What Happens When You Die?

angel of deathI was talking to my Scorpio friend, Ben about my mother’s death. His mother is also a Scorpio (as is his sister) and I guess they were talking about death over the Christmas holiday.

Ben’s mother is a humanist. She thinks when you die, that’s it.

What do you think happens when you die?


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  1. I have had an out of body experience. I don’t think that when you die that is it. I like the idea that the dead stay around for 40 days during the period of mourning, and after that they move forward.

  2. Humanist? I didn’t know what it was called… but, that is how my husband feels. I personally have no idea what to expect, although ‘nothing’ just doesn’t resonate with me. Really? That’s it?! *bug.eye.face*

  3. I’ve had a couple of near death experiences in April. I didn’t have any view on this until that happened. I think you become pure again. Lovely.

  4. I think we rot, THEN we become another entity; like another person, or an animal, or a tree. This is just my opinion and it’s fine if people disagree with it. I also think we forget 100% what we did in this life. Circle of life anyone?

  5. Kathryn can I ask what out of body experience is. I’ve never gone into what happened to me much. At one point it was like my mind was separate from my body. I was talking to the doctors who were trying to save me and I was looking at my body. Is this an out of body experience?

  6. I believe that folk don’t always know that they are dead. The book A Soul’s Journey” gives insight into drifting around the other side and getting processed.

  7. I have had several vivid detailed dreams in my life that felt powerfully important to my soul’s journey. Dreams where I see myself in a mirror and suddenly realize that I am dreaming. For some reason, this feels important, seems important to my waking self. I wonder if consciousness matters for transitioning. I believe that is what happens when we die, we transition. Perhaps the more consciousness or awareness we have at our death, the more choices we have about our “transition.” I don’t know but I feel strongly that some part of me will continue to live on. It could just be that part of my mind, my brain that cannot imagine an end. But that there is something in me that longs for a continuation and not just survival, seems relevant and signaficant as well.

  8. I have been reading the Michael Newton books based on his regression work and I think the soul lives on. I would go so far as to say we reincarnate and come to earth in order to make ourselves more God-like i.e. we perfect our soul via reincarnation.

  9. I’ve had way to many personal experiences to believe that when you die that’s just it. I don’t feel the need to debate it with anyone either. I figure one way or another we’ll find out, right?

    I firmly believe in a soul. And, I think that the soul has a journey of it’s own much in the same right as it doesn when it is embodied. I do believe in reincarnation. I do believe there are souls that don’t know they are bodyless. I do believe that your state of mind and the life you had here effect a lot of the way a person passes to the next stage and that it is very individualized yet universal all at the same time. I think it’s highly possible to carry physical pain with you when you die as well as confusion, hatred, love, joy and the like. These things are not “body only” experiences in my opinion. There is a connection of our soul to our mind..our consciousness maybe? I don’t think it just disappears or we forget everything. Sometimes we do.
    Now..as to the why? and what the purpose is? I don’t know. And I don’t know that it is automatically given to us at death. Do we go forward? Do we go backward? Is it all happening at once? Are we striving to be more whole or experienced for some specific purpose? That’s my question about it. I like to think that we are in a growing process when embodied. That, while we are all a collective unit while on Earth we will pass to be a part of another collective unit when we die. But, I don’t know if that is how it is.

  10. My opinion, your done when the body expires. If there is an afterlife and a soul that continues on. Why do people cry when a person close to them dies? If the soul continues on and what follows this life is eternal and we all share the same destiny. Why the feeling of loss over death?

  11. Hi bitsbobs,
    That is pretty much what it was for me. I was looking down at my body, but in this case I was still alive. It was connected to a kundalini experience I had. My sister and my brother in law have had this happen as well. My mother had an NDE also.
    Glad you are still on the planet bitsbobs.

  12. I think we transition out of our physical body and fully into our spirit body. I think it’s a gradual transition where you start seeing into the next dimension until you are fully there. That’s why people start talking to “dead” people a week or so before they pass over. I’ve seen this with my own grandparents. They start seeing into the next dimension as their vibration begins to shift.

    I can understand why people who die suddenly, like my cousin, don’t realize they are dead at first. They were in their physical body, and now they are in a body that looks exactly the same (only it’s their spirit body now).

    My favorite books on this subject are “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton and “Life in the World Unseen” by Anthony Borgia.

    I also like Dr. John Lerma, a hospice doctor. I have his book “Learning from the Light.”

  13. @Josi – that’s an interesting perspective, thank you.

    I’m not sure what my beliefs are on this; I can see the humanist side of it, but I’ve also had multiple paranormal experiences in my life, that have shown me that there are “spirits” still around after they’ve passed.

  14. Dan, people cry over their own loss. That person is no longer in their life, there is going to be something missing.
    I do believe in reincarnation, I do believe the soul goes on. I loved hearing what Steve Jobs’ last words were…”oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!”

  15. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    Thus, I do not believe we simply cease to exist, but where that energy ends up or what it becomes is beyond our understanding. We’re not just on our way to becoming dirt. I think there’s a plan, and that plan has love and growth written all over it.

  16. @ Dan
    “Why do people cry when a person close to them dies?”
    There is a reason we are each supposed to experience this “loss” and the stages of mourning. Portions of us to be developed? Emotions to be touched upon that otherwise we could not? That’s what I think anyway. I also think when there is love between people, it never leaves. Love..bonds..connections are lost in death.

  17. I believe we each have a soul and when we die it is like realizing you’ve been in a dream and you awaken to a larger reality of connectedness and divine love.

  18. I’m pretty sure that when you die, you go back to yourself. And then where you go from there? That is the truest mystery to me. I’m confused however, about what you take away from this life and what you leave here. It’s very interesting to me, and I think you’ve been getting at it, Elsa…

  19. We leave out bodies behind and our soul goes on. I’ve been told by Buddhists there is a 49 day period before the soul leaves, but I think it’s instantaneous. That’s not to say some don’t visit or watch over people they’ve left behind, but generally I think the soul departs.

  20. In what ways can a soul change while it’s here? Is there a possibility it does not change here, but can change somewhere else?

  21. There is no death. Just transition. On this plane we are not able to reach the way higher levels of spirit energies. Have been contacted by “dead people”. Calling them is lowering their energies.

  22. I had an NDE and I experienced bliss beyond any peace I’ve ever experienced in life. It was very clear that whatever made me ‘me’ still continued. I saw the faces of everyone who had ever loved me or who I had loved (including people I had completely forgotten about) and there was a voice telling me over and over again that I was loved. I could also hear the most beautiful celestial choir which I think of as a choir of angels. The nearest I’ve ever heard to it in real life being the Verdi Requiem.
    The hardest part was coming back. I have read that sometimes people have NDE’s to get ‘topped up’ with love and that’s what it feels like happened to me. Life went pretty pear shaped afterwards and
    I certainly needed that extra love to keep me going.
    Love this site and the blog Elsa although this is the first time I’ve ever been moved to contribute.

  23. I read the Jane Roberts Seth material in the past.
    I also have had an experience or two, the last one was when my ex passed, the older boys called to let me know a minute after. I lit a green candle and heard his voice in a forceful tone say ” Beau!”. It was his dog he loved and lost in a divorce a year after he returned from Vietnam. Now I hadn’t thought of that dog in 30 years, but I knew that he was met by his dog and that he had crossed. Think what you want. I feel pretty solid that Dogs do go to “heaven” and that there is and afterlife.
    My dad was gravely ill in the hospital and asked who the man was sitting in the chair beside him. No one was there but he saw him. Here is a picture from his memorial where we cooked his infamous breakfast on the cast iron grill that was an always happy memory of my Dad nurturing us. I want to think the smoke and the orb was him in attendance telling me to do it the right way!

  24. Ooo RachelJ ….”I had an NDE and I experienced bliss beyond any peace I’ve ever experienced in life. It was very clear that whatever made me ‘me’ still continued.”

    You explained that very well. I felt that too. Although I was immediately topped up with love, except for the doctors doubting I would make it. I knew somehow they’d said this 5 times. My friend confirmed this. I seen love in peoples eyes besides family and friends, doctors and nurses. Wonderful people. I’m still topped up on love 9mnths later. I hope it is the same for you. I was with my aunt who had past the previous year she told me I could stay with her as long as I wanted. I believe in angels now too. I’ve seen my other aunt who passed some time ago and was able to send her daughter, my cousin, a comforting message only she could understand.

  25. 2 weeks after my Dad died (he lived with me), I was feeling low, and went to a mall to walk around one night. When they announced the mall closing, I stopped to listen, then turned to make a beeline out of there, as they asked. I was unable to make any progress. It was as if I were walking through tapioca! After struggling mightily to make it a few feet, I realized this could take forever, and decided to continue on my planned route around to the left, a half deserted portion of the mall, near the theater entrance, just because it would be easier than the slogging I was enduring. As soon as I changed direction, I was able to walk freely as in the beginning of my walk.
    I had gone no more than 1 or 2 storefronts when I came upon a Hallmark store with only one of a dozen calendar displays facing me and at face height, there was this beautiful pink calendar with the words, “I LOVE YOU, DAUGHTER” scrolled across it. I stood, awestruck, at the bizarre event leading me to see this wondrous sight. I said aloud, “THANK YOU, DAD”.
    Soon after that, my toaster, which was equipped with a radio, turned itself on at 3am. Full blast, it was rocking Pink Floyde, “Wish You Were Here”. I scrambled down to the kitchen awakened from a deep sleep wondering if some ex had broken into my kitchen, and as the sight of nothing out of order, and the words sunk in, I again said, “Thank you, Dad- must be great!” I finished listening to the song and went to bed.
    In the morning I came down and faced off against the toaster, my legs apart, my arms crossed, I stared at that thing, wondering what I could have possibly have to cause it to turn on like that when I had it for years with no incident. As I pondered, that darn thing turned itself on in my face!
    I am stunned by all the comments of little faith! It is self evident to me that the departed care deeply for us left behind, and often communicate. My sister, whose baby daddy died when the child was 2, was trailed by his spirit for years, and when, AND ONLY WHEN she entered my house, the torch lamp would flicker until she left. So I believe they stay as long as they feel they can effect a change. Sometimes forever.
    I used to wonder why they would contact us, but the spirit/soul is eternal, and they do not forget about us or the life they left behind. They help us effect beneficial change, and care for those that are in need. I swear it in my case.

  26. After my dad died I felt the need to go outside. It’s like I sensed that he was out there, but I looked at the sky, wondering where he was. I believe he’s okay.

    I have sensed the presence of saints in church before, and I know people who have seen them, so maybe the afterlife isn’t ”out there”, it’s simply veiled to us.

  27. I think the only “death” there is is the physical bod. I think “we” (our personalities, souls, whatever you want to call them) go off somewhere else to do more evolving (I have to believe that I am a Scorpio rising after all). I would not be surprised that all if the “after death” experience would be more “peaceful and blissful” than anything felt in “this life” because – hey, this life is a lot of PAIN felt through our organic bodies. I think there are many possiblities – although, the whole “status quo” of “heaven and hell” is not one of them – sorry but I have no feeling that is true – and I have researched this alot! One thing I often wonder is that if this “life” is really real – there always seems to be something off about it. There is no way I can believe in the “God” of most religions because the whole definition of what “he” is supposed to be like contradicts our experiences. So he is man made. I guess the closest thing to what I “believe” in is like the “The Force” in Star Wars. “It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” Like someone else said that Energy does not die – it just changes forms – if you take a while to look around and really observe things in this life, you will find this too be true. Even when our physical bodies die, they just change to something else. I like to believe that their is a plane or dimension that we humans are not qualified to understand – get some of us get glimpes or it in some ways (us Neptune types) or perhaps we do not have the senses and powers in the physical bodies we have on this planet to access it. I think it there but just out of the realm of our limited senses. They say most us use only a low percentage of our brain power – maybe if we could use the full percentage we might have a different experience in this life.

    I agree with bluerose – I see that “veil” all the time – or at least, I can “feel” it – hard to explain but I just know it is there – there is something beyond but just not available to me. For the most part, I am fine with that. I am curious to find out what is next and in true Scorpio style, I am not really afraid to die because I view it as a transition to something else. A different experience. A new phase.

  28. Susan, your post made my tears flow and now I can barely breathe,I am incredibly touched.You gave hope,too.Even with a foundation of faith,I am terrified of the loss.I love my Momma so much,she’s my best friend.I can only hope my Momma will be able to let me know the way your Dad let you know,that his love isn’t gone and never will be and I’ll see her again and feel her love again.I need to believe these things,because it might be the only thing that keeps me going.

    One of my beloved pets passed.I felt so guilty for so long and missed him so much.I felt guilty because my sister and I were socializing a lot and I thought that maybe he felt he wasn’t needed anymore,so he decided to pass on.It might seem silly to some but that pain was very real.I had a dream though a very graphic one,where he was alive ..but not alive.IO was afraid at first but I realized he was trying to show me how much his body hurt and that he didn’t leave us because he felt left.I was able to give him the burial he deserved.A funeral in a beautiful church replete with pipe organ and choir.I woke up having that burden lifted from my heart,it was his last gift to me,until we meet again at Rainbow bridge.

    Now I have to try to calm down,even writing these things,thinking of them causes a great well of emotion to rise up within me that’s very hard to quell.I feel like I could cry for years..

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