The Day After The Neptune Veil Drops

Neptune roman god“Any thoughts or suggestions about how to recalibrate and move on after a Neptune Veil drop would be welcome and appreciated.”

– Starmaid on What Is The Neptune Veil & How Does It Drop

There’s not a single answer that will work for every situation.  The vague answer might be, “Transcend!”   That may be the ultimate answer as well, but it’s not very helpful in real life, in the real world.

Sometimes the veil drops and what’s behind it is positive. OH! He does love me!  But I assume you’re talking about the times, you’re left on the floor, devastated.

Here are some ideas you can mix and match.

  • Apologize and make amends to people you’ve harmed.
  • Take the humbling and resolve to learn from the episode.
  • Forgive yourself as all humans make errors. You’re fallible and by God, it will happen again.
  • Show compassion to others, when you see them doing what you’ve done before.
  • If you’re unsure, check with a discerning, honest friend.
  • Try to find meaning in your experience.

Does anyone else have ideas?

23 thoughts on “The Day After The Neptune Veil Drops”

  1. Hi, Elsa!
    Yes! These are great and thoughtful advices! Thank you for always spreading love and compassion!
    In my case I would add: Don’t beat yourself up forever for you mistakes, don’t let the guilt trip catch you! If something can be made to right the wrong, do it and learn from it, if not, learn from it too!
    I would also like to know how, where do I comment on your daily newsletter. It impacted me as many things there have been hiting here. Thank you and have a blessed day!

        1. I could publish the letters on the blog for comments… I would prefer it, actually, but people prefer it this other way. Sorry.

  2. All good suggestions for moving forward, culminating in “…find meaning in your experience. ” The Veil Drop is WHEN YOU CAN SEE WHAT YOU DIDN’T SEE BEFORE. If you dismiss it or ignore it, you may feel that your suffering was meaningless and unjust. You continue to suffer in your victimhood, because that’s the meaning you gave to the experience. If you learn something new: about yourself, about Life, a mistake to avoid, compassion, a different perspective, etc., THAT’S the meaning you gave to the experience. We are motivated to find meaning in Life to transend our suffering and the suffering of others. The Veil Drop is a huge gift from the Cosmos in our journey.

  3. Avatar
    Elevated Neptune

    Having the veil drop might be an act of divine mercy, but facing from this stand point what was and how you lived while the veil was up, is sometimes sheer pain (it has been for me). So how do you face and recalibrate from that ?

    I’ll say how I dealt with it (with Neptune at 29 Sagittarius, the veil has been high-up all my life) :
    – ‘it was what it was’ – I knew no better before
    – ‘it is what it is’ – now I do know better
    – the depth of this pain will make sure I never raise that same veil up ever again (will not repeat the same experience / will not ‘get tricked in the same way’)
    – once the pain stabilized, I got a whole new view on things – maybe wiser / healthier
    – passing a ‘veil-drop’ was a high maturity experience (even more so than Saturn ‘exams’) – on the long term you come out more “in-your own power’
    – passing a veil-drop changed my whole paradigm on sth (probably profoundly changed me, and we rarely change in our very essence / paradigms)
    – there was no veil in the outside, it was my own doing – I wanted to and could only see things in a certain way so I got tricked by my own “pink-glasses” – which I bought and wore. The Neptune veil dropping was ultimately a sincere look at myself – seeing myself as I am in some regards, seeing my way of being/thinking/feeling and the self-lies I allowed

    But, given the choice, I would never by my own choice experience that Neptune veil-drop : )
    Honestly, I think we all live our lives with various Neptune-veils up in various areas of our lives and selves – because we need them, until they drop ’cause we don’t need them anymore or better said, we can face the truth and reality.

    Thank you, Elsa.

  4. As a double Aries fed-up with personal planetary Pisces influences for too many years, I tell you what I do – I shelter in place and tell the world to f*ck off. Until I’m grounded enough to poke my nose outside my door. It could be days. Granted, I’m far from being comfortable even going to the grocery store anymore. And all my neighbors can go to hell. I feel like a fish out of water living in this dystopian drug-infested city of eugene OR. (har har har, fish out of water! If only I could strangulate my Pisces mercury and Venus in 3rd!)

  5. I had this happen recently. Age 48 and a lifetime of dedicated self reflection…and I finally realized how foolish I’ve been for so, so long. I suddenly saw how I’ve been manipulated, targeted, or fooled SO many times, when I was so sure I was super savvy and capable of handling people and situations. I suddenly saw how people saw me, as someone easy to fool! I mean this is just such a revelation. I’m an independent Aries, I’m beyond all that…right? Nope. Turns out I am an easy mark. Good grief. And it is bittersweet learning that certain things were not my fault, insofar as I wasn’t to blame, because there were people capitalizing on my trust and optimism INTENTIONALLY. Things I’ve given myself grief over for years, and now I see it wasn’t me messing things up (aside from trusting the wrong people) but really that my diminished circumstances were by somebody else’s design. The employer who benefits from me being willing to work basically for free. (Pro tip: they may seem like my friends but are they really? When they benefit off my ignorance? And don’t tell me? Not so much.) Men who I thought I was managing but who were bemusedly operating according to their own strategies—and winning. Groups I felt so lucky to be a part of—because you had to be special to make the cut—actually we’re using my ego to ensnare me in unhealthy dynamics that again, benefitted someone at the top. And I’m not talking obvious MLM schemes or known cults. I’m talking respected spiritual communities, high brow employers, sensitive and self aware men. My hubris knocks the wind out of me. Stunning.
    It was reading up on cults and the techniques they use that led me to finally see all this. One quick book and I will never un-see it all. Cultish. It’s a language of control. It hasn’t made me paranoid—it’s made me see clearly for the first time ever. Discerning. Not everyone operates like this, but some people DO! And they may not be the people you’d expect it from! Even this skeptical, see through the bullshit, iconoclast of a woman has been had, and had big time, over and over and over. People benefitted from me not wanting to make a fuss, or trying to avoid conflict, or choosing not to fight for what I was owed in order to “transcend” the ugliness of it all (though it left me high and dry.) But a lifetime if this and I now am realizing how much I’ve damaged myself by not fighting back. All those jobs I lost because of creepy men, setting my career back decades. The children I didn’t have because of wasting my time with men who weren’t worth the effort. The money I don’t have—and the challenging lifestyle that results—from taking the hit on so many things again and again. The reality is that not everyone gets taken advantage of, but some people do, and those people are obvious marks, and get targeted over and over again. I had ABSOLUTELY no idea I was one of them. But now saturn in Pisces has shown me that I really, truly am, and if I want things to change, if I want different results in my life, I need to be a very different person. Someone people will see and say, no way I’m fucking with her! There’s no way she’ll put up with it. I’d better find someone else to play around with.

    I think it’s partly from being older and seeing how younger women are treated, like lambs to the slaughter. And realizing I used to be them. :/

    1. Thanks for detailing this. You may very well help someone.

      I will try to help you by telling you, this is the tip of a larger iceberg. Keep going. There is more to learn and they things that lie beyond will truly free you.

      1. Heather I could have written this myself. It’s truly unbelievable how hidden everything has been. I had Pluto transit my natal Venus and the seventh house while it was going through Capricorn and Neptune in my ninth house squaring my sun and Moon and in the sixth and 12th. I can’t tell you how many years the constant manipulation has gone on towards me and people I trusted and loved Behind my back and not there at all when I needed them . Now that it has moved the clouds have cleared.

        I am trying to have compassion towards the people I am truly angry at deep within my soul.
        It’s funny, though I have found a deep love for myself and deep compassion to forgive my blindness. Now that I am awake, these things will never happen again. My eyes are wide open!!!

      2. Thank you Elsa. I feel like I just got a message from the Oracle at Delphi. 😉 I agree that it’s something larger—for society, though now I’m intrigued about it for just me personally as well. I feel like I’m seeing a lot of people lately suddenly realizing they’ve been lied to by social media culture. The whole girl boss, turn yourself and your art into your brand, get rich quick thing is just…evaporating. It’s like hey wait a minute, I was told this was the way to become financially stable and yet somehow I am totally broke? Whaaat? And it’s like, yeah, someone was getting rich off of your dreams. It just wasn’t you! But the delusion runs deep. I see the younger women making bizarrely unrealistic plans without realizing that just because someone on you tube is (kindly, out of the goodness of their hearts—not!) sharing the inside secrets in how to do xyz, IIT DOESNT MEAN IT ACTUALLY WORKS! My boyfriend’s niece, just shared her new plan with us. She and her boyfriend have a toddler, no degrees, an aging mother with Alzheimer’s, no money, so they’ve decided to…buy a house in Italy because if they buy here someone can take it via some obscure tax law. Huh? No concept of reality in which moving your sick mom to another country with no resources just isn’t a thing that ends well, or is even possible. It’s like I could hear the you tube videos in my head that she must be listening to. It’s truly wild. I hope she figures it out sooner than later!

        Personally, I have given myself permission to work at a job that pays well so I can afford art supplies and not have to drain my creative energy into finagling basic survival. It feels like a very caring and mature decision, to take care of myself. Being broke at twenty can be kind of fun. At 50 it’s a shit show. Time to grow up. 😉

        1. It’s possible to spot the frauds before they even open their lying mouths. You’ve been around here a million years. You know I’m not bullshitting.

          Once you can do this, there is no further time wasted. It also rids you of most all anxiety, because you don’t have to worry about who may be tricking you. You know, on sight, who to dismiss and you know why, and I mean KNOW.

          That’s just the beginning, tiny tip of the of the benefits. I’m suggesting, you can do anything you want… like look at the people next to you and such. But there is another bunch of us, beyond the outer ring, waiting for people like you. It’s like being caught in the birth canal, then POP, holy shit! You’re free!

          Go back and read you’re own writing. You can see your own struggle. Look for the exit. Twist around or whatever you need to do to exit. You’ll land on your feet, I’m sure. You don’t need to worry at all.

  6. Virgo moon here so to keep it simple stupid:
    Forgive yourself as God forgives you. But if what you are doing doesn’t work, try something different. If it does keep doing it.
    I have Neptune in Scorpio textile Venus and Conj Mars. I fool myself all the time. I also can’t see my anger, how I come across when angry, and deny I am. When the other tells me I’m wrong I can’t see it until I go sit alone and sulk over it. I also am learning, though I am responsible for my actions I am not responsible for the other person’s emotions. I used to just feel shame and guilt so constantly was apologizing for things that made them angry. I now know I can try to see their point of view (which is hard because of the veil too) and apologize for any remarks or actions but I try to forgive myself and not do what it was again, because it was not working.
    It’s not easy. Hang in there Neptune affected folks!

      1. Avatar
        Elevated Neptune

        Learning a lot from the comments too, grateful.

        If at any time you’d consider this useful or of your interest, or the readers’ : what makes, in your view and experience, a planet truly afflicted? Would the planet have a particular type of being afflicted (or is it the same for all – hard aspects, house of fall, etc.)

        You’re a well grounded astro professional (I actually mean”your-feet on the ground, so you can bring other there too) and your life experience is a gem. Thank you!

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