Turning Venus Inward

Amy SedarisVenus is our esthetic, what we value, what we like. Its position can be evaluated purely on its own, by sign or house, but the aspects it makes also tell a tale. Venus tells us what we like in general. That’s simple enough to evaluate. I’ve become used to talking about aspects in terms of the external, an observable effect, because I’m looking in from the outside.

Here’s an interesting exercise: take a look at the aspects your Venus makes to your personal planets. Are they harmonious or challenging? With your Mars, do you like your energy, how you act, how you go about getting what you want? Does it interact with Mercury, how you think and communicate? What about your Moon, what you need and feel? What is the relationship between Venus and your ascendant or Sun, how you appear to others, your personality?

What I’m asking is pretty personal. Do you like yourself? Do you like how you act, think, ARE?

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  1. On the boards last night I wrote an answer to the question “did your parents tell you growing up that you were pretty ” or something like that and my response was yes, but much more than telling me that I was attractive, which they did in indirect ways….the most important thing my parents did for me was make me feel very capable of doing things….a responsibility…I had an early sense of duty and the more I was placed in situations where I had to make quick decisions and then patted on the back for a good job, the better I felt about myself and I know I have an innate good sense of judgement and humor so…..bottom line, yes, I like myself and can laugh at myself better than anybody else can too….

  2. I like myself. there are bad days and moments when I don’t but they’re not that often.
    I especially like the way I think. I don’t let people, society, media or anyone influence my thinking. mediocre people think I’m weird because of it.
    there are times when I don’t like the way I act. situation when I take too much time to react. Or I react hasty. I can’t seem to find middle.
    I don’t know how people see me. that’s eternal enigma for me.
    Aquarius Venus in 3rd conjunct Mercury, semisextile Sun. Lots of hard aspects with outer planets.

  3. *Disclaimer – I am not good at reading even my own chart – novice level, remedial novice if there is such a level – so I do rely on astro.com for my chart/placements*

    Venus in 8th, Cancer, trine ascendant and then square Uranus. Which seem to be contradictory placements. Such a soft, homey, needy Venus and such a wandering square. To be fair, I have had to face down the (strong) urge to flee rather and stay and work out the hard angles of relationships (of the highly committed kind even) – so that may be rather spot on. It has become much easier as I have aged/recognized the pattern.

  4. Most of the time I do
    But sometimes life would be a lot easier if I was more like the mainstream..my desire for that is fleeting however 🙂

  5. My Venus is opposite my Moon.I’ve always had insecurities.Venus trines Mars,used to get a lot of attention from the oppsite sex.V.squares Uranus and Pluto in Virgo H 11,I’m attracted to eccentric,secretive,and powerful people.I’ve had a passion for boys/men for as long as I can remember(beginning at the age of 4 or 5)I was less promiscuous than most all of my friend’s.

  6. venus doesn’t aspect any of my personal planets. instead she’s dancing with the old folk (saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto…)
    and, well, the ascendant. inconjunct. some of my tastes surprise people, i guess 😉
    and, er. have to weigh the balance between frumping up my ascendant and keeping my venus happy. sometimes i think i’m downright ugly, but that’s probably the 8th house, not the asc…

  7. I pretty much like myself, though other people often don’t! I’m too impenetrable for most people I think. But those who do like me, really like me – and they are always the quality people around, which has always helped me to like me!

    Venus conjunct Sun in Cap and trine Moon in Taurus.

    But my Venus is also opp Mars conj Saturn, and the opps form part of two T-Squares to my Jupiter in Libra (the Sun forms two more, and Chiron 4 more). I don’t like the facets of my self which led me astray and cause me grief, esp a certain recklessness

  8. I didn’t used to like who I am. Now… I’ve come to accept all the quirkiness that is me. I would have thought, with a Venus Trine Mars…I would have had an easier time with it.. but, other aspects must have gotten in the way of that. hmmmph. I have Moon conjunct Venus, Moon in Cap/8th, Venus in Cap/9th kind of an odd combo there I guess?
    Have Venus square Uranus.. makes it.. umm interesting, lol 😉
    Oooo.. and I just found out why I’ve always felt so unfeminine… Venus square Chiron… saw this from http://www.lindagoodman.com
    “Chiron square Venus sets up the maximum stress between finding a value system which will enhance spirituality, or just giving oneself over to one emotional high after another. Also, Chiron square Venus usually signals heavy duty past life karmic pressure having to do with gender identity. In the esoteric teaching, we are taught that we choose a particular gender identity to balance male/female polarity, anima/animus polarity. Life is no more than an opportunity for experience so that we can become more evolved. And part of being able to become developed involves experiencing both sexes. Often when we are moving into a gender we are unused to there is a lot of stress, and Chiron square Venus indicates this type of stress. Thus, a person with many male past lives may be bom a female this time or vice versa, and this is often shown in the chart with Chiron square Venus. We also see this frequently when Mars is conjunct Venus in the natal chart. This client may be essentially male trying to cope with being female or vice versa, and astrologers can help the client with in depth Mars/Venus counseling. Often this native will cop out of sexual balancing by becoming gay or lesbian, although he or she might accomplish more by switching genders completely. Or, this native may appear to be gay or lesbian while actually being asexual and adjusting to the situation. In all cases, counseling on Mars/Venus energies in the chart will be most enlightening. The astrologer of Chart 22 has experienced deep emotional conflicts and a great struggle with her powerful animus within. The conflict will tend to resolve at the Uranus opposition. It is very likely she has powerful male past lives and that she is learning to use power with female or Venusian means this time.” ‘Splains a lot! probably what is cancelling out my harmonious Venus/Mars trine.. hmmmmm I apparently have some karmic crap to work out. 😛

  9. Hmmm… since I have a Capricorn Venus in the first house; it squares, Saturn, Pluto and Saturn. Got to believe in myself more.

    Then I have Venus trines my Virgo Mars (9th) but if I could I would add in Taurus Chiron, that makes a grand trine. I am so sensual but also a perfectionist..LOL

    But my fave is Venus sextile Sag Uranus.. Creative Freedom baby, Freedom!

  10. Avatar

    I don’t like the vast majority of my chart. However, the *one* thing I do like is that I favour an open fight. I am non-confrontational mostly (stellium in Libra), but I fight openly – in my mind, that is, I don’t fight dirty (Mars in Libra in 12th aspecting Venus in Gemini at the end of teh 7th)

  11. I have venus in Aries, with only good aspects…but still I am not really a fan of myself. Atleast not how I present myself. I like most of my thinking allthough I wish I was a brighter and more sophisticated thinker. I am unsatisfied with what I am, what I am able to give and my demenor. I embarass my self a lot, and have a problem with letting things go , I will stress myself over something I have said for years. I wish I had more control over my image.I wish I could be respected ,elequent and intimidating. At best I am cute and ditzy. The only place I feel good about me is at work.
    But shit what are you supposed to do. Starting from scratch requires cognitive theraphy, painful amputations , a lot of money and a how to become great and perfect manual!! And -10 pill…

    Great post Satori!!!:-)

  12. Another great post from Satori.

    Venus in Cap here. Gets better with age. Seriously! Venus conjuct Mars Trining Pluto/Uranus and quincunx Jupiter. Moon trines Pluto/Uranus and retrograde Mercury squares Saturn.

    In my youth I relied more on my charm and spunk to get me through rather than my intellect, (yet respected intelligence most in others). Now, that I’m older I rely simply on my faith that I can handle whatever life throws me. I’m way more spontaneous and charm myself with my determination and weirdness. My intellect is still struggling for validation. So be it.

  13. I love myself and wish others could be more like me. The world really would be a better place, you know. (Venus in Taurus, natch.) 🙂

  14. I have encountered some sketchy stuff from the Venus being opposed to Mars and the South Node, but I’m more than happy to project all that onto partners.

  15. venus in aqua trine moon in gemini

    what i like is usually what I need.

    and venus conjunct midheaven, so it’s supposed to help in the career at least.

    venus in aqua sextile mars in scorpio, i’m pretty saucy.

    i’m heading in a good direction i think.

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