Natal Moon Opposite Uranus Characteristics

Uranus WatercolorIf your natal moon opposes Uranus, you’re bound to be significantly eccentric, for good or ill. You’re likely to detach emotionally, from family and your roots in general. This is a not really possible so straight away, there’s tension in the person’s life.

Before anyone explains to me, how they left their family on the other side of the world, let me explain to them, you took your family blood with you! So, babe, you didn’t get very far.

I’m not being rude! I just see my father’s curls on my forehead and my mother’s bone structure and a whole lot more! It’s about being simultaneously close and far away.

There’s always stress with an opposition. You wind up going back and forth between the two sides; in this case, nurturing vs detached. You spend your life, invested in both functions. You may have a lot of fun with this, or it may make you miserable. The signs and houses matter.

Many with this opposition are emotionally unstable, but I don’t mean that in judgmental way. I’m not talking about anything pathological. More like moods (moon) can strike like lighting (Uranus). The person is attached one day; they next day it’s, “Who are you?”

The person can be emotionally cold, but not necessarily in a bad way. I’ve had enough serious surgery; I’ve become very comfortable with the cold, scientific type surgeon. He’s cutting into my spine, after all. I choose skill over an emotional scene.

Moon Uranus opposition shares traits with moon Uranus conjunction:

What’s A Moon Uranus Conjunction Person Like?

The difference is the push/pull factor.

Also, a moon Uranus conjunction person may disrupt the family from inside. Moon opposite Uranus is more likely to have physical space, from their home and family… but again, they go back and forth, in some form or fashion.  It’s strange on a certain level.  You move 1000 miles away and then start cooking your mom’s pot roast.

If you’re partnered with moon Uranus, this is good to understand.

Does your moon oppose Uranus?  How has this affected your life?

3 thoughts on “Natal Moon Opposite Uranus Characteristics”

  1. Moon 4 Aries opposite Uranus 12 Libra. What you say resonates! I love 7.000 km away from my family but I speak to my mother daily and travel home once a year. Intermittently is the right description for how often we see each other and how long. I detached but I am very attached if you know what I mean 😉. Moon 3rd house/uranus 9 house.

  2. I have this one too. Moon in Aqua at 14 degrees opposite Uranus in Leo at 24 degrees. While not a tight opposition, this aspect plays out throughout my life with yes/no, will/will not, up/down…..people attribute my changing mind to Sun in Libra…..but, really, it is not that I cannot make up my mind, it is that I change my mind, with full commitment, from one week to the next. Sometime from one day to the next.

    I get tired of this and I think those close to me do as well.

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