Half A Century – How’s That For Late In Life? Venus In Aspect To Saturn

valentine candy heartVenus (love) went into Aquarius (shock) today. The soldier got the (not red or pink) Valentine I sent him today and was shocked.

“No one has ever gotten me a valentine before,” he said.

Hearing that, I was shocked back.

The soldier has Venus in aspect to Saturn in his chart. ‘Bout time he got a valentine!

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9 thoughts on “Half A Century – How’s That For Late In Life? Venus In Aspect To Saturn”

  1. i have a venus saturn trine.

    and this year was the first time i’ve had a _good_ valentine’s day.
    i’m not as old as him, but i still think it’s been darn long enough 😛

  2. My hubby’s Venus opposes my Saturn & his Asc/Saturn/Neptune conjuncts my Sun/Midheaven/South Node.

    We’re not very spontaneous people hahahaha.

  3. Venus in the 10th is like Venus/Saturn? Wow, never considered that. My boyfriend has that placement. I’m always telling him that he hasn’t been kissed enough, and then I proceed to kiss him until he starts laughing. I tell him that he needs to be adored – something not easy for a cap with saturn in the 1st!

  4. Alma, I was just thinking about that – the best thing you can do for Capricorn is make them laugh!

    The soldier is showing his valentine around.. 🙂

  5. I realized I had gotten close to my Cap when he started smiling and laughing around me. The first couple of months we were together, I swear I never saw his teeth when he smiled. He was so tightly wound!

  6. Awww this is so sweet. Im glad he is showing the valentine around, good for him and you.

    I have Saturn conjunct Venus too, I havent had a valentine yet but I’ve got time. Woo!

  7. I have the venus saturn trine, in virgo and capricorn respectively. My mother sent me flowers for valentine’s day and they got here today. it’s funny, it’s the only gift I’ve ever gotten for valentine’s day. And I damn near cried out of joy and gratitude. I mean, I’ve been having a really rough time lately, but the thought that someone actually got me something just made me crumble to pieces.

  8. (((jeannette)))
    You hang around here… there is all sorts of love here and it’s can’t help but leak out and invade you!! 🙂

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