What Have You Learned With Saturn In Scorpio?

scorpio necklace 2My apologies to people with planets in the very late degrees of the Fixed signs.  Some of you showed up in the comments here – Leaving Depression Behind.

It’s true, you’re still in this. But as I mentioned in that post, Sagittarius looks ahead. Even if you’re up to your neck, it won’t hurt to realize there’s a future ahead.

I thought it might be good if people mentioned what they’ve learned with Saturn in Scorpio. I was thinking about a concise list.  Scorpio doesn’t blather!

If you want to elaborate, that’s fine.  But here’s mine:

I learned to conserve energy and to commit deeply.

Your turn.

72 thoughts on “What Have You Learned With Saturn In Scorpio?”

  1. I learned that other people’s shit stinks just as much as mine, maybe even more. I’ve learned to not let myself lower myself before someone just because they appear perfect.

    I also learned not to cast my pearls before swine, like people said in the above comments.

  2. Wow. So much wisdom in the comments! It reads like Cliff Notes from the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately, there was no shortcut for any of us.

  3. Letting go of people/groups I identify with to establish my inner authority. Pros and cons to this. Natal saturn in eleventh almost twelfth house opposite my LOF in the fifth. It causes self imposed loneliness but I also have sun conjunct IC. I’m starting to see saturn as a loving/correcting father and pushy jerk at the same time. I have a wide orb conjunction of pluto and saturn in the eleventh. I think it just takes me a long time to transform. Which makes sense that saturn is gonna take forever to be done going over my 28 degree scorpio ascendant. Saturn transits aren’t for sissies!!

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