Satisfying Your Moon (Without Indulging It)

Continuing on the topic of “Live your sun, satisfy your moon,” I thought I’d write about ways people fail to satisfy their moon.I thought I’d write about ways people fail to satisfy their moon.

The Moon represents your emotional needs. Some reject their moon by denying they have emotion or needs! This is freakishly common.

People not only deny their feelings. Some women go as far as to deny their own sex (female = moon). These women say they are more like a man than a woman. This is quite a feat considering the estrogen in their bodies.

Here’s an odd thing: some people err in the other direction. They think they’re satisfying their Moon, but what they’re really doing is indulging it.

They can do this by wallowing in their emotion. A person who does this tends to neglect their Sun/solar energy so they fail to shine.

For instance, eating satisfies your Moon. Emotional eating indulges your Moon. This goes beyond satisfying your Moon and winds up having a detrimental effect on your feelings and your waistline!

Your Moon is the most personal thing in your chart. She shows what you and the people closest to you (like your family) know about you. In contrast, your Sun shows what others know about you.

If you want insight into what satisfies your moon, check out one of my natal reports. This is covered in Chapter 5: Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance.

19 thoughts on “Satisfying Your Moon (Without Indulging It)”

  1. My Sagittarius moon wants to break free but I feel constantly tied down with responsibilities. Just when I get ready to do something I want, another job comes up. It’s uncanny. Do I invite this?

  2. I have a Cancer Moon square an Aries sun. Hard to do both at the same time. I’m either racing forward in my Sun, or pulling back in my Moon.
    I suppose I could be a pioneer or a warrior to feel feelings and be nurturing, but it doesn’t quite work that way 🙂

  3. My Aries moon wants adventures, fun, and a little bit of control. I surrender to my sagittarius sun by leading people on adventures and inspiring others by waxing philosophical and being the star I believe I am…and others can be too 😉 That’s my good side, if I don’t take care of my moon I can be irritable and stressed out. I watch this tendency and strive HARD for balance.

  4. I fail at being female most of the time. I can dress like a woman well and have female hobbies, but I suck at everything involving nurturing, caregiving, and taking care of. I really hate that stuff and it fries my soul to have to fulfill the needs of bottomless pit people. And let’s face it, that is what being a woman is all about. So am I more like a man because I suck at self-sacrifice and caregiving? Probably. If I were a man, nobody would even think to give me shit about how I fail at this, right?

    Sadge moon “wants to break free,” but can’t, indeed.

  5. I do so dislike the gender pots. I do like embracing my wild woman side. There’s something clean and honest about that. But emotions don’t really play into that. Boundaries do, but emotions don’t.

    I back burnered my emotions forever until I could not any more. My “family” trained me well on that one. Highly volatile group. Liked to holler and scream all the time. But if I let loose, they had to talk about it for days. Not fair. I was not allowed. I suppose normal setup for mars rx.

    For cancer moon, the biggest struggle is not letting others sorrow and sadness drag me into the gutter of despair. Depression can be contagious. Why their sadness is my responsibility I don’t know. It must be why I OWE, I OWE, I OWE. It’s all my fault. I am angry about this at times as I struggle through this nertralization process.

    And you are right, food is good.

  6. I have sun conjunct moon… does that mean what is privately known about me is also broadcast publicly? I do feel crazily transparent most of the time. i deal with it by being super honest and laying everything out there (jupiter is part of the conjunction) even very personal things, which can be shocking to some ppl. but hey i guess that satisfies my aqua moon.

  7. I don’t get this. *smiling frustrated*
    It is okay that Sun and Moon are in the 7th, so they both share the same need. Is is okay that my Virgo Sun is about being helpful and be at service and my Libra Moon is longing for relationships. That is true actually.

    My problem is, that since they are linked to each other in a stellium (Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are between them), their needs are/should be somewhat complicated. Or not?

  8. Oh my neverending conflict…My Virgo “be of service” Sun rivaling my Sadgie “let’s get the hell outta here” Moon. (Should I stay or should I go now?) I’ve overindulged one or the other up until this point in my life. I think I’m learning to balance.

  9. I have a Leo moon opposing my Scorpio Sun. Drama and intensity all the way! And yet I crave stability and deep down know I need a partner that provides that. Venus in Virgo in the 7th. I’m screwed.

  10. So how does one fully satisfy a Capricorn Moon?
    My attempts include parenting myself and initiating structure and responsibility into my life.
    But what does the cap moon categorically, actually need? Indulging usually = food and drink, cancerian comforts. Thinking of not indulging my moon has definitely helped to reign in that behavior.
    My Scorp Sun certainly knows what it wants – everything (sag rising), until my poor Moon is exhausted and has me take a nap and brush my teeth.

  11. Avatar

    My virgo moon finds comfort in gardening, and keeping my home tidy. I love to be in nature and take it all in through my senses – hear birds, smell dirt, see green. Hiking or trail running is also an indulgence, not just for my earthy moon but my scorpio sun/venus (intense, push the limits of my body) and my sagittarius asc (the adventurer).

  12. My Libra Moon in the 11th house likes to make everyone happy, equal, and feel good about themselves – at least that’s what I think it means!

    When there is a conflict or someone feels like they don’t belong (outsider)- I have always rallied to help out…maybe that’s a fault. But it satisfies my Moon to think I can help make someone feel part of the collective.

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    Leo (fire) moon satisfied by loads of attention when I want it, but opposite my heavy aquarius venus/mars conjunction, this desire fluctuates a bit as to the KIND of attention I want (sun and mercury in capricorn) – but are you catching the key phrase here???? I WANT I WANT I WANT 🙂 [bossy]

  14. @Caribou02 The Cap moon needs her own empire to run. (Kidding! Maybe…)

    I’ve a Cap sun and a Sag moon and I think they work very well together. All of Cap’s responsibilities, restrictions and hard work provide a supportive structure from which Sag moon can explore without limit. Example – Because Cap sun studies diligently and hard, Sag moon can enjoy reading all kinds of philosophical texts.

  15. I am a bit of a wallower. Even though my moon iz in Capricorn (18 Degrees) and just a few degrees into the 6th house. The thing that keeps me content is going out at least once every couple days. I have health conditions and I am somewhat young. I have to get out and find a job after not working for 7-8 years. But I feel the crisis of 6th house – My actual purpose and I have a fear of getting to the working world again. Though I’m sure it will help me to feel fulfilled.

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