What Is The Neptune Veil & How Does It Drop?

veilThere was a time in my life when I did not think I could be tricked and even if I was, if would be for a very short time and unimportant in the scheme of things. That right there is a whale of a delusion, though it made sense at the time. This is how a person feels when the veil is intact.

As for how this manifests, consider a person who is making a bad investment.  A woman fixing to marry a man who is tricking her.  Maybe he wants her money or maybe she’s to be his “beard”.  Men suffer this as well, of course.  Point is, many people looking on can often see what is happening, though the person cannot. If one of the peanut gallery tries to tell this gal, she’s missing something, the woman becomes irate and is likely to shoot the messenger.

This is myth of Sedna, by the way.  Sedna is a beautiful girl who is spotted by this ugly bird.  The bird is able to appear as a man.  The bird seduces, Sedna, who falls deeply in love with him.  She runs off and marries the bird and moves into his nest… where she lives in bliss for months.

But then one day, the veil drops and she sees him.  “Oh my God! I’m living in a nest, married to an ugly bird!”  This is how this story goes and I have seen it play, literally thousands of times. Tens of thousands of times.

How about times when you’re blaming someone for something… later, maybe even YEARS later, you realize it was your fault?
Or maybe you’re cussing someone for something, something you do yourself, constantly. If and when you realize this – veil drop!

So how does it drop? It’s generally, indirect, meaning you won’t hear you’re making an error or  in the wrong, from any of the hundred people who may tell you. The realization comes in on the wind, or at least this is how I experience it.  It comes from nowhere, like a wisp.  You’re standing there and then you may freeze for a split second, as the information or rather, the knowledge fills you. The feeling is out of this world.

So can you make the veil drop?

Maybe. Sort of. I ask, God, to show me what I’m missing all the time. At least once a day.
I also ask for a ping, if I’m headed in the wrong direction, doing something I shouldn’t, etc. I can’t specifically say this works, but being open (to being wrong) may help.

You can see this behavior in my stories, all the way back to when I was a child. I constantly check myself in every way possible, but it wasn’t until, 2015; the big veil dropped and I realized I had a very poor record. “knowing things”, in general.   Like I’d spent my life, being WRONG.  Hell of a trick!

Humbling – When You Find Out You’re Wrong…

I called this the “big veil” but there have been bigger veils drop since.

I assume the timing is divine. I mean, when is Sedna going to see the bird?  When she sees him and not a millisecond sooner.

I’d also think twice before shooting messengers, if you happen to have one (or more) in your life. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me something clear, but unfathomable. Down the road, I understand it, but only because I retained the original weird message; apparently, passed to me from someone living the other side of the veil.  Or someone who can see through it.

What do you know of the Neptune veil?

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  1. With Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio trine Venus in Pisces, I am sadly well-acquainted with the Neptune Veil. When it finally drops it can be devastating. The challenge is not being consumed either by shame or despair at having been so self-deluded, or paralyzed going forward out of fear that one’s own decision-making compass may not be as reliable as one once thought. If you can’t trust your own perceptions and judgments, how are you to navigate the world?

    Any thoughts or suggestions about how to recalibrate and move on after a Neptune Veil drop would be welcome and appreciated.

  2. My natal Jupiter and Neptune are exactly conjunct in my natal Scorpio 9H. Also, my ex-husband’s first name is conjunct my Jupiter and Neptune. My ‘match made in heaven’ eventually devolved into lies and scandal.

  3. I love this – gonna steal the Ping Thing! Quick and effective!

    I’ve done something similar – asking the universe to let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree – have not always liked the answer that comes, yet find myself immensely grateful later to have had the veil drop! Life is always better even though the growth factor can be painful (understatement) !

  4. Yes, veil dropped many times and the first few big drops were really hard to stomach. For instance when my husband to be told me straight out how he experienced my family and my father – experienced, not just what he was thinking. I had a very hard time to see what he saw and fought tooth and nails but one day the veil dropped. Funny enough it was often just a key of sorts, a small thing, more like a clue that is easy to miss that made the veil come down. As if a huge structure is held up by a single peg that no one thought important – ever.

    Or someone made a short comment seemingly unrelated to the whole issue and all of a sudden – bang. I then used to rave about what this person said only for husband to say : I ‘ve told you the exact same thing for …years. Looking at it, this was true, he did and it went past me all the time.

    The relationship of this phenomenon to Sedna is interesting. Never paid much attention to Sedna but it did move into Gemini a few days ago after a long Taurus time and that might make it easier for a whole lot of people to receive the ‘drop’.

    Also interesting is that my natal Sedna is on the 26th degree of Aries and therefore trine my Sag Sun, inconjunct my Scorpio Moon and opposing my Jupiter in Libra – tightly. It’s the only planet/object connected to all three of them in my chart.

    I also ask God to show me what I’m missing and I think the openness we need to receive is connected to how strong we (actually the subconscious activity of our nervous system that regulates our defences) react – most of these reactions leave no room for reflection or even choice. The better I understand my own propensity to react by observing what is actually going on in my body, I find ways to regulate myself different and ultimately better.

    1. I want to read the rest of this story but the links always direct me back to your main blog page, not sure why

  5. it was during the mega neptune oposition to my sun/moon that the veil droped. it was surprising considering the typical neptune transit stories. i suddenly realized i was the one lying to myself all along, about almost everything. i realized my role in my fake values, fake connections, fake everything. i was a big fat liar! it also made me stop looking at myself as a victim. how could i after realizing my part? another neptune surprise.
    But the gift ut left after that stripping down is I had to learn to live in the not knowing, and consider it a state of grace. Life feels a bit lighter.

    1. omg i think i just had an epiphany—or it could be a rambling nothing. what if the gift of neptune is just that-the gift of reazliing you cant know the truth? that is the state of adam and eve in the garden before the fall. is that the return towards gods grace through neotunian veil drops? i dont know if that true, but my eyes are tearing up…

            1. Ive been here for 20 years, and i’m glad you havent. and if you do, im grateful for everything up to now.

  6. Definitely susceptible to being led astray or used, as I’ve too readily believed in others’ integrity

    Definitely susceptible to being taken advantage of by predators!

    Definitely bamboozled out of money time and again. A lot of money!

    A person will just willingly take it and give very little in return at all. Definitely a target for a charlatan or any quack that sees me coming.

    Always trying to see the higher potential of people. Usually used terribly.
    Oh, how I have been tricked. In the worst ways, too. Lied about.

    Good news is, I am on to it. And returning it. The veil dropped.

    Natal Neptune conjunct Sun Venus Jupiter

    Natal Neptune conjunct Venus is awful because your heart will be soft and tender, and often that sensitivity will be unsuitable for many of the more jarring and discordant environments of the modern world… and anyone who can see it, usually takes advantage of it. I have decades of proof.

    Neptune conjunct sun makes you very feeling, sensitive and caring! A sitting duck for being bamboozled.

    Jupiter conjunct Neptune natal makes you a devoted, generous, ethical and spiritual person, enthusiastic and optimistic about being the best person you can be. And easily a target for a person that knows this to undermine that goodness.

    It has taken a very long time for me to understand this energy and find a way to protect myself and return the favor.

    Neptune transits can be a confusing time for anyone having one but try navigating a conjunction to several major planets. When you finally see what people, or a person is doing… veil doesn’t begin to describe it. You don’t see it for years, then boom. There it is.

    Carry this Natal… then have a Pluto transit conjunct or square it. What an eye opener. What does one do when they realize they have been a complete fool?

    ^^^^^ from above, from Starmaid.
    I am sadly well-acquainted with the Neptune Veil. When it finally drops it can be devastating. The challenge is not being consumed either by shame or despair at having been so self-deluded, or paralyzed going forward out of fear that one’s own decision-making compass may not be as reliable as one once thought. If you can’t trust your own perceptions and judgments, how are you to navigate the world? (I have felt this on such a profound level it is heart shattering! And received from people I have loved the deepest)

    Then, people wonder about that come back around! A person said this to me a couple of months ago. I know what I did was wrong, but you delivered that napalm…. Oh well.

    The only thing I delivered is, I disappeared.

    Now I have expressed myself and told the truth here about some things that have happened over my lifetime. In no way do I want to imply I am weak or have taken it without returning the favor. You separate me from my family (Cancer Rising) or my money (Taurus moon) we got a problem once I figure it out. Here I come with receipts (Scorpio Stellium)

    1. Sorry, “Entomology” is the study of insects…

      Perhaps a typo but study of word derivation is “Etymology”

  7. I’d love to know. I’ve been under its spell since 2017, and I’d sure love something solid to stick my feet into. Preferably cement. 😂 I’m very mutable and usually very good at this; esoteric, nebulous? Doesn’t bother me one bit, at least not in the past, but the past number of years have been the test for all times, for everyone, of any stripe. I agree with Elsa; we do not come out of this unchanged. Let’s at least try to make it a change for the good, if not the better.

  8. Add Mercury to the mix and you’re either a smooth talker, a target for carnies, and/or someone with potty mouth syndrome…

  9. Ah yes…*sigh* Neptune. A psychic man with Neptune in the 12th tightly conjunct his Ascendant and squaring his Mars and Venus exact and opposing his Moon in Pisces exact, was sent my way when I had a Pluto transit squaring my natal 7th house Pluto while transiting Neptune was squaring my natal Neptune. That was the background setup for leaving a psychologically abusive marriage to which I was clinging out of insecurity. I say to Astrologers “Neptune squared Neptune and I ran off with the Gypsies.” It was a wild ride. His addiction to TV and falling in love were hard to bear and never have I felt so ungrounded but it gave me a new life and the belief that everything is pre-destined. I became a diploma junkie, completed my education, then when the veil dropped, had a little breakdown from which I picked myself up and started yet another new life as an artist and therapist. The result of this has been peace and contentment living alone.

  10. Any suggestions for people with an exact Neptune conjunction to the ASC from the 1st house side. Seems like the 12th house conjunction would be more compatible with the energy of Neptune.

  11. The veil has recently dropped in regards to a person I highly respected/admired.
    I’m amazed at how painful this has been. This person is nothing like I thought they initially were. I’m sorry to say that they appear to be a shallow covert narc 😄( boy did I have a naive moment).

  12. Neptune conjunct ascendant here.. I think the phrase of the veil dropping can be a bit misleading sometimes, it has, more often than not, felt to me like an underlying, unspoken choice my self makes without asking me, a kind of selective perception, like walking and paying attention only to where my feet land, or only to 5 meters ahead of me, or only to one side of the landscape, while ‘refusing’ to see the rest of it.

    I find it can be self-limiting or self-protective, either linked to conditioning or to a survival mechanism – we often refuse to see things we are not yet equipped to handle. Sometimes it has nothing to do with either, it’s a matter of progress one is making, like when you walk in nature and you come across a whole new landscape after taking a steep turn or walking up a hill. Sometimes it is a kind of grace, that softens out extremely harsh realities – think survivors of wars, of massacres, it takes a certain type of self-delusion about the nature of one’s reality in order to survive it and to keep on believing in good, or hope for a future or dream about finding happiness

    I think it is all part of our comfort zone, or safe space, a notion we create about the world to keep on living in it. The more we step out of it, the safer and stronger we are in ourselves to step out of it, the more layers of it we keep peeling away. And who knows, maybe we are also creating new layers while peeling the old ones away, maybe it is always there in some shape or form! There’s always more we can discover, we can always go deeper or further in how we see things but that’s also -as you already said in your post Elsa- a reason to keep on wondering about the world and our place in it, to keep our eyes open and stay curious about life!

  13. The veil has dropped here. I have had a dysfunctional pattern of functioning in a very physical sense which has to do with my sleep. Very Neptune. Now a lung infection has exposed the dysfunctionality and I literally can not sleep. The veil has dropped and I don’t know if I am going to survive it. I am so sleep deprived.

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