Dead People Who Don’t Know They Are Dead – What A Bother!

walking_corpse_sml_a_01b.jpgNow here is something we haven’t talk about before – people who are corpses in your life but they don’t know it.

This is a good time to talk about this because Pluto just retrograded back into Sagittarius and while I have not experienced it myself, I have seen several people have ex-whatever-they-are pop up / come back into their life.

A corpse is someone you have amputated from your life and a corpse who does not know they are a corpse is someone who continues to interact with you after they have been killed.  For example, a pal got an email yesterday from a man she left a long time ago – he’s been gone a year.

The mail was a manipulative attempt to reengage her and she (thankfully) saw right through it. She forwarded the mail to me with her translation attached – It went something like this:

“I did a bad thing
I am a bad boy
I am sorry I am a bad boy
But really it is your fault
Let me come back so I can do the same thing to you that I have already done.”

walking_corpse_sml_a_01b.jpgMy interpretation of his mail was like this:

“He is mailing to see if you are stupid.”

So this is my introduction to this phenomena and warning and heads up all around. If you are a corpse in someone’s life, for Godsakes stay that way and if you are contacted by a corpse, don’t talk to these people as if you give them any energy..?

Well if you give them energy, they come back to life and do what they did that made you have to kill them in the first place and then you have to kill them again? Sound fun?

Has anyone else been contacted by a corpse this week?

39 thoughts on “Dead People Who Don’t Know They Are Dead – What A Bother!”

  1. Yeah my ex is a corpse and a really stubborn one at that. It’s like he’s shocked every time I tell him he’s not part of my life anymore. And I would love to just leave him dead but he’s my youngest son’s dad so I have to interact with him some.

    Anyone have any extra carrion beetles lying around?

  2. Oh Becca… are you sure? You are not the kind people need to amputate in the first place. When the hell have you ever bothered someone. I don’t believe it… however your post is funny as hell. :0

  3. Yep. My estranged aunt. She is like a night of the living dead corpse though. She never gives up. Funny I knew the full moon would rouse her to fill up my voice mail box and yep, she did.

    My ex last night after shoving me to the depths of misery in the past year…”You didn’t mean it when you said we were not friends, right? We are still friends right?”

    Yeah, buddy. We’re bosom buddies.

    Sometimes you have to placate dead people or they will eat your brains.

  4. two weeks ago. it was my fault. i shouldn’t have bothered but i have this stupid idea in my head that people, given plenty of time and space, learn to be free of ridiculous ideas and otherwise grow up. guess not. where’d i put the saw.

  5. I have a zombie, but oh please god don’t let him spring up on me this week. Very much not in the mood.

    I’ve also been the zombie.

  6. Oh dear, Becca I’ve been a zombie as well. I someone if they’d like to reconnect and the silence was deafening.

    I’ve been wondering all week whether or not I made the right decision, thinking I have not…okay. Confirmed. (It’s no one I’ve mentioned here before).

  7. lol, this totally cracked me up. sometimes the dead enjoy “mutual” dead contact. just fun playtime. no harm done. no one hurt just love and knowledge of the “real” truth,not the living truth.

  8. Hmmm…are you only a zombie when the other person cuts you out? I’m rarely cut out, but then I have that “self-preservation-let-me-run-before-they-discover-I’m-crazy” thing going on…or maybe they just don’t say anything when they cut me out?? hmmmm….

    oooh, ya know, there WAS a bunch of ’em popping up about a month or so ago…right before I left TX…was very strange, but I pretty much ignored the lot of ’em…lol

  9. I love your synopsis of this.

    I had one-and-a-half come back(!).

    A co-worker who “did me dirty”. I have a hard time truly amputating anyone or anything permanently (and in fact just had a conversation about this with someone who is an expert – like military-style expert) on this very thing.

    She seems to have no conscience about how I must feel about what she did. And I am like … ??? I am friendly to her. I do not wish her ill; I publicly acknowledge the good (living?) parts in her. But the dead ones are still dead – and even me with all my people-pleasing and attachment issues, can’t get past those.

    My “half” is a TBD story. This is someone who was a once-in-a-life-time kind of friend. In the peak of our friendship, I had a vision: She would be the one I would sit next to in a rocking chair on the porch when we were old ladies, our husbands dead, and a long life behind us – still poking fun at everyone else, laughing our asses off.

    I miss her, but we did each other dirty. Over man she swore she wouldn’t touch if “he were the last man on a desert island” and who I swore I would marry, the first time I saw him.

    It was the oddest parting. Almost no ill words were exchanged, just extended silence. As though it cut out in the middle of a movie and the screen went black and there was just white noise.

    But she’s resurfaced again. And I haven’t figured out how to deal with it. (As an FYI, my issues with her are not about the guy, but about her lack of honesty with herself, me, and him. What good is a foundational person in your life who can’t be honest … even with their own self?).

  10. SNORT.

    LMAO, you guys are sooo funny. Togi, so funny. Yea we are bosom buddies. Hah! Hah! Hah! Yikes, I am afraid to communicate with my nieces, what if they ever thought that of me? (even tho I profess that I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me, I would not want them thinking THAT. Maybe I’ll just stick with sending them money, that seems to work ok).

    Becca, ROFL to include snorting a la Sandra Bullock. Your dry humor is hysterical. You guys are on a total roll tonight.

    Togi, I used to share your belief that you have to placate them or they will eat your brains. Nowadays I realized better to take my chances cuz they will also eat your brains if you don’t.

    Elsa, I love love love your synapsis of the call to reunite. It is the truest thing I have read in a long time. I am going to frame it and put it on my wall because it is so damn true. Especially the part where it goes I am sorry I did a bad thing but it is really your fault, let me come back so I can do it somemore.

    Kashmiri, sorry to hear it, but it was funny the way you put it, ‘the silence was defening.’ I bet it worked though. I know the feeling: my 1st ex husband used it quite effectively once the new girlfriend told him to stop being my friend.

    And yes, just today, and doublecappy, I’ll drink to that! I am having iced coffee tonight, enjoying my favorite bar, even though I am back in the robe and slippers 😉

  11. Becca, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all do things that later we would like to crawl under the table to hide from.

  12. This is possibly the best post you’ve put up Elsa.

    Not in the past week, but the past month. A boyfriend from over thirty years ago sent me a weird kind of letter inviting me to visit his internet site “as an explanation”. Out of morbid curiosity I looked and found his curiously twisted homophobia turned into a full blown cross dressing lifestyle replete with a business. Talk about a one eighty!

    Out of respect for the dead I declined to answer.

  13. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    Love the topic!
    And lol [sic] and behold, earlier this week I was contacted per text by the emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend I broke up with in 2001:P He is as dead to me as you can possibly get…
    Apparently, he’s now rejoining the workforce after years of drug abuse and even a turn in a psych ward. Good for him, but it’s absolutely none of my business. He’s a Virgo Sun, Mercury and Mars so (with the Pluto transit) it’s quite possible that he’s changed a whole lot over the last 10 years, but I thought it was very untimely of him to call me “honey” (he never did when we were together!?!:P) and send me hugs, or telling me to take good care of myself:P Thanks to him I’ve taking care of myself like never before since I dumped him. What a jerk!
    (It was a relief to hear that he was/is in fact mentally ill… Somehow it makes all the butter less personal).

  14. I’m a walking corpse.

    I got killed for reason non-specific. In fact, I heard about the killing coming on, so called to make sure things were clear/apologize if I had in fact done something, the people in question admitted they were going to kill me, couldn’t figure out why, apologized, said they weren’t going to kill me, and then killed me anyway.

    And then our mutual friends assumed there was stuff behind the scenes,lumped me with the other people who were killed (whom they had reason to kill), and my character took a drubbing, so now I disrupt, because I’m mad, and I can.

    “Hey! Was speaking to X today, they pointed out I was dead! Asked me what exactly happened, I’m confused! Could not tell them what happened, pointed out the last time we talked YOU apologized. Life sure is funny.”

    Actually, I guess they’re my corpse too eh?

  15. Foxxy, that sounds awfully familiar. I believe I was killed off because of my friend’s mental instability which was due to in part to her cocaine problem (I sure do know a lot of people with drug problems–either they’re very common or it’s my 12th House Neptune).
    It’s been 13 years, and I reached out. I guess she still thinks I am an asshole 18 year old still. Oh well. I guess you just have to leave some people to it.

  16. Avatar

    Living with a child-corpse. Signed a lease, didn’t hold up his end and attacked me and threatened me when asked to do so. Gave him notice and now we’re being sued for discrimination. He uses everyone else’s shampoo, doesn’t flush the toilet, leaves the front door unlocked, smokes in his room (against the lease) leaves dirty clothes in the bathroom and in short is disabled but it’s a personality thing not a real thing ie legally. Cannot wait for June 30th when he’s out (not paid rent etc etc). July 1st we call the Sherriff if he’s not out and I cannot wait to have my home mine again with peace within these walls.

    Living with the walking dead while they throw a tantrum is a nightmare. He sent a series of emails to my SO the beginning of this week wanting to “work things out” and he’d drop the lawsuit. No, we don’t “work things out” with people that threaten us, harrass us within our own home. He is our very own zombie.

    Can’t say that I have any other zombies pop up in my life, or that I am one to anyone…that I know of… But boy the rest of you made me laugh and that was a much much needed stress relief right now. THANK YOU!!

  17. So that’s my my ex popped back in all friendly like in the past few days!

    such a relief to know.

    It’s so hard not to be Nice to people for me. I really have to get over that someday.

  18. Hey Kashmiri 🙂
    I’ve a 12th house neptune as well so maybe its just us.

    Funnily enough, the person who has cut me moved because he was catching a lot of flack over his drug (coke) use. When he was 15 he had a heart attack because of coke and e and acid.
    Anyhow, he moved to montreal november where his best bud from his heart attack days lives, 3 weeks after moving he was engaged, and about March or April I got killed when he ditched coming back to Toronto for the second time without telling anyone (ie. made the plans told everyone he was coming and then . . didn’t show, he also didn’t answer his phone or reply to email until tuesday – he was supposed to be in town on friday)

    I had the audacity to point out that people don’t know you’re not dead in a ditch when you do that. Including his grandparents who called all his friends worried. Anyway, when I found out that he hadn’t made it to town because he _missed_the_bus_ and hadn’t been answering the phone/returning calls because he didn’t feel like explaining I (mars pluto square) exploded. Then I apologized the next day because staying mad at people just makes me sick (I did totally related to the self destruction/depression ect mentioned on the mars pluto post). He apologized for not letting anyone know he wasn’t dead and I thought we were okay.

    Later I heard I was getting cut for saying things about his fiancee (Which I hadn’t, which made me pretty much the only one not prognisticating divorce), called, pointed out I’d been nothing but supportive until the events in the last paragraph, that I had flipped out of that, but that disappearing for four days was in no way okay. And he and his girlfriend went “Oh, yeah, you’re right. You actually hadn’t flipped out about anything til then, and were in the right to flip out there, we aren’t sure why we lumped you in the other pile, that doesn’t make any sense. Sorry, You’re still coming to the wedding right?”.

    But apparently not. ‘Cause I’m dead.

  19. It takes a lot for someone to become a zombie to me (great graphic, BTW, it made me snort). I am Queen of Energy-less Exchanges, though, so can still interact with my zombies and not re-engage. Not to sound conceited, but it’s funny to observe it in my own head:
    I’ll be talking to a zombie, being polite, and I can see the hope on their face, “Oh! Oh! Interaction!! Here it comes! I’m gonna get a cookie!!!!” And when I don’t hand out any energy, there’s this bemused, crestfallen look, “Baroo? No cookie?” It’s very dog-like and never ceases to amuse me until they learn they’re never getting any cookies from me again and stop expecting it.
    I think this is Aquarian moon in 8th trine Pluto. When you’re off, you’re off.

  20. I think I may now be a zombie to someone, and he was almost a zombie to me over a month ago; when I tried to amputate him and move on, he emailed me, having seen some of my embarrassing posts on another site that he also used to be a member of (I was really upset), asking what was wrong, when he knew *exactly* what was wrong with me, and was just playing dumb.

    I called him on something when I finally replied, and he hasn’t spoken to me since. I’ve lost my temper three times now (four, if you count February), and am trying to move on. For some reason, I’m still in his Gmail contacts list, and show up on his chat list when I’m signed on… I had him blocked, but then removed the block, thinking that if he had a problem with me, he could block or delete me himself – he signed on twice this morning, and didn’t stick around (he’s usually on there much longer). I don’t understand why we’re still on each others buddy lists, but I blocked him again, just to stop my blood pressure from rising every time he purposely avoids me.

    This sounds even more childish, now that I’ve written it down. He was like Althera’s friend to me, though – when I met him, I felt that he was going to be in my life for a long time. Now I wonder about that feeling, because he’s really done a turnaround in attitude in the past few months (it seems like so much longer than that!), and I’m more angry on a regular basis, than I’ve ever been (I’m not usually an angry person, and I’m worried about it becoming a habit); it’s related to my feelings about him, and our interactions. I don’t hate him, despite what I said in another comment about him not being worth the energy it took to write something out about this before – I miss the guy I knew, and don’t know how to deal with this new guy who doesn’t believe in brutal honesty, and wouldn’t treat me the way he has been lately.

    Oh, and thanks to my losing my temper on Wednesday, I think I’m the example that someone said she doesn’t want to follow as she gets over her own heartbreak… I’m now the horrible warning. This is all so ridiculous.

  21. When we’re stumbling around in the dark, we can learn so much about ourselves….

    The trick is to learn from your mistakes. How would we learn, if we didn’t go through the bad stuff?

  22. Wow, that was long (sorry about that). That’s it – he can’t have any more of my energy (or anyone else’s, through my occasional venting).

  23. Well, what do you know, first husband was in touch with me again today also! Something about more stuff in his basement I am like, toss toss! I wasn’t expecting to hear from him, but it was for a nice reason so I’m lucky.

  24. Foxxy–whoa man, I’m sorry, that’s super rough. Arrrrgh….:(
    It’s hard with people and their addictions (I swear it’s a 12th House Neptune thing, but maybe I’m off, but I’m surrounded…)

    Their life is so shame based. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes people think ‘I’ll take straight talk from person (a) and person (b) but if person (c) does it I’m going to let them have it.

    I feel like I’m person (c). It sounds okay coming from someone else, and it sounds like THE.WORST.EVER. from me/person (c) what have you…

  25. That’s a great name for them, Elsa. Maybe “zombie” b/c they’re coming back to… eat your brains!

    I have no interest in contacting or even hearing about an ex-whatever but I do see that the human desire to resolve things or to fix the past is very powerful. I have a lot of Sag so I tend to want to “let it be” instead. Plus I’m too proud and stubborn in a Capricorn way to corpsify my social life. The Cap in me also has a very low tolerance for unnecessary drama. It’s wasteful!

    I do think it’s a lot easier to reconnect now b/c of texting, email, blogs, social networking etc. This type of communication is usually less serious, but it can also be very serious. I think the thing to remember is that when corpses happen, it usually has nothing to do with the past but something not going right with the present and not being able to resolve the present.

  26. There’s a Southern USA phrase — “dead and won’t lie down.” I’ve only heard it rarely. Meaning: won’t give up. Or I’ve heard it as sticking around longer than you should. As in “that washed up celebrity is dead and won’t lie down.”

  27. Oh yes I’m definitely having some of those come up.. Both me and my SO.. Ex’s on both ends coming up to get us in trouble with each other- you’d think we’d be used to it by now, but.. ah jealousy.

  28. Yes. One from 47 years ago. He is still fixated on a weekend date we had to a football game. He is VERY married, I am VERY gay, and he needs to let this go! lol

  29. I try to resurrect 2 times at the most and after 2 times if I realize I’m not part of their life anymore, I stay dead!

  30. Hi

    Doing a bit of private research on a numerology system (I don’t believe in anything until I see if it seems to work) and your comment about how you manage to be there but not be there rang a few bells (not me, but a mate’s fella). We decided that in his case in was because his birthday (using day/month/FULL year) adds up to 27, making him a 27/9 in the system I am using (Dan Millman) and that him using very similar tactics was very probably down to the 7 in his birth number. Is there any chance that you have a seven in there somewhere?


  31. Something like that happened to me few weeks ago,I think it was during mercury retrograde. An ex ‘facebooked’me,but I didn’t bother to answer even though I was online,and we both could see it.It was an ugly relationship and separation,so what’s the point? He wanted to know how I was,since it’s been a year that we parted. I didn’t understand why he would give 2cents about me,and why I was going to waste time and energy on his sorry ass. Exactly what I thought at the time,he’s dead and belongs to the past and I am not the type to look backward. If they’re worth your time,no matter what,they’ll be in your life. If not,well well,bye bye!

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