Andrew Torba CEO of Gab: Mega Capricorn

I have a special interest in the people born with the large stellium in Capricorn that occurred at various times between 1990-93. I call them “Mega Capricorns“. I’ve been watching this group for almost three decades. And waiting for them to come into their own…

That time is now.  Saturn is in Capricorn. Not only is this group in line for a massive Saturn transit, this will be their all-important Saturn Return.

The first Mega – Capricorn to come to my attention at this time is Mr. Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab.

From Wikipedia:

“Gab was created in August 2016 as an alternative to the popular social network Twitter. Founder and CEO Andrew Torba cited “the entirely left-leaning Big Social monopoly” as part of the inspiration for Gab, which he created “after reading reports that Facebook employees suppress conservative articles”

This is interesting in light of the fact that Capricorn is generally recognized as a conservative sign. But there is a lot more to this.

For one thing, Mr. Torba, has Uranus (rebellion) in Capricorn. He is in fact, upsetting the status quo.  He’s making a business of it which is right and good and natural for someone with a stellium like this. I mean, come on.  That chart is out there. Bet against it at your own risk!

Also, check out his profile. He just turned twenty-seven year old; he’s wearing a suit and tie. What? No t-shirt? No casual Friday? This is textbook astrology and I love it.

Forget about left and right. Let’s keep an eye on Mr. Torba, between now and 2020 when the Saturn Pluto conjunction (and more) will hit his natal Saturn.  I don’t think we’ll be bored.


41 thoughts on “Andrew Torba CEO of Gab: Mega Capricorn”

  1. Are you on Gab ? Would love your columns/content/input . You can find me at @amy , otherwise known as Andrews mom , very good assessment of his stengths.

    1. I have been trying but failed for two days to sign up on gab. In one place it asked for service web user name, I have no idea what that is, but guessing has not worked.

  2. Gab could take off if it was free. As it is, it will underperform, as will it’s owner – what happens to the vast majority of men with Capricorn stelliums. It’s a brilliant concept, but not enough people will pay for it to give it any real influence. What I have seen with this cohort is that they are viciously competitive in person, but through of them know how to inspire new freedom (Uranus) or captivate the imagaination of the people (Neptune). Capricorn isn’t as conducive to the outer planets as many people think; the people who change the world will have Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, rather than Capricorn. Wish the young man luck, and hope he’ll make something of his idea in time (Saturn) but it won’t be successful in the current form. Full Disclosure: this whole cohort has Saturn partile or tightly conjunct my Sun, so my view may not be as generous as that of other folks.

    1. I wanted to think about this before I responded. We don’t really have a way of searching out how well people with stelliums in specific signs perform. Secondly “under performing” is a subjective judgement. Even if you do make that judgment, it’s impossible to quantify, “under-performing”, especially over time. As a society, we tend to throw people up, right before we shoot them down. Basically it’s a mess.

      To further muddy things, over what time period have you observed this phenomenon of the under-performing Capricorn men? If it’s just over the course of your lifetime, that’s a very small sample. But really, the answer doesn’t even matter.

      It doesn’t matter because our world is changing all the time. What “performed” in 1940 or 1840 or 1740 would be different from what will perform in 2040.

      Here’s an example. Betty White faded away…she under-performed there for awhile, right before she came roaring back as a very old lady. Or how about Leonard Cohen? He was quiet for decades.

      It’s possible these stellium in Capricorn folk are coming into vogue at this time. You don’t see, Andrew Torba as “inspiring freedom”, but other people do.

      My main point though, is not to do with this individual. I’m asserting that times change and as they do, different kinds of people wind up on top.

      In fact, here’s another example. To be a “geek” was a hideous thing, right up until it wasn’t.

      1. Thanks for responding Bobbi, Gab is actually free to use. There is an upgraded service with additional features that is 5.99 a month but the regular service to #SpeakFreely is completely free. I hope you join us

  3. Never heard of him or Gab. “Free Speech Social Network” LOL so from what I gather social media for the alt-right?

    I’ll be paying attention. I know quite a few Mega-Caps.

    1. Lol alt-right ? Such a funny term. Free speech is for everyone.
      Conservatives were the first to begin using Gab because their voices and views were being silenced, and continue to be. But free speech is free speech and it is for everyone to enjoy 🙂 #1A

  4. Monica, I’m not sure what you mean. Gab is free. There are different levels of perks available for paying members , the site needs to be able to pay for hosting etc and it is only a year old.
    But the site is free for everyone to enjoy the basic features.
    Thanks Amy

  5. My daughter, born in 2002, has sun, moon and Venus in Cap. in the 7th house. Teenager getting hit with Pluto and Saturn conjunctions to her personal planets! Not too bad so far. ::ducks::

  6. Eh. Have to say had an eye roll moment with the tear in my beer sentiment of the so called lack of free speech.
    I understand Twitter & Facebook & heck, all over, spewed the fake news that twisted & skewed to Trump & Co. – ie ‘alt right’ Some pretty disgusting & disturbing stuff. I am glad we as a society can stand up & say no to such things.
    I don’t know what all was suppressed but I am aware that finally the hate rhetoric, such as Neo Nazi crap is being banned. About time!
    I do know a couple of these Cap people. They do seem to have their act together at a young age.
    This Gab guy seems very typical of Capricorn – I’m not seeing the ‘uranus’ quality. But he’s very young!

    1. If you don’t see the lack of free speech you aren’t paying attention. For Those of us who have been in the very middle of it, it’s a very scary concept.
      Just because you don’t want to hear something or find it offensive doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be said.
      “Hate rhetoric” is a completely subjective term.
      Something you deem hateful , I may not. Who determines what is or is not hateful ?
      As long as what’s being said isn’t against the law, such as threats of violence, it’s free speech. The thought of anyone determining that should be taken away, is what should concern you.
      It actually scares me that it doesn’t.
      “Neo-Nazis” please?
      You should look more in Antifa and black lives matter groups, speech isn’t violence, but vilolence is .

      1. “Who determines what is or is not hateful ?”

        It’s pretty clear what is hateful, when people are marching around with Nazi symbols and chanting that “Jews will not replace us.” That seems pretty clear to me.

        1. So because you don’t like what they’re saying or doing , they should be silenced? I didn’t say it was appropriate or acceptable but In America …. people are free to voice their opinions , however cruel, false or ill intentioned . #1A

          1. There’s another angle to this.

            When people speak their mind, their character is revealed. You can decide if you want them in your life or not, and to what degree.

            If you silence people, it doesn’t mean you don’t have enemies or people who disagree with you. You just don’t know who’s who. Better to give them rope. If they hang themselves with it, oh well.

            1. Absolutely. Also I don’t think people should be silenced in any form, more communication brings more understanding and different points of view create conversation that would otherwise not exist.
              I believe in the free flow of information so we can all decide our own truths and have the freedom to do so. Thanks for this perspective

              1. Agreed that when we see how people truly are or how they feel we have the choice of engaging with them or not. I’m pretty good at accepting different views but it’s gotten pretty ridiculous so I am indeed stepping back from some people.

                Odd thing that many are fighting for the rights of those being hateful and talking crap about those being hated on. I just can’t see how this it’s ok. ?

  7. I am pleased with the response of Elsa. Very wise and helpful in understanding the change that is coming with Saturn in Capricorn. I have a niece born in 1992 and a grandson in 2002. Big changes for both of them. The niece is finally acting more responsible. She is an Aquarius and does unusual things without thinking. However she is 26 on her next birthday. I see her holding her job this time ( going on 3 months) and my grandson realizing life isn’t all play. Saturn is playing more than one part. The grandson is in his final stages for finishing up Boy Scouts. He will be doing his EAgle Project which is a Saturn “thing”. So this fits the timing.

  8. My brother has Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, his wife has Uranus/Neptune/Saturn in Capricorn.
    They’re going to be parents sometime next year. ?

    1. I don’t know about this story…not really interested in it because the astrology is the topic rather than this man’s character, especially at this point.

      This post is about a person with this huge stelliun, HUGE, coming into his own. The emphasis is on “coming in” to his own. Saturn has been in Capricorn how long? Eight days!

      Now listen, please! Please!

      There are a lot of people with this stellium or something similar, reading here. They are 25 or 26 or 27 years old! Their parents are reading this too, clearly (Amy). These people are not fully formed. They are learning right now. They will be learning intensely over the next 2.5 years. I’m not sure we should be expecting perfection. How can that be?

      There are many around here, twice as old as this man, have they started a company? Are they standing up against the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook?

      This is why I wrote what I did. This man will be tested over the next 2.5 years. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what we can learn. Let’s see what he can learn. But jeez. The man is trying to do something big, he’s bound to break some eggs as I like to say, or step on a crack. He may very well fall in a hole and need to climb out.

      I don’t know how old you are, Kri, but if you’ve got any years on you, have a heart. People have to learn and one way they do that is by making mistakes. His mistakes are public. This is not an easy road he’s chosen. You have to give him that, even if you believe the path he’s chosen is misguided!

      1. Thank you for pointing this out. Our family , my son and people around us have been threatened, and have sufferers great consequences publicly for Andrews fight to allow Free speech online.
        I appreciate your following his journey, I truly believe he is a solid Capricorn from every thing I have read. If you have any advice at certain times along this journey, I would appreciate your wisdom.
        Any guidance you could provide as to timing or certain direction would be welcomed. Thank you for your wisdom.

        1. I have been through a tech accelerator very similar to Ycombinator. Tech is a bastion of unthinking, authoritarian, ultra-left-wing thought and anyone attempting to say anything goes against the narrative would be shut down and shut out. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope Gab takes off as hugely as it possibly can.

          1. Thank you.. it’s good to hear from people who understand from the inside. Gab is a people first network. Owned by the people who support it.
            Thank you for your well wishes. You can find me @amy 🙂

        2. @Amy, you can reach me via the contact button. I tried to message you on GAB but I’ve too many characters, I think. 🙂

          I am following this situation and have been. Thanks.

      2. I just linked an article. There are people who can be hurt by these comments.

        When I see a Cap stellium like this, I do see a kid trying to make his way. But a kid with this much power isnt blameless. I root for them all, but this is the counterpoint.

  9. Um … he got “kicked off” y combinator for saying “build the wall”
    And y combinator is owned by liberal sophists. Your point ?
    Online harassment ? Who decides that? Was it decided in a court of law that you can’t curse online ? Or call People mean words?
    You live in the United States of America .. please check your privileges before you allow anyone to take them from you. Every day people are being silenced , I suppose it’s only acceptable until it’s you ? When will stop holding back our voices because someone else finds it “offensive” ? Do you not understand what’s at stake ?
    And you’re referencing “the verge” … be careful what you quote as a “news source” ? Jmo

  10. I just remembered that one of our founding fathers was a Mega Capricorn. Alexander Hamilton. Coincidentally since Pluto went into Capricorn he has been talked about a lot with the hit of the Broadway show Hamilton. He did amazing things so these Mega Caps definitely have the capacity to accomplish a great deal. They also better be sure to do the right thing or deal with great fall. Hamilton was probably the first with a political scandal from cheating on his wife. This is definitely an interesting subject.

    Someone I love has 5 planets in Cap. I’m watching closely. ?

  11. This is so interesting. I’m a GenXer who has been working in tech for the last 10 years and have gotten to know many from this age group. They are at such a strange point in history- so much Cap in their charts and lo and behold, all the traditional power structures are crumbling. No good, solid, traditional mountains to climb. They want approval from elders who are no longer powerful, or whose blessing is ultimately worthless now. They want a higher education, but school is unaffordable and debt is unsustainable and the degree ultimately worthless. They want status, so they work hard- But then still have to live with parents or can’t afford a car or whatever. And then they are called lazy! All the old institutions crumbling just as they are starting out. I realize these are generalizations, and we all have wins and losses in life, but I see this group as being incredibly frustrated right now.

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