What Is Your Calling In Life?

I loved puzzles of all kinds when I was a kid. It was pure enjoyment. It never occurred to me I was training my natural ability for the challenges I would face later in life.

This is about my personal life; I’ll get to that. But ultimately I became an astrologer. Specifically, I became a consulting astrologer and there’s nothing I like better than when a client shows up with some kind of tangle no one can make sense of. Invariably, I can untie the knots, usually very quickly. It’s a God given talent, I’ve honed. 

So I can do that and I can do it all day, every day and never tire of it. I’m born for it. It’s the puzzles in my personal life that are just incredible.  They’re generally gut-wrenching and excruciating painful. I run all around trying to get help with them. Elvis Costello’s lines from, “Boy With A Problem”, play in my head.

“…I crept out last night behind your back
The little they know might be the piece I lack…”

That’s exactly what happens, too. I talk to numerous people, paying close attention to all of them.  I get tiny pieces from all over the place.

Some clues come people I know who are experienced and wise. But just as often the keys come out of the blue sky.  I’d miss them if I weren’t looking, but I’m always looking.  I’ll give you an example.

Some months ago I was sitting in the salon, waiting for my hair to process.  My stylist had clients stacked. She was finishing another woman’s hair. The client’s hair was fantastic and I said so.  The woman accepted the compliment but something just didn’t seem right.  Something was wrong. What could it be?

I briefly attempted to continue a conversation with her.  She was not into it so I let it go. I was left wondering how a person could have such great hair and be in a bad mood. Like a really deep bad mood.  But I know it’s none of my business.

The gal left and my stylist told me what was going on with her, though I didn’t ask. It was something far off and dark. Like a horrible storm taking place, 2000 miles from your own home. I was chilled, though.

A few weeks later, I was pretty sure this woman forebode some turn in my life. Today, I know I have the same problem she does, other than the fact my problem is worse.

Worse, but better.  Better because I am a person who can receive and deal with bad cards tossed my way.  Even really bad cards.  I don’t think I will end up like that woman simply because I have a different makeup.

But this is about the puzzle.  I told a friend last night, my life was infinitely better, simply because the puzzle was solved.  More puzzles have and will follow but I’ve lived long enough and seen enough to know, puzzles of this magnitude are quite rare.

People who can solve them are also quite rare. That’s why this is my puzzle!

People live on different planes, don’t they?  Life is infinitely cool, sort of like, Dora.  That’s the dog in the picture.  She was an anomaly.

Is there something you’ve been doing for a very long time? Your special skill?


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  1. Im not sure. My “skill” is a strange one. Double Virgo, Discerning and detail focused but Jupiter in Pisces, I also see the big picture of things.
    I see patterns, correlations, relationships between what appear to be non related things. I can tell you what is going to be a hot commodity in 5 years, where to buy property that will skyrocket in value in 10. What will be the next big problem, the next big trend in politics, people, culture, health, nutrition, food, earth related stuff.
    Whats going on behind the scenes, what a persons agenda is, who is working the strings. What country will do what and when.

    Close up (Virgo) I read people. Give me a photograph and I can tell you if they are a dark horse, are in pain, are assholes, are secretive, manipulative, controlling, have a temper, hiding something, filled with joy, have integrity, are just overall awesome, fragile, harboring a deep pain or anger.
    I hear their voices in my head. I talk them out like a soliloquy using their own voices. Like I become them. Almost every time the person I tell comes back to me and tells me either I was dead right about a person or they actual said or did what I voiced from the photos. They are shocked and bewildered. How can I know what is going on in the person’s head or know what they will say from a photo? Don’t know. So dont ask. I just do.
    People tell me their darkest secrets, things other people would be shocked at. Scorpios immediately confide in me, narcissists feel I understand them. People with mental problems, in pain, in darkness will open up to me, a stranger, and tell me their life. People grieving, in pain, lost, feel hopeless, angry, powerless vent to me. I say something on point and they look at me bewildered never having seen what was buried. I hug them, speak with loving words and walk away.
    I guess that’s a skill. I always look at skill as something you hone naturally in your life. Something you are always called on to do by people or the universe. Nothing you go to school for really.Thoughts?

      1. Oh THANK GOD! Its a Virgo thing then. Thank you for sharing strawb. Its nice to know other VIrgos do the same thing. Whew!!

    1. So I wonder why Virgo would be linked with this. I get the discerning but – I would think there would need to be some strong Pluto, Scorpio or 8th or 12th house influence – and/or Neptune to add psychic ability.

        1. that makes sense. Neptune in Scorpio – plus planets in 8th and 12th houses – all bring uncanny insight and intuitive gifts.

  2. Libra stellium. I mean, a HUGE Libra stellium, being that I was born in 1982.

    I was born to mediate, moderate, and bring peace. Add to that, my Pisces Sun also wants to bring peace to the world.

    I guess my job was to bring peace and beauty.

  3. I used to listen to Dr. Drew on the radio many years ago. One night I left the radio on and it was an astrologer. This was before I came across this site.
    I got the balls to finally call after a month of listening to her astrological knowledge. She said that I’m more of a Capricorn with a major tint of Scorpio, that I should be a psychologist. I just changed my college major to engineering from psychology. I wasn’t following my gut, paying attention to myself.
    Growing up I played checkers a lot, especially in Germany, ages 6-9. I beat the teachers’ often and they’d say “you’re an old soul”. I then joined chess clubs, love sudoku puzzles, visual/spatial puzzles, math.
    My life probably isn’t as complicated as Elsa’s, but I’m looking to add more problems to my life, helping others solve their issues.

    1. That’s actually wisdom. If you lack healthy drama in your life, help others. It serves in its own way. That’s a good one thanks for sharing.

  4. I think its seeing people for who they are. Connecting on a deep level. The element of beauty is somewhere in there too, but i cant really articulate how.

    1. Maybe it’s the connecting on a deep level that heals. Being validated and cared about.
      The peace and happiness the person feels at being seen brings about some healing on a deep level which then radiates out as beauty.
      There is nothing more beautiful than joy and deep self happiness radiating from the eyes and smile. So yes, what you do is also about beauty in my perception

      1. Thanks GADS. I somehow understand that beauty is a quick ticket to transcendence for many people.

        Like you said, beauty is kind of the result of finding joy but you can trace it back by starting to percieve beauty. And even before joy there is something even more universal that is beyond even healing or joy/pain axis because its beyond relationship. Its pristine. Thats where i desire to meet people at.

        We can only mimic that beauty here but somehow it honors that perfection within us all. Its like a form of praise to the highest beauty. Percieving beauty somehow triggers a remembrance of that highest principle. Its one of many but its one that ive found will work with most people. EVERYONE appreciates beauty.

        I still dont feel like ive articulated it well but thanks fot giving me some food for thought. ❤️

        1. ” Its like a form of praise to the highest beauty. Percieving beauty somehow triggers a remembrance of that highest principle.”
          Its called practicing grace.
          grace is the principle expression and recognition of universal beauty.
          Practice it and the persons heart or soul will resonate no matter how small or how it may expresses itself back to you.

  5. Dora is interesting like you, for sure. First time I saw that dogs picture, I thought it was amazing she wound up on your doorstep, just like fate or something. Amazing and surreal.

    Anyway, special talent of mine… similar to yours I suppose, but less tactical… I’m innately optimistic, but I ultimately dissolve, which is less like a strategy.

    However, searching everywhere for bits of a puzzle, I can understand. I think it’s something to do with the 8th house. We dig deeper and deeper until we find every last bit of info that can help us. I think 8th house people can become super wise this way.

  6. I think I can hold my head above the water, so far, I am not knowing what’s coming but looking over my past, I made it thru some awful murky water outrageous undercurrents and I need to believe in me. I think if challenges waiting
    I believe I can hold my head above the water and what? Wait worry or sing? I think I am in the singing mode however I am constant with news and weather I want to see the storm coming, I am not sure I’ll change but looking back I think
    I have been strong, I am a strong swimmer

  7. I loved doing puzzles when I was younger, too. I still love them, all types of puzzles. a major mistake I have made in life is equating people with the simplicity of a puzzle, in that there is a solution to each person, an underlying reason about what makes them tick. this is not accurate. also, I don’t I will ever understand a person well enough. im not sure.

  8. As far as I know I have no calling in life. I pretty much invested all my energy (and don’t have that much) into my job, solving problems in a specific (marketing) area.
    Nothing to do with 8th house, no noble causes!
    Every time I see a picture of Dora, I want to hold her and kiss her! What a great person she was.

  9. I’m shine in crisis ( Scorpio sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th house). I’m very good under pressure no matter what ….but I’m also good at building people up (empowering)especially when they’re low. This has become especially apparent now that I teach young kids. I’m can turn any kids problem into a gift so they believe in themselves and know their worth. I empower people.

    1. GASP! I ALSO do this too! I work best under pressure. I do disaster work. I also love to build people up.
      WOuld you be willing to share your chart?….especially your north node. Mine is in Leo in the 11th.

  10. Is this an 8th house thing? I didn’t read that in Elsa’s post.

    My sun is in the beginning of my 8th house. Maybe there is some additional info I’m not aware of lol.

    1. No, it’s not an 8th house thing. Everyone has something. Entertainers are a good example. There are people out there who really should be on stage…and are. That’s their talent. Their vocation. 🙂

  11. If I didn’t have to worry about survival, I’d be very good spending my time on making the world a better place through better animal protection (domestic animals and humane food production) and better foster care. I’m sure I could make a difference. I can’t do everything though.
    I’m also good at making people laugh and bolstering their self-esteem. I compliment people all the time, encourage them, am quite a cheerleader. If someone needs a boost I feel it’s wrong not to give it to them, even if I don’t like them. Weird, eh? Golden Rule is strong, probably my Libra Venus in the 2nd.

  12. I think my calling is a kind of teacher/healer- am good at sorting people out – supporting them to be their best self. Moon North Node in Sagittarius (teacher)- Sun in cancer (empathy, nurturing) Uranus Mercury Sun 9th (teacher, astrologer) Mars in Pisces (healer/bit of a rescuer – deep compassion for others suffering) Neptune 12th and Scorpio rising – (insight into underlying motives- intuitive gifts, compassion)

    Its taken me a very long time to figure myself out (Saturn in first has had me hogged tied with a lot of responsibility/guilt, illness/heaviness. But Sag Moon buoyancy keeps my head above water and draws me to my North Node destiny point 🙂

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