Mars in Cancer Opposing Saturn In Capricorn – Cake vs Cruelty

apple cakeIn May, I warned that June would be a difficult month for many.  The peak of this period is between June 10th-24th, but we’re surely getting into it now. I thought I should elaborate.

The opposition between Cancer and Capricorn suggests parent/child themes will be prominent. Dependency, responsibility, security, maturity, lack of maturity, feelings and boundaries all play, loudly.

This is when astrology can really help.  If you understand Cancer and Capricorn, you can find ways to channel the stress that don’t involve coming down on people. These phrases come to mind…

Grow up!

If you can avoid saying these things, and tread carefully when you hear other people say them, you’ll be well on your way to navigating this.

Yesterday, I got a notice from Facebook; one of my “friends” was suggesting people be “terminated” How cruel. How Mars / Saturn. If you get into something like this, you may find yourself acting cruelly. There is a lot of truth in the statement, like attracts like!

You may think this is stupid but I don’t want to hurt people. So yesterday, I baked two cakes (Cancer). My husband took one of them to work (Capricorn). I am taking the other to the ladies (Cancer) at the hair salon, this morning.

This is my way to work with the pressure.

Here’s the other post.

ps, for the curious, that’s a glazed apple cake. Two sticks of butter per pan!

How are faring as this Cardinal opposition heats up?

44 thoughts on “Mars in Cancer Opposing Saturn In Capricorn – Cake vs Cruelty”

  1. I just showed some tough love military rule style, to someone I care about. I have been activating the parent-child dynamic with my partner this past week, with both of us taking turns to be the parent. I do really need to be more gentle in every part of my life. Thanks for the reminder, Elsa. Maybe I should bake my first cake. 🙂

    1. It’s worth a try. I see people snapping like matchsticks. I’m driving ’round this storm, if at all possible. It’s taking an effort, that’s for sure!

  2. My father’s girlfriend made a shitshow because I avoided to come visit her due to her being on medication for possible borelia virus. It took 3 phonecalls with my dad to finally nail the fact in that due to her being on meds, I didn’t think it would be a fun thing if she was so tired and I thought she should take her time to rest and get well.

    She took that very bad. Apparently she does not know how to care for herself or her health. So, instead of folding gracefully, she took first:
    – The guilt card (she had already prepped the food and placed it on the table)
    – The angry route: Yelling at my dad and manipulating him
    – The shitshow route: she afterwards told him that due to us not visiting, she did not want to see his children anymore (we have met her 2 times in total, so really? Ok then.). She was even nasty about it, as she wanted to hurt him through us due to jelousy.

    That’s Mars/Saturn/Pluto for you if ever there was one.

    So, I gracefully complied even though I have kept setting my boundaries. My dad is being manipulated and it hurts my heart and is making me angry. But I give him the opportunity to deal with her himself, I’ve said enough, and I don’t want to create more drama than there already is. But I refuse to be manipulated or played the Guilt-card which is a special of Capricorn energy.

    I remember your words, Elsa, about the knife in the arm story:
    Energy is neutral until directed.
    So right now I am considering what to do with this knife energy that sits in my back. Bake cookies? Go running? Forgive her? The last part is hard, as she is hurting someone I dearly love.
    For now, I think it is to show kindness to myself and others, as much as I can. But the unfairness of her actions… My oh my.

    My Libra moon is at 12 degrees, square Mars, so yeah – inequality tends to blow off my lid I’d say!

    1. “Guilt-card which is a special of Capricorn energy.”
      Yup… I used to fall for that every effin time. And then i heard a line from a brazilian rapper that goes like this “sorry to disappoint, but better do it to you than to myself”. Sums up my perspective these days… boundaries!

    1. Fast forward, I found myself fighting a male (Mars) in authority (Saturn) at work (Capricorn), only after I gathered my emotions (Cancer). I work in a male dominated industry so this is likely to be the tone for the next 2 weeks. I was hoping it would be more sex (Mars). But, alas!

      1. I took a break instead. Just open my mouth and asked for the next week off (technically only 3days of vacay since the other 2 are national holidays). Colleague said go, boss gave me silence treatment pretending not to listen after asking 2 times. Asked a 3rd time on my way out and he (capricorn) had to say something then. Guilt card but i didnt move. Stated mg case and he said ok. Yay! Dodging this bullet for a whole week! Hope you find a way around too!

        1. That’s fantastic! Enjoy your escape.

          I found a way to reprieve with an impromptu [said with a sheepish voice] solo work trip far away from the office for the next few days. The trip lines up perfectly with the most intense period when Mars will still be Out of Bounds. So till June 12th, when Mars is on steroids, I will be far far away ignoring emails 🙂

          1. Thanks! So glad for you as well. But im not sure we’re past the worst. With the full moon comes also the mars-merc opposition to pluto. People might be prone to be verbally aggressive. Take cover and take care. Breathe and count to 10… that sorta thing 🙂

  3. Glazed apple cake two sticks of butter per pan: just what I need to be baking around here!! Tension is crackling … Cancer husband/Capricorn me

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    Mary Trevaskis

    Apologies for the sort of off topic post, just curious where/how everyone learned astrology? Especially with the internet it’s so hard to find one reliable non-gimmicky source to get the basics down and go from there. With everything happening now leading up to 2020’s energy it’s time to study.

  5. My husband just texted me. He says, Miss Anita, wants to marry me.
    Over the cake. 🙂

    He also says they’re placing orders but he said, “No, no, no!”

    Mars Saturn! 🙂

    1. I am dying laughing at this one. Elsa the baking astrologer! They are going to have you running a side bakery soon! People seem to love this kind of stuff. 🙂

      1. I get asked to bake all the time; people want to pay me. But the fact is, there’d be no money in it. Good ingredients cost money. I would have to charge quite a bit to make a profit. I prefer the currency of “good will”.

        I also enjoy baking, but if I had to do it, I’d probably like it a lot less.

  6. I was amazingly passive-agressive yesterday. Guy I’m having kind of phoneromance told me he is going on a date with girl he met at work. Of course that he can, we are not a couple. But I’d started teasing him so much about that. In one moment I realise that this just sounds jealous. Well, Mars passing my 3 house in cancer…

    1. Sounds like Mars/Saturn time!

      Okay, so do they get castrated like young bulls? Or are they employing the Lorena Bobbitt Method? ? ?

  7. That’s a lovely thing for you to do. You made me want to bake something to send with my husband. He is stressed at work, he’s under a lot of pressure. And he had a car accident yesterday to top it off. The opposition squares his stellium in Libra- Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury. My poor husband. Good thing his Moon in Cap is pretty much out of the way.

  8. This is so timely.
    My lady baked several types of muffins. I’ve been giving them out.
    We don’t know anyone not having a hard time right now.
    The air is hot with frustration. Love and patience is pivotal.
    Dead on again Elsa. Sounds like you should open a bakery too.

    1. Thanks. 🙂

      I would literally have to do that. Open a bakery. I’d need a commercial oven, etc.

      It reminds me of the next-to-the-last bar I worked in. The owners were Jewish, from New York and they baked the best cheesecakes in the city, far and away.

      They also made the best pastrami city in the city as well. And while bars don’t usually sell cheesecakes, this bar did and they had a constant stream of people coming to get them.

      Anyway, they has a giant oven so they could bake cheesecakes… 8 or 10 at a time.

      They has a busy lunch in this place… when the lunch crowd cleared out, the cook would bake cakes. It was a great operation and while profitable, these cakes were baked with a lot of love. So are mine and I would not want to lose that.

      Anyway, I learned from this couple, cheap ingredients got you an inferior cake. I’m not just throwing this stuff together.

      1. Completely understand.

        I lived in Brooklyn as a child, moved at 9. A few years ago I asked my grandma to send me some cheesecakes. She did, knowing the rareness in quality out in the world.

        This led to an argument at work, over cheesecake. That damn good.

        If you get serious, start a GoFundMe or something akin. I KNOW you’d get support. Just issue peace statements on each box.

  9. Seems so many on edge for sure….including me
    My partner has his Mars at 19 Libra- which is also my descendant
    His Venus couple degrees away 26 Libra
    Plus he is having his Uranus opposition, which also means Uranus is conjunct his south node
    I am fully aware this all could be very bad – mainly I hope he (& me!) stay safe, out of physical harms way
    Not to say emotiona harm isn’t as devastating – we just went through that actually – hopefully this won’t be an action replay of the last 10 days 🙁

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    Southern Cross

    This may sound mad, but I’m really enjoying these energies! They enable focus, that’s for sure. I feel fuelled and able to get to the nitty-gritty in working on a loved project. However, I have been building and nurturing (if that’s an appropriate word) my boundaries for the last 18 months, and now it’s paying off.
    My husband is about to make a scrummy seafood chowder, which I love – Mars in cancer!

  11. @Elsa: so sweet of you to be baking cake and giving away. We need more love in the world like this.

    I am having an awful time with this transit. The Astrology for me is I have Venus in Capricorn (2nd House-love money values) Saturn in the First (out of sign in Sag-but compounded by) Moon/Pluto conj (9th House) with Ceres in Cancer (8th House) and I seem to be forced to see how cruel I have been and how cruel the world is! I have not meant to be cruel to those I love- but in hind sight it’s something that has been glaring lately. Example: was caring for my dad who was in Hospice and his last Christmas he wanted a cigar. He had a very small house and kept the windows and doors firmly shut and I was concerned about MY health and cigar smell. So I denied him. He had quit and I was also afraid he’d start up again so had to put my foot down. Boy do I regret that – to deny a sweet man who lost his wife of 60 years, on Christmas, one cigar- what harm would it have done? I was read a poem the other day, that broke my heart open and I’d like to Share it but will post separately.

  12. I’m Capricorn sun and Moon in Cancer, not having a hard time (yet?) The push pull between Cap and Cancer is something I’m used to perhaps? I am not sure. I was planning on just being in Parenting mode with my elderly father and older, irascible husband. Being mommy seems to keep the old farts in line! (I never had children, just lots of animals.)

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    the laughing goat

    My hips and knees have been aching like crazy out of nowhere! 12H Cap opposing 6H Cancer…. looks like I’ll need to be taking extra care (Cancer) of my joints (Cap).
    Love this stuff!

  14. My smart, witty, & loving cousin ambushed me on Fb over a post she took issue with. Very personal and all over the place – not even rational, I would say…Not sure of her chart, except she’s pure Gemini. After judging me in 6 different ways, she said she told me I was narrow and judgmental. lol. I’ve seen other posts of hers recently that seem off the charts as well. Astro climate, I ask myself, health problem or has she always been this person? My ears have been ringing for 10 days with no respite. Geez~

  15. Thanks to Elsa and this community, I’m navigating with an awareness that helps! With 15 deg Cancer ASC and Saturn on DSC, I’m feeling this period a bit, mostly through my environment especially colleagues/work and am handling myself best I can.
    Elsa — I’m inspired by your baking example. Taking active steps to nurture/use the Cancer energy. I’m going to see what I can do like that (I can’t bake, but I’ll find another way)

  16. Today was difficult. Mars conjunct NN oppose Saturn in my 6th/12th axis. (Mars in the 12th). I felt like I was under attack in a meeting with two fools. Not a fun thing.

    Your heads up has been real helpful on this. I am still sitting here feeling bad, but looking at the chart and see what happened today there. Current plan is to give them both the deep freeze over the next few weeks(Pluto South Node). This is a business professional environment – not safe to confront them – but I can limit my interactions with them. REading what you wrote about behaving like an adult.

    Tired though. The heads up was helpful. Thanks again.

  17. For the past week I have heard people say this it that is a “sh!tshow”. If one more person says that word……☝️
    Just kidding. But I keep thinking, don’t use that word, don’t use that word, don’t use that word! ?
    I guess I’m no better. The other day I scolded myself and told myself to stop acting like a baby. I forgot we’re supposed to give grace, including ourselves this week.

  18. I’m still recovering from a Mars/Mercury vs. Saturn/
    Pluto (6H Cancer vs. 12H Cap) verbal ambush that occurred yesterday. A long simmering issue resulted in a text messaging battle with a mentally ill family member. I firmly decided it was imperative to severe all ties. Ugly and emotionally devastating doesn’t begin to describe the encounter. But I am proud of myself for finally setting up an appropriate boundary. Enough.

    Adding to this “death mix” yesterday, I learned that my son’s dog suddenly died.

    This opposition with a Tr Uranus chaser has been grueling. Many of my friends, with heavy Cancer placements, have been dealing with severe health issues.

  19. I scheduled my wisdom teeth removal surgery at 8am this morning, reasoning that Mars opposing Saturn might usefully assist. And surgery was a breeze!

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