What Kind Of Phase Of Life Are You In?

I have writing publicly for more than 10 years and gone through various phases during this time. I remember when the Pluto transit to my Sun started coming in; this would have been early 2002, I think. I was in a yoga class at the time. My class was full of people who worked for United Airlines or at least it had been, prior to September 11th. Half my class lost their jobs by September 15th, when they closed a reservations center here in the aftermath of the tragedy.

I wrote about how I felt as Pluto slowly moved into aspect to my Sun. Specifically, I mentioned moving from near the front of the yoga class to the back corner of the room by the exit. I was dying, see?

My daughter was becoming ill at that time. This started the process of decay and I no longer could bear being in the center of anything.

I also noticed that Aquarians began to avoid me and I wrote about it. I was regretful about this because I like Aquarians. Both my parents are mega-Aquarians but I could plainly see I was becoming far too dark and heavy to be someone they could relate to. Basically I was sinking into a well and knowing astrology, I knew I was going to be gone awhile.

I am through that phase now. The lights are back on. I am living amongst decay but very fortified, personally.

There are all kinds of phases people go through. Phase of rebellion for example. Years of paranoia. Whatever.

This is something I keep in mind as a consultant. You meet a person at a certain time in their life. It is not always going to be the way it is for them in that moment.

What kind of phase of life are you in? Can you match the astrology?

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  1. I am in a phase of growing up, settling down, and working to transform every arena of my life. My ego is also being completely redone. The astrology is Saturn transiting my 1st house, Pluto on the angles of my natal, progressed, and solar return. And also Neptune and Pluto transiting my Sun. It’s a lot all at once, LOL!

  2. Slowly approaching my 2nd Saturn return (in April 2013.) Eeek!

    Saturn is now conjunct my 10th house. I have been developing a second career in astrology and intuition for about two years. I’m hoping to launch it in the near future.

  3. I am rebuilding my entire life, thanks to the Cardinal Climax. Bankruptcy, divorce, walked away from the old house…and it’s all good!

    Solar Return for 2010 was 29 deg Cusps, 29 deg Midheaven, plus lots more. For 2011, the Solar is one deg Conjunct the Cusps, so still mega-change, but not like from the Climax.

    The Aries Stellium falls in my Solar 9th, which is my Natal 2nd. Still expecting the new way to earn money after being home with the kids for 16 years. It would be so fun if it involved 9th House travel, or the ocean (Neptune in Scorpio 9th). I really, really need a cruise!

  4. I am in a withdrawal phase. I keep trying to launch it into a “burst from the cocoon” phase, but the universe is smacking me down. Not … yet … Daniel-san! *grins*

    I don’t think this is Saturn, though it might be. He’s been transiting my Libra stellium for a while (and that’s damned near over). This feels larger, somehow. I’m wondering if this is Pluto to my Mars. *scratches head*

  5. I’m in a limbo phase. Neptune/Chiron square natal Sun/Mars/Mercury and conjunct my midheaven.

    The transiting North Node is square my moon and conjunct my descendant, so maybe a change is in the air for me.

  6. feeling demoralized- I didn’t even properly get out of the starting gate again, before some of my worst fears were brought about. I feel useless, and very, very low, when it has come to anything that I wanted. It’s just painful.

    Saturn in the 12th, aspecting aries planets and my t-square in cardinal (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). Pluto in my third, doing the same. Chiron hitting my Gemini, Pisces and Scorpio placements, including nodes, uranus hitting t-square. I feel like I missed something vital during and after my saturn return – which was a great time for me, at least in the first year of it (2003). Last really great time for me was 2006/2007, and it’s been mostly downhill ever since.

  7. Forgot about Neptune: hitting the same placements as Chiron – conjunct Mars, square Moon/Venus/Nodes, trine Uranus/asc. It’s really only in full aspect to Moon and uranus right now.

  8. From about February 2006 until the end of 2008 was probably the most intense, yet transformative period in my life. During this time, I had transiting Pluto conjunct my Sun & Asc. and opposing my moon. Many elements of my personality, as I knew it then, were being totally overhauled in order to produce a better me. In fact, when my daughter was born, Pluto was exactly opposing my moon.

    The results of this period of time carried on until around February of last year, which I believe was the culmination. This was NOT an easy period of time at all. However, I definitely feel that I’m living my Big 3 (Sun, Moon, Asc.) at a more elevated level now. But, the process was like they were being gutted out.

    I feel like what transpired was like a cosmic qualifier of sorts. So, when helping other people, I can speak from experience.
    I think I’m wiser, more realistic and aware now and I was able to retain my innate optimism in the process.

    I learned that nothing is more important than being true to myself and the person that I’m becoming. The stage of life that I’m in is one of continuous refinement of that person.

  9. As Pluto crosses my Sun (in my 6th) I have had to come to grips with a permanent change in health. Likely dur more to Saturn in Libra, but I’m sure Pluto conjunct my Sun has also played a part, I have lost close, dear family members that I never really imagined losing. “Decay” is actually a very good word to describe my current phase of life.

  10. I’m in a tortoise-phase, slowly and diligently working towards a goal. I’ve also pretty much isolated myself from everyone apart from my closest friends. I don’t think I’ve ever been this persistent and calm, somewhat mature even.

  11. Right now I feel I have too leep and start a new phase. I don’t know if I have the courage. The key I have been waiting on was just placed in my hand. I can’t stay in the intermission though, I can’t go back..I just need motivation. I am soo used to acting according to expectations that when there is none…I have a hard time going forward. I have no network left…and I wonder if I will ever again. Saturn is opposing my sun, but only for 2 more weeks …so I hope I feel better afterwards.

  12. Saturn going through the 12th House just about to hit my Ascendant in Aug/Sept. Freaking me out just a little as what I’ve read so far about it and transits to the 1stH is not particularly good news.
    As for my ‘phase’, I’ve become a total hermit – I have survived a Saturn conjunct Pluto transit while having Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn at the same time. Pretty much lost everything (Pluto) especially what I feared losing the most (Saturn).
    So….there isn’t that much to take anymore, so I’m kind of curious as to how the next few years will manifest.

  13. Iathina85 – It sounds like the Cardinal Climax has touched you also – Sun or ASC in early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? You are describing it exactly. It hits everyone, but those are the most affected.

    You may be afraid to move forward because you have no idea what lies ahead. You must take everything day-by-day because it is bigger than you and out of your hands.

    You can’t stay because there is nothing left. You can’t go back to the way things were because there is nothing to go back to. It is forever gone.

    Keep moving forward, and when it’s all over in 2012, you will be much better for it. There are a lot of us leaping into the unknown right now. So far, it really is better than ever for me, although I have much work still to do.

    Does anyone know exactly WHEN in 2012 the Cardinal Climax is supposed to be complete?

  14. I’m emerging after a few months in hiding, from when Neptune started transiting my ASC. I packed up my bags, left the city, and went into hiding at my family’s house. Now that Jupiter is transiting a bunch of my planets, I’m coming back! Because of the Neptune transit, I’m emerging with my inner world almost totally restructured, which is a very good thing. I know who I am now, and my self esteem depends on me, not on who I am in the world. I feel happy.

  15. Been in limbo since 2007 (when the last anvil dropped on me). Feel like an anvil is going to land on my head at any second if I don’t get moving soon (Uranus in Aries). I have vague ideas and no idea how to get them to do anything concrete, which is annoying for an earth sigh. I keep waiting for divine intervention because I don’t know what the hell else to do alone.


  16. Elsa, thanks for this post. You put words to something I thought but wasn’t sure was right.

    Don’t know the astrology of current place in my life but i’m in what feels like a strength building self-focused (stay out of others lives and avoid those who project onto me) phase. It’s boring but easier than earlier hard times in life. Part of growing up is what it feels like. Just trying to go with the flow.

  17. I’ve just entered the progressed balsamic moon phase. It feels like I’ve been here awhile, though. Perhaps that’s because my p. moon is in Cancer transiting the 12th house.

    Pluto and Saturn have pretty much done a number on me, so at this point I can only rebuild. There isn’t much left, if anything, of my former life. Elsa, you did mention that since Saturn is transiting the bottom of my chart, the choices I make now will impact the next 28 years of my life. Bring it on!

  18. I’m in the apprenticeship stage. Recent Pluto/ASC conjunction, now Pluto/Moon conjunction. I’m learning a lot and what I learn will serve me–and hopefully by extension others close to me–for life.

  19. The “dying” part of that post sat with me, as did the moving to the back of the room over time. It feels like I’ve been doing that at my job. I’ve been there for years, and now it feels as if everything familiar to me in that job has been slowly demolished. I don’t even recognize my old workplace anymore…not really. For the past several months I’ve wondered if on some level my staying there is holding things back (after all, I am part of the old regime, no?). A new company bought our facility last year and we’re still in transition. I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice it to say that there’s been a void since the director left last fall, and people have noticed. Something’s missing.

    Saturn currently on top of MC, ready to hit 10th house Pluto again, then NN…in short order. Pluto square sun (10th house) and opposite Jupiter. Neptune opp Saturn.

  20. I’m in a rebuilding phase after a very hard decade. The ‘destruction’ parts of the Uranus and Pluto transits are over. Now, it’s the rebuilding part of my life and hopefully, a more humble yet stronger ego!

  21. “I also noticed that Aquarians began to avoid me and I wrote about it.I was regretful about this because I like Aquarians. Both my parents are mega-Aquarians but I could plainly see I was becoming far too dark and heavy to be someone they could relate to.”

    Since I’ve been here only for a couple of years, I’ve only seen you casually referring to “The Shadow Side of Aquarius” in a couple of occasions. I’ve been curious about the meaning of that, and this is part of it, right ?

    Something like this happened to me in my teens. Two Aquarians who only weren’t close to me, but had a power to isolate me socially, if they weren’t ready to interact with me, did this. I had Pluto on my IC, opposing MC.

  22. “I’ve been curious about the meaning of that, and this is part of it, right ?”

    No. I just don’t think Aquarius likes to hang out with Pluto-types. I don’t think this is a shadow…

  23. “I just don’t think Aquarius likes to hang out with Pluto-types.”

    Wonder if that’s why I have a hard time talking with Mom sometimes. I tend to get negative, broody or emotional at times and she doesn’t respond well to that.

  24. saturn’s been sitting on my pluto for many months now and i think astro.com got it right with “confinements”

  25. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    Pluto’s transit of my Libra Neptune / House 1 in the last couple of years has made me address certain things about the ay I need to see myself now I’m approaching old age. I’ve reached a kind of acceptance now of the way things are. So I’m in a ‘tranquil’ phase, after years of inner turmoil

    Aquarians (and I mean Moons as well as Suns) don’t feel comfortable with Saturn types either, as I know to my cost. I think they’re very attracted to us on one level – perhaps they feel we can ground them – but sooner or later they rebel and cut loose

  26. good question! I got belted by all all the mutable hits a few years ago, and was stripped to the bones and had to rebuild my life differently. I haven’t got much in the cardinal signs, but am anticipating more impact Pluto down the track. I’ve had to pare down my life a lot and simplify which I quite enjoy as too much going on stresses me out. i’m now enjoying being single and developing new skills and independence. I’ve looked at my past and tried to understand myself. I’ve been working hard on my place Saturn I suppose, and trying hard to establish a foundation here. Funny enough what I dreamed of having at 15 years has come true, not without hard knocks on the way.Neptune through 4th.h. has changed much I suppose and I am enjoying the creativity and quirkiness of Uranus in my 5th.1 word I know I don’t need any more is “compromise” and I appreciate that as I get crankier. I like LisLioness’ line “I’m interpreting this as laying the foundations for what’s yet to come.” as that resonates with me as a base line for what’s happening in our lives. I feel now that appreciating the small things in life, fleeting beauties around us is important. a sense of humour and not to take myself too seriously.

  27. Pure loneliness! Feeling like I’m all by myself. No true friends around me during this phase. Can anyone see why in my chart?

  28. I’m not very good at this, but it looks like Saturn is widely opposing your Moon ans conjunct your Mercury (widely). It would have been more exact before Saturn turned retrograde (I’ve forgotten when that happened). Uranus and Pluto might both be affecting your saturn in Aries – and transiting saturn is opposing your natal one (I think – I’m sleepy, sorry). <3

  29. “regenaration” phase. Pluto transit currently in my H1 squaring both natal moon (in H4 Aries) and natal pluto (in H10 Libra). Saturn transiting House 10 sq natal Saturn (in H7 Cancer). Career on hold but starting to move again with Saturn going back direct! Divorce procedure finally ending on amicable agreement. Settling in new home, new community, new family “composition”. “Digestion” of Pluto lessons …

  30. I feel like I’ve been at the back of the classroom for the last year. (Pluto square my Sun and Saturn opposite it) This phase isn’t quite over with yet, but I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and hoping when Saturn finally finishes up in my 12th house, I’ll have done enough.

  31. Pluto is sitting at the IC staring directly at my natal Saturn (oh joy) in the 3rd house, and is nearly in opposition to my Sun in 9th house, Cancer.

    My roommate / landlady just announced that I need to move (she thinks she gave me two years’ notice) by 9/1. There aren’t many places available to me. I’m in the Betty Davis phase: “Fasten your seatlbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

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