How Does A Stellium In The Sky Affect Me Or My Solar Or Lunar Return?

Polly asked on Stellium in Capricorn – Plan Ahead:

I was wondering, in order to understand the transit, we have to look at our natal chart with transits, correct? You mentioned lunar returns in one of your previous posts. What’s that one about?”

Hi, Polly. I’m sorry it’s confusing. I’ll try to simplify this.

When three or more planets cluster in a sign, it’s consider a stellium. The effect of a stellium can be seen in a number of ways.

First, you want to look at the house (or houses) in your NATAL chart where the transiting planets land. That area of life will be impacted.  When were talking about a large cluster of planets, that area of life will be greatly impacted but for a short period of time.   This is because the faster moving planets move out of orb or formation pretty quickly. I’m talking days or in some cases a week or so.

Now if your birthday occurs when there is a stellium in a sign, that stellium will land in a certain house (or houses) in your Solar Return chart.  The Solar Return is a static chart. It’s a snapshot of your year, in affect from birthday to birthday. This is why I recommend Solar Return Reports for people who have birthdays under a stellium.  The impact of the stellium is frozen. You’ll be dealing with it all year long. There is no doubt that knowledge is power.

If you happen to have a Lunar Return with a stellium, this is also worth knowing; at least it is to me.  Again, the impact is frozen. It’s only for a month but the awareness can be greatly helpful.

Lunar Return Charts Offer Insight Into The Month Ahead

Some might consider the effect of a stellium in a Lunar Return chart to be too fleeting to bother with, but I am partial to these charts. I love Lunar Return charts. I refer to them constantly. They help me capitalize favorable situations and/or endure difficult periods. I time things using them and just in general, they provide tremendous insight that enhances my life and has for years.  So if there is going to be a stellium in my Lunar Return, I’m going to want to know about it!

I hope this clarifies things for you, Polly.

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5 thoughts on “How Does A Stellium In The Sky Affect Me Or My Solar Or Lunar Return?”

    1. Nice. Who doesn’t need a stellium of puppies
      I have a 12th house stellium in Virgo. But I also have my North Node, Ceres, Juno and Vesta in Leo in 11th. Are minor asteroids also considered as a stellium?

      1. You might say you have a stellium of asteroids, like I’m calling the puppies a stellium. But astrologically speaking, a stellium is defined as a group of three of more planets (or Lights aka the Sun and Moon) in one sign.

  1. Hello,this year my solar return has sun/libra, Mars/libra, and Mercury/libra stellium in the 2nd house. What do this mean?

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