What Makes An Exhibitionist? What About Voyeurism?

zodiac broachI think Leo is the exhibitionist of the zodiac. They simply want to be seen and/or give a performance.

I see Aquarius as the voyeur of the zodiac. Cool, detached, observant.

Do you agree?

Are you an exhibitionist or a voyeur? How about to some degree?

Also, have you ever known someone, highly engaged in either end of this spectrum? What’s the astrology?

Also, do you think that addiction is involved?

16 thoughts on “What Makes An Exhibitionist? What About Voyeurism?”

  1. I know very quiet, shy sun sign Leos. The sun sign is not the key.

    However, anything in the Leo house will stand out, it will shine. Leo wants NOTICE. Pay attention. However Leo is dignified. Leo wants respect.

    I find Gemini placements to really go for a shock strip tease, whatever. Gemini does not take it seriously. It’s a game.

    1. I agree.

      I have Gemini in The Leo house and I do not take a lot of things seriously – I do however like to spread out my activities.

      I do have aquarius on the ascendant as well, so I also like to observe before joining and then people are usually perplexed in a “where the hell did that come from?” kinda way ???

  2. I recently did a review of all the planets in all the members of my immediate family (parents, siblings). We are all very different, with different characteristics, careers, likes, dislikes. The one thing we all have in common is absolutely no fear of being on stage or public speaking. Even though some of us are quite shy, when we get on stage we come to life! The only sign we all have a planet in is Leo! I had to laugh when I saw it.

  3. I have for along time, kept “the outfit “on my bureau my favorite moccasins
    Floral small calico type halter and according to Season jeans or presently
    Corduroy petal pink shorts waiting for “the night” just in case
    Ya know to strut my stuff show my dance moves,alas “lady in waiting”
    Got the dream just can’t get’er out the door,I’d like to think I got voyageur in me smudge of Viking or gypsy but…

  4. I have Leo rising and Mars in Aquarius. I’ve always watched other people, they are endlessly fascinating. Only when I’m close to someone or in the rare mood do I show my personality (which I’m told is entertaining).

  5. I knew a real honest-to-goodness voyeur, obsessed – it was to the extent that it was embarassing (for me) to be in public with him.
    He was a photographer, I think there is a connection to that.
    He had Sun conj Moon in Sadge, in 12th. He often liked to be the center of attention as well…
    The only Leo in his chart was Pluto at one angle of a grand trine with Mercury and Jupiter.
    Very complicated person, but great guy.

  6. I’m a voyeur, I have Sun/Uranus conjunction and Mars in Aquarius. If we’re talking about sex. I do exhibitionism only for shock value, to people who think they’ve been friend zoned. Ugh, I’m terrible. But I reckon the tendency for wanting to shock comes with Uranus.

  7. I do not get either one. Am some combination of the two. With exhibitionists, you can’t pick who sees you, could be an audience of piss heads, doesn’t exactly up your clout score. I crave the approval of certain types of people.. I zip around trying to collect bits of it until I have to be alone and away from judgment. It’s complicated in some way. Sometimes it’s not so cut and dried. If I’m not accepted or appreciated I tend to act out if I am forced to stay in the situation or leave. It’s complicated but I wasn’t raised in an amorphous hive.. I need belonging but also difference idk I like my people when I find them.

  8. But in some way I’m Leonine. I want acceptance from a “crowd” that I seem to see as the “judiciary body”… it feels like anyone has the power to hold up a number and judge me just going about the world. I’d like to be creative in some way but 5th house Chiron.

  9. I’d agree, I’m married to a Leo (with a loose stellium) and everything he does is for ‘show’. He wants people to see him. His stellium is at the very end of his 10th house into his 11th. He has no Aquarius placements, but Uranus is sextile his Sun (by 6 degrees). Yes, I also think that addiction is involved.

    1. amend that to say he has no Aquarius placements by sign, but his Sun is close & Mars is in his 11th house. Sorry that wasn’t very clear.

  10. i think i’m in the middle. and i dont really want to know any voyeur’s, i dont even know any photographers to be honest. I dont like other people in my business and sneaking skulking around the neighborhood trying to look through the bushes into my home or garden or what we do, or what others do in their homes. I think that’s super creepy. I know an older Virgo man like that, neighbor, but over the years he has lessen his stalking. I think he does that if he doesn’t know the people. lol Stalking as in when i look up from my reading at the garden, i saw him looking behind the bushes and trees and then pretending he wasn’t looking when i catch him. LOL He is married to a Leo woman. xDD so maybe he has Aquarius placements Lol. I think for me personally, i do notice all fiery men in my life hate when I ‘compare” …like the way Libra looks to the “others” …all fiery men really hate that, they feel it is insecure and lack confidence. and fire is all about confidence. So i do notice these “airy” traits, of gemini, libra and aquarius trine, of the “other” trying to understand why people are this way and doing “comparison”…yet Fire doesn’t like it at all and finds it “weak”.
    Yet how can people relate and understand eachother? Its so weird how astrology is, and how hard it is to explain that people do need to do comparisons and relate to other people. yet the fire/doms really really hate it and find it so weak. so i think maybe fire is “doing” and exhibitionism is more “doing” and not caring what other people think or do because of being busying showing off, while their opposition, air, would be trying to understand, “voyeur” watching understanding, and thinking.

  11. Leo on 8th house and I don’t identify as an exhibitionist. I have saturn in aquarius but I don’t do that people watching thing either. I generally mind my business and think about food when out and about near strangers so it looks like spacing out. I become very focused and instinctive when dealing closely with someone one-on-one. A scorpio with leo mars told I’ve stared at her too intensely during us meeting each other. Which, ok. Maybe I did so, we were discussing important things. Interesting, from the aquariuses I’ve seen, they are look more like the exhibitionist type. Leo suns/ placements are truly exhibitionist, you can’t possibly miss that.

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