ponders*

    (Also connects with a story I’m writing where there are big-time images of survival on a primal level, a slow, deep, slow-motion level.)

  8. “isn’t it nice to be partnered with someone who knows when to scream “incoming” during this battle.”

    daisy, that was great. 🙂 agreed!

    This has been on my 4th and 7th and I am gearing up now for whatever comes with Jupiter-Uranus on my MC…

  9. my partner’s got it all going on. aries sun/merc/chiron as well as jupiter/uranus in 1st libra.

    I’ve never seen him thrive so hard.

    he works out every day, he’s getting himself together. and that is new for him. he’s been a mess for a long time.

    pluto square sun seems to be really working for him!

  10. Incoming!
    onto my 1st and 4th!
    I can relate. Funny I feel the slow is too slow, the focus too slow also (as well as fuzzy, as Neptune is hitting me elsewhere.) … I’m glad to hear this slow is right.

    I have this image of a steeply inclined road, with ice patches under the snow, and so I’m grabbing good tire chains, work pants and gloves that will keep my hands warm but still allow for dexterity. I never drove up till now…

  11. Thanks Elsa – I can relate as I am in that catagory too. I’m realizing with the Saturn/Pluto aspects it’s just about getting by day to day, and yet…there’s a real sense of being focused, alert, and intense about this time period. Maybe “hypervigilant”? It’s definitely raw, primal, and consumes my senses (draining too, I might add).

    Anyway, with these energies coming in so heavy, some of us welcome a break. Even if it is in the form of the unexpected. Breaks the monotony, and as long as I go with the flow, I’m hoping for one hell of a ride!!!

  12. I hate to quote Dr. Phil, but he has a saying : “There are those who get it, and those who don’t. You want to be among the ones who get it “.

    I’ve never seen any of it personally Elsa, but I hear you mention often that you take a lot of heat for exposing the raw realities of life. Maybe the ones who don’t get it are intimidated by your insight into what may be their imminent demise — ’cause they not only don’t get it; they refuse to do so. Pollyanna types are put off by realists, but I for one am appreciative of what you post; because it’s the reality that you see coming. It’s a service, to be sure; and I see lots of support for you in this thread. Makes me smile.

  13. There is a huge opportunity coming. For me it’s about helping other people to get through what will surely be some chaotic times. I am getting into the groove with the Mars retrograde too, which for me seems to be about waiting and planning for action. 29 degrees is about endings, zero degrees is about beginnings. This is really sinking in today.

    I had a laugh to myself today as I thought about Neptune in Aquarius. With Jupiter pulling ahead things are becoming clearer.

    Neptune in Aquarius is Aquamystic. With Jupiter involved it was Aquamystosis, or Aqualusional.

  14. AriesSun, I wonder about that too: hypervigilant as the sense of impending change or just leftovers from the past resurfacing… and that is really what needs to be changed first. Which makes me ask if ‘plain’ vigilance is alert awareness and has no trauma associated with it whereas hyper does?

  15. Thanks, ReikiHeart. What I was taught is that everyone fights for their life in the end so much smarter to fight while you still have a chance of winning..

  16. Saturn Libra, Capricorn Sun. AiresSun, I am with you. I am self employed, and so very fortunate to have work flowing in at least for now. I have become a giant corporations go to person in this area, And I am working my ass off to produce the best work I can, in as timely a fashion as I can, goes without saying. This is not my passion, but still I get turned on by the challenges and problem solving, and improve every week at what I do. But on the other hand I know it’s all just a ride, and could come crashing down at any moment. So am working on backup schemes. It takes a while to get good at anything but I have been working on many skills over the years.

  17. Thank you so much Elsa for this post. Sort of confirms some very important things that have been brewing for me lately. Time to take action, although I feel that Ive be intense energy to improve or hone my skills, as you say. My Sun at 2 degrees Libra, rising at 5 degrees Cap, an Aries Moon, plus my mars in also in Leo. WTF! right?

    However, all this chaos and intensity is actually asking (okay–CLAWING at) me to do what I have been avoiding doing this whole time: learn how to creatively and constructively focus my energy to my benefit, instead if letting it seep out via anxiety and petty concerns, negative associations, personal neglect, etc.

    QUite a ride.

    Thanks ((toni)) for the hugs…appreciate it!

  18. yes.
    afraid i won’t be able to sustain it. my body keeps giving out on me in new ways. but there’s always a way around it, so i just keep limiting my life a little bit more but i can focus…
    i want to stop feeling so tired.

  19. thanks elsa, this is me as well, as i am being hit on all angles with cap asc at 4-5, saturn on dsc at 4-5 can, saturn conju my pluto at the top and mars sitting on the ic at 28 aries…. thank-you for writing and reaching out to those of us in the can crusher

  20. Imma Cap. Jupiter & Uranus in Libra. Saturn in Aries. Stacked 8th house. Husband diagnosed sex addict. Threw him out Tuesday. I have no job and two kids.

  21. To grrr: I agree that the old patterns are falling away – and it’s exhausting (i.e., raw, primal) to re-hash the old energies only to be bewildered by what will replace them (“hypervigilance”).

  22. wyrdling – wan to stop feeling so tired also. Last December I actually made sleeping well my priority! overcoming insomnia: staying away from stimulants (caffeine, sugars etc esp. after sun set), breathing, filtering who’s around me, redirecting my own thoughts if they bring me down and so on. It’s all about discipline which I find does not come naturally to me.

    AriesSun, I implied hyper-vigilance comes from old patterns. Specifically, as a response to stress whether it’s there or not now, and either way its not useful. Hope you’re sleeping well!

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