What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Over the weekend, my husband told me I was the queen of abstract thinking. This was his explanation as to why people read this blog. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

I googled types of thinking but could not come up with anything meaningful. I know he thinks he is ultra logical though.

What kind of thinker are you? (And where is your Mercury?)

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21 thoughts on “What Kind Of Thinker Are You?”

  1. I think too much and it’s all over the place. Mercury in Sagittarius.
    Sun conjunction Mercury
    Moon conjunction Mercury
    Mercury conjuction Uranus
    Mercury in the 6th house

  2. Although I’m a unique thinker, I’m also logical (Mercury in Taurus opposed Uranus). I enjoy witty conversation, and take pleasure in people who can ‘think on their feet.’
    I consider myself more than adept at accumulative knowledge. I read everything I can get my hands on, and read quickly.

    Thinking and feeling, to me, are very closely tied (Moon trine Mercury) however if I don’t want to think about something (because of how I begin to feel) I can make a huge effort to turn it off (maybe this is Mercury square Saturn).

    I can also be very abstract in my way of thinking, but I don’t know how this shows in my chart.

  3. I’m a very practical thinker. People ask for my advice because I provide sensibility and logic too. I have Mercury in the 10th house, in Capricorn.

  4. I think symbolically, usually by osmosis. I think about problems by ‘sleeping on them’. My surroundings always affect my thoughts. Excellent memory for images, sounds, smells, music, random bits of info. I love patterns, symbols, codes, puzzles. Not very good at concentrating though, I get distracted a lot. And I don’t like having rules applied to my thinking. I’m creative…no boundaries for me 🙂 Unaspected Mercury in Pisces conjunct MC, Gemini Rising

  5. Piya – I think I do both. Def, know what you mean but to the soldier, thinking in astrologer is an abstract thing and yeah, I’d agree at least the way I read a chart.

  6. I would say you are the queen of logical thinking. I didn’t know I was illogical until I started reading your blog, I swear.

  7. Well the one thing that occurred to me is this blog does not really reflect my free thinking or the way I would communicate to my inner circle. While it is honest and it may seem free by most people’s standards it is still very different than real life which is why the soldier flips at the videos. He thinks they are “Elsa-like”.

    And I guess what I am saying is I have all kinds of ways of communicating. This blog shows some but not all of them. For example there is massively Scorpio astrologer I email from time to time. My mails to her drip… they reek with pain and intensity to a degree I would not expose anyone else to if I could at all help it.

    Other people I try or fly new concepts by… things that may or may not ever see this blog not because they are secret or because they don’t become developed but because I just don’t have time.

    Point here, is the soldier is not wrong about abstract thinking. The other night we turned on “born on the 4th of July” and the soldier recognized Edie Brickell singing in that movie before she was ever on screen and even when she was on screen she didn’t look like her.

    He recognized a nuance in her tonal quality and in whatever case he asked me what I thought about this and that and I came up with all this off the wall shit.

    This is also in evidence when I communicate with the soldier’s son. He is a lot like his father and my thought processes are very different than theirs. It takes awhile for them to see I make as much sense as they do but come from another angle.

    Luckily the angles complement.

  8. I feel like this compliment was based on your ability to fuse the influences of a bunch of different astrological aspects into one idea, or one set of instructions. That’s actually kind of concrete thinking, it sounds like, but I think the idea is *abstracting over* a group of concepts. Big picture.

    I like to think about things so hard that they change shape while I’m thinking about them and then seem totally different. I have gotten to a lot of new ideas recently by just focusing intently. Mercury conjunct Pluto/4th.

  9. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I’m mostly an abstract thinker, very at home in the realm of ideas and symbols and I love to play with them. Unfortunately, the links I find are only rarely useful, but the process is fun, though:)
    My Mercury is my ruler and the most heavily aspected planet in my chart. It’s in Libra in the 8th house, conjunct Pluto in the 8th, Mars in the 9th and Venus in the 9th; trine Jupiter in Gemini and Moon in Taurus in the 5th house and sextile Neptune/Sag in the 12th. When I have to think and speak at the same time, I come across as quite dull, as I try to decide which train of thought I should pursue. Then it occurs to me that some of them seem to cross paths along the line, and I get even more confused before I finally decide how to approach the problem…:P
    Astro.com does not allow a 6deg orb for a sextile, otherwise I would’ve had that aspect between Mercury and Saturn. It’s safe to say that I lack some mental discipline! Uranus/Sco in the 9th is the only water sign planet in my chart, and doesn’t help at all!;)

    I enjoy doing practical tasks like assembling new furniture or repairing whatever – the single-mindedness it grants is very relaxing:) (Mars sextile Saturn, Taurus South Node?)

    As for Mercury in the other signs, I haven’t met one that couldn’t make me laugh – or I them:) Work is another matter completely. Anything goes, of course, but some much more smoothly than others, and I find this very fascinating:)
    (I went off topic; sorry…;)

  10. Dim – Your comment got caught in the spam filter – very common around here. I come by as frequently as possible and un-trash people. 🙂

  11. Gemini/3rd House/Mercury here… as part of a Finger of God with Pluto (8th House, Scorpio) and Neptune (10th House, Capricorn).

    I tend to to be all over the place in my thinking… I seem to have these parallel processors that try to incorporate every angle (practical, abstract, symbolic, etc.) of a thing into my reality… and my brain then tries to connect the information I gather to everything else floating around in my skull…

    Like right now I’m thinking about my answer to this question; but also about Madonna’s “4 minutes” video, which I saw about a half hour ago, and how much Uranus/Pluto energy it oozes; that thought connects me to the fact that Pluto is moving into Capricorn very soon, and one can see this expressed in the fashion industry’s themes lately… And while I’m thinking about this I just came up with a nickname for my thought process:

    Twins & Fish Amalgamated 🙂

    But while that thought flitted through my head, another part of me was still thinking about the Pluto in Capricorn switch, and how it’s beginning to show more clearly now even though it’s been revving up for a while — what with Zimbabwe, American elections, etc… and suddenly this thought process stops and I am thinking about how tiny I really am in this universe.

    And now I have this strange vision of a school of fish in a dark, dark ocean. The moon’s rays bouncing off of their scales makes them look like little stars in the placid, luke-warm water. Incidentally, did you know that the only dream imagery that has a universal meaning is water? It always represents the mother. And that’s how I arrive at birth… and twins.

    And we’re back full circle 🙂

    Twins & Fish Amalgamated… with Pluto in the mix.

    Somewhere in the back of my mind there’s this whole other engine whirring.

    If I don’t keep busy I go off on bizarre tangents. Luckily, I’m plenty busy 😛

  12. Hmmm… I think I may have just screwed up my previous comment… faulty thinking!

    A pitfall of my Pluto/Neptune/Mercury Finger of God… 😀

  13. I do both – logic & abstract/symbolic. One of my Master’s degrees is in Information Sciences and the other is in Poetry hahaha.

    But I think way too much when it comes right down to it. Pluto is helping me out though lately.

  14. my thinking & communicating are skills i’m rather proud of. not surprising for a virgo with mercury-jupiter in leo trine moon-neptune in sag, huh? however, the funny thing is that, now that i make my life thinking (phd-ing), i brush up against my own bounds. i’m very good as sussing out people and situations quickly (thanks moon).
    but sometimes (usually with my closer mates), i only figure out what i really feel after talking talking talking. it’s like that kahlil gibran phrase…”half of what i say is meaningless, i say it so that the other half may reach you”. i think it drives my bf crazy though; thank god he’s a patient one.

  15. Elsa, you are very good at, um, relational thinking is maybe the word I want? You give good metaphor.

    My Merc is in Taurus and my 10th house. My life is lived in thinking.

  16. Dina – he’s not here so I can’t ask him but I imagine to him and people like him (his son which is how this came up)think anyone who readily draws lines between seemingly unrelated things (like planets and events in a life) is thinking in the abstract for sure.

  17. Now see how concrete that was? ::smiles::

    This is my point, I can do both. As to what people think of me, well any regular readers know that people think all kinds of things… with whore, bitch and crazy being top of the list, LOL.

  18. I don’t know, Elsa. It’s weird, I always think you are so concrete in the way you express yourself and explain by story/example. People have such different ideas of you. How are you the queen of abstract thinking?

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