How To Handle The Empty Houses In Your Chart

empty houses

Dear Elsa,

I have one of those charts where only a few houses are busy and the rest are empty. My chart has no oppositions, planets are placed in 3rd, 4th and 5th houses. That’s it.

Question: if top of the chart is empty, should I strive towards developing what’s represented by the empty houses? On one hand, doing so would be a challenge and lead to growth. But on the other, if something is alien to us, shouldn’t we instead be concentrating on what we enjoy – matters of the houses our planets are in?

Unambitious Capricorn in London

Hi, Capricorn.

Your life will be focused on areas of life where you have planets.  It’s normal and natural, you’re designed this way.  In your case, the planets are also tightly clustered which is another consideration.  You’re lopsided. This makes you a specialist.

I’m lopsided too, with focus on houses 7, 8 and 9.  I’ve been here for nearly 25 years, consistently interested in relationships, working one on one, psychology, pathology, taboo and philosophy, beliefs and the big picture ’round the world. These things will always be primary but I can benefit from considering the affairs of the opposite houses.

For example, I married a Taurus. Yes, he has a Scorpio moon, but his sun balances my 8th house. Er… keep it simple? Sometimes a potato is just a potato?

Taurus moves like a snail as compared to my Mercury Mars conjunction. It’s a counter to my racing engine; which keeps me from spinning out and/or making crazy mental leaps.

I will never be this other person. I will never be self-centered for example, with my Libra and my 7th house, however, exposure to Aries is good for me.

My husband has Aries. He’s taught me to fight, effectively. I’m still adverse to it, by nature, but are you getting this idea here?

I naturally try to work things out… but hanging with Satori all these years, I’ve learned to let things work themselves out, at times. This is huge.

My answer is, be yourself but respect people are are different than you.  Expand and learn from them.


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Good luck!

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  1. Except for Saturn, all of my planets are in the top/southern hemisphere of my chart. My partner’s planets, except for Saturn, are in the bottom/northern hemisphere of his chart. I think we tend to attract what we may be needing/lacking.

  2. Interesting.I have strong a 7th and 8th and 11th and one to one relationships, therapy, occult and groups are interesting. However, I really want children (And do work with children thepeutically) but don’t have anything in 5th except my south node. I’ve had a miscarriage before but I wonder about that. I guess it can mean that I could have children but it won’t be my main focus? The ruler of my 5th (Saturn and Uranus) is trine the Moon (saturn) and opposite the moon (Uranus) so there is a connection there. But moon in 8th it might be a challenging journey.

      1. My brother has an 8H Virgo moon. He also has a 7H Cancer sun. You never met someone who wanted to be partnered more than he. He’s been married three times. Happily, forever now 🤞. He has two sons. He does take care of my mother because he is 100% that person. He is all in on his mother, his wife, his sisters ❤️, his sons.

      2. Thanks Elsa…I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve had a miscarriage and split from partner 2 years ago and now in early 40s I worry it won’t happen but it is still a big yearning.

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