What Is The Meaning Of Pluto In Capricorn?

Pluto by JohnHi Elsa,

Could you talk about some of the power dynamics that are at play with Pluto in Capricorn? Is the power play about who has more authority or power by status or position? I’ve seen individuals trying to exert control and manipulate based on their position or someone else’s and I’ve even seen instances where there is a shadow cast around people’s level of integrity.

Is it people earning their power? And, how does one navigate this type of power play successfully if this is indeed a consequence of Capricorns’ impact through Pluto.

Signed working for power

Hi, Signed. This is complicated question that could answered in any number of ways.  I tend to take a broad view, while keeping things simple. Start with your basic math and go out from there.

As an example, Pluto in Capricorn is concerned with the shadow side of authority / government / parenting. I also think it’s about the rotting of structure.  But you can’t just say, oh!  Well, that’s bad.  Where there is shadow, there is light. A bridge collapses…chances are a new bridge will be built.

I also see Capricorn as being concerned with reality. With Pluto in Capricorn, we see just how bleak things are. You have your veneer, but when you look beneath, it’s disgusting.

It’s not a pleasant experience but at least many of us are on the ground now. We’re not all living in the Jupiter Neptune, happy illusion that came before this.

I’m not sure how to choose which is worse. I don’t like pain, but I don’t think it’s desirable to be a complete idiot, either! Growing up is progress and part of growing up is living in the real world, which is not your mother’s womb!

Now to your specific questions:

“Is the power play about who has more authority or power by status or position? I’ve seen individuals trying to exert control and manipulate based on their position or someone else’s and I’ve even seen instances where there is a shadow cast around people’s level of integrity.”

These things are all Pluto in Capricorn flavored but don’t forget the duality that exists in life.  See – Manipulation Is Not A Dirty Word. Yes, there are people destroying others, but there are also people doing the exact opposite. I am in a position to empower people and I work to do so on a daily basis.

Is it people earning their power?

This is valid, but it’s the tip of a giant iceberg. Some people are falling from very high places. Others realize that with power comes responsibility.  To some, having power is a burden. Etc.

How does one navigate this type of power play successfully if this is indeed a consequence of Capricorns’ impact through Pluto?

When you’re dealing with Saturn or Capricorn, it’s always best to do the right thing. Chances are, the harder it is to meet this standard, the greater the ultimate reward.

Capricorn is concerned with boundaries. So while the person next to you cheats…even if everyone in the room is cheating, the person who can maintain their integrity is likely to prevail over time.

It’s easy to envy someone who appears to wield power in public.  But what you see on the stage says nothing about what’s really going on with the person, internally, or what will happen to them in future days.


  • A powerful (Pluto) peasant (Capricorn) such as Mother Theresa
  • Government involved in parenting
  • Standards degrading
  • Devastating consequences

I could go on and on with the various manifestations. I’d keep an eye on the big picture and the long run. But realize, the long run may be 100 years or more. 1000 years.

We’re living history, basically. Who do you want to be in that context?  Killer? Healer? The guy who won the power struggle at work?

What does Pluto in Capricorn mean to you?

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16 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning Of Pluto In Capricorn?”

  1. Wow..didn’t realize that Pluto in cap about parenting…for the past few years I have been thinking how I could have been such a better mom if I’d had the resources I have now.we were so poor,but worked hard.I even have terrible dreams about living in dilapidated homes and hardly any clothes for the kids,it wasnt that bad but Neptune is currently conjunct my moon exaggerating my feelings and dreams.what can be done now,though,after the fact?..what good does it do feeling like crap years later?

    1. I’ve written about Pluto in Cap and parenting…they government being the father, etc. Search or check the tag.

      Right now, few people want to be parents. The collapse of the family…power struggles between (divorced) parents. It’s all freakishly gross.

  2. Interesting! I’ve noticed that ALL the Pluto in Capricorn (especially square to Uranus in Aries) children are very stubborn and unwilling to take no for an answer. There have been full on threads dedicated to these children called “How to be an A$$hole Parent” It should make for the generation to watch as they grow into adulthood. Autonomy galore! ?

  3. Avatar

    Neptune is said to be a master of quackery. But Saturn with its’ reality and face value and “you get what you see” is to me as deceptive as Neptune, but in a different way. It convinces me that I know, that something is certain. But what I know is really what I saw and what I am seeing. And I am not seeing everything. As if seeing is the only truth out there. Pluto in Capricorn… manipulation through staged events, through manufactured reality, false flags, and also seeing through that. You cannot trust what you see any longer.

  4. More and more middle class white people are only having one child because current policy does not favor the middle class. The Moon is debilitated in Cap, and Pluto emphasizes that energy even more. This will have consequences when Pluto enters Aquarius, where the Sun is debilitated. Individuality-focused and self-centered only children who lack the leadership skills found among sibling groups, and also the generosity developed by having siblings. This will be a problem once Pluto reaches Aquarius.

    Aquarius has to do with group consciousness. Pluto will transform the family. As inherited money centers on only children, we may be looking at another baby boom similar to the Pluto in Leo generation. Only children may decide to have a lot of kids because they will not be as dependent on wage earning to support a family, and because they felt the keen lack of siblings, and want something different for their own children.

    Pluto tends to have a “killing effect” in each sign as well. I have always seen Aquarius as more of a Democrats sign, since Aquarius is concerned with group vision and special interest collectives based on race, gender identity, religion, etc…Pluto will either give total power to these groups in the coming years, or totally strip power from these groups.

    1. I think Pluto will first strip the power away… because that’s what Pluto does (killing). Then… They will have to earn it. Slowly. Painfully. But thoroughly! Because that’s Pluto’s “sthick” after all 😉

      More consciousness will emerge from this with themes like how the group contribute to the overall society, the strenght of “many”, the strenghts and POWER of the collective …

  5. Pluto in Capricorn unearths rottenness and hypocrisy. Those who have/had power over others and abused it will be exposed. Think Bill Cosby, Dennis Hastert, that film starring Rachel McAdams about abuse in the clergy. More to come, I’m sure.

      1. Haha yes you were right. Lets now add to that Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and all the other powerful men who have gotten away with corruption for years now.

  6. I think Pluto is about destruction and restructuring and Capricorn is the structure that needs to be destroyed. Pluto in Capricorn began with the great recession in 2008. That’s a real example of how Pluto power works. Its devastating . We lost money, jobs, homes and the economy tanked. It still isn’t good.

    Look at our presidential elections. We have two anti-establishment candidates dominating the election. Trump and Sanders. Its a very contentious election, but both of those candidates have pulled off a hostile takeover of the establishment parties. Its ugly, but needed to happen.

    All of this is very indicative of how Pluto power works, to me. In my personal life, I lost my job of almost 20 years to Pluto. It was a story of subterfuge and betrayal that left me very disgusted that I ever worked there. That’s Pluto. Its extreme.

    Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2023. Its more than halfway through but we’re going to continue to see some very dramatic changes for awhile.

  7. Pluto in Capricorn brings understanding, that authority is a burden and responsobility. This is for who can appropriate.

  8. First of all, it’s great to see someone regularly posting about the transits and how we can best to overcome them. I think the thing that gets me the most is the fact that there is such little creativity during this transit. The music and movies are pretty much just the same old remakes. I think just everyone is ‘playing it safe’. Due to this playing it safe attitude, everything takes longer under this transit. Someone in another site stated- the sign of Capricorn represents the longest night of the year, so it is about taking the long way or waiting things out.

    You have to remain cautious and vigilent to get through this long transit, but also take action where appropriate as someone above said. I think it’s about being patient and things will just happen when they’re meant to.

    1. Some other fun facts – Cancer is the antithesis or opposite of Capricorn, representing the longest day of the year. Both of these signs take the long way of doing things, or hold out the longest under duress. They also hold on tight to things. Capricorn does not give things away to others always, they take themselves and their needs seriously first. They do however acknowledge the needs of others and accommodate as merited as they are a socially adept sign.

  9. Pluto in Capricorn in my 12th is definitely not a fun placement. I have been told that I am blessed to have this transit because I have the chance to become powerfully [Pluto] spiritual [12th house]

    That might be true, but the journey to get there is a road trip thru hell [Pluto] and I have been returned to the starting point with this retrograde. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! That is so aggravating! I hate retrogrades!

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