Satori Speaks Through The Portal

portal“Are you in a twilight zone portal?” That was my text to, Satori. If only I were joking.

Satori has had inordinately challenging problems in recent months; a period of time which has stretched into “going on a year” at this point. End date, unknown.  Please don’t contact her, as it will tax her further. <- this is serious

She’s really in deep.  I’m far away on another shore, but cast lines via text so she knows I’m here in the fog and always will be; a hand she can grab.  It’s getting weird over there.  I mean weirder.

There was a skunk mentioned in today’s messages, along with a psychotic woman who appeared, soaked; lost in the pouring rain, like a scene in a movie.

They had to sing to her and send her on her way with a new, luxury coat; Satori had lying around. A gift she received, not her size. Not that she will be okay.  She won’t be okay.

Satori’s got a wonky heart and she and hers are sick and tired; under pressure, targeted by a psychopath; lost and caught in space for so many months…

I swear I feel I’m writing her in the gulag.  If you can spare a prayer, please.

This was written with her permission. I need a new tag on this site #shitthathappenstogoodpeople

47 thoughts on “Satori Speaks Through The Portal”

  1. Sending you good, affirming and healthy vibes, Satori, and for your heart too.
    May you both get the relief, peace and rest needed.

  2. Satori-
    I am sending you Blessings & much Respect. I know you will get through this, having learned something valuable.

  3. Sista Satori
    Rise above it all
    Be the witness and notice everything
    Each breath…one at a time….
    Slow it down
    So much love and gratefulness for you!

  4. Sending hope, renewal and strength!!

    Lots of people have been in very tough pickles without obvious answers, to put it lightly!!

  5. Avatar

    I am in this portal. A part of a song keeps running through my head; … this is Major Tom to ground control I’m stepping through the door and I’m floating in the most peculiar waay

  6. I’m sorry to hear this and miss her on the site.
    If you have problems with a psycho, you MUST read “The
    Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker. It will tell you how to rid yourself of them and can save your life.

  7. 🙏❤🙏Satori🙏❤🙏
    May God bless you with miraculous recovery and revitalization for a long, healthy, and safe future, and make you a poster child for answered prayers! 🙏❤

  8. Sending you all the calming, healing, loving, and protective vibes to you and yours. You know I’m on this coast, so if you ever need a soft place to land, I’m here. ♥️

  9. May G-d bless and protect you and yours, Satori, and shine his light upon you, and grant you peace.

  10. I hope you start to see the light of hope at the end of that dark tunnel. Sending healing your way, Satori ❤️

  11. I have sent reiki, all Satori needs to do is say “I accept reiki” at any point in time, and it will come. 🙂

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