What Is The Astrological Formula To Hitting The Love Lottery?

Togi writes on the “He’s Not That Into You?” video…

“I am confounded. So what are the actual parameters of hitting the astrological love lottery? Should they match your Venus, Moon, Mars, Rising or what? Conjunctions, squares? I have lots of earth, fire and water and seem to go for what I lack…air. Which is not good because the air types are not substantial enough. I have never been able to get a satisfactory answer on this. Venus in Leo by the way. Ha Ha.”

Togi – Ha Ha, back atcha.

I don’t think it works like that. Lines between your this and their that = love lottery win. People are just way too complicated. If this could be resolved with a mathematical equation, we would be doing exactly that. We’d just throw everyone in a computer and assign people their partners and be done with it.

As it is I could be 99.9% compatible with someone according to some astrology program and take one look at the man’s hands and not want them on my body. See that? You know it’s true. Some of this stuff is intangible. So while running around looking for someone who has a Moon compatible with yours may kill some time and make you more astrologically aware it is not likely to find you the man of your dreams. It’s not that astrology is no help at all. It’s just that there is no formula because people are just too complex.

Did you see the video – Tips On Finding The Love Your Soul Yearns For? A person’s imprint might be formed but in short you have to look at a whole person. I think there is a lock and there is a key. Once you have the two of them together astrology is a big help in isolating where the conflicts are coming from but as far as your thing on his thing = instant bliss, I don’t buy it.

This is a great topic, I am going to come back on it. Meanwhile, anyone feel differently?

5 thoughts on “What Is The Astrological Formula To Hitting The Love Lottery?”

  1. I just think it’s interesting that if you’ve ever seen Indian marriage ads for arranging marriages (don’t ask me why I have!?!) . . . up there with caste and income/job is the astrology. It’s *highly* important.

  2. Well there’s chemistry for one thing, as you say, Elsa. And what about all the people, not to mention animals, all around the world who are born at the same exact minute you are? (My mom asked me this question, and I had to stop and think)

  3. it takes me a little while to figure whether or not i click with somebody. and the answer is usually no, and i usually can’t say why.
    it’s maybe that mars pisces, but i’ve learned i’ve really got to go with it. besides, some energies become more noticeable over time. and some scorpio ascendents catch my eye more deeply than others.

    you can’t forget the person whose working through the chart…. it’s like a sketch of a someone, not by any means the real thing.

  4. Re: the sketch comment–right, because some of it may or may not have manifested; it may not be time, they may not have encountered what is going to test that or bring it about.

    And because of that, regarding compatibility, since we don’t know the future we can’t know how circumstances will temper those tendencies. What about people with bad relationships who undergo something that transforms them and the relationship? It wasn’t there before, but the potential was there, and you couldn’t have seen it coming just from the chart. I agree with Elsa that there are many intangibles, and sometimes thngs that wouldn’t seem to work, do.

    It’s like there is another element we have to consider which is so much harder to see. We focus on what is compatible, but that doesn’t take into account what is difficult and perhaps life altering, and perhaps part of one’s soul purpose.

    Think about it. We only look at what is easy or problematic, and these are probably wrong terms to be applying to relationships. I sincerely doubt that compatibility is the only ideal in the neccessary relationships we are meant to have in our lifetimes.

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