7 thoughts on “Love Tips: Quit Criticizing Your Partner! Video”

  1. Elsa this is again a golden video. Very valuable! Thank you so much!
    Double Virgo speaks here : – ) and in my younger years I was not always nice, I can tell you. : – )
    Now that I am older I keep my mouth shut! That is right!
    I remember the moments of criticism another and I regret it much.
    In some cases I have been able to apologize, sometimes after years!
    It was not good.
    It is therefore a sensitive chord that touches me and I appreciate that very much.
    Thank you for this video Elsa! : – )

  2. This advice is right on target?. Who cares for unsolicited advice?; it’s just a kick in the guts. Sometimes the instigator does not even have the person’s best interest at heart.

  3. I was married to a Virgo for 17 years – and I know every sign has a “shadow” side, and nobody is perfect. They think they are being helpful, I guess. But that helpfulness starts out usually with little things (and may not be verbal) like re-doing something you did. At first I would think, “Fine, knock yourself out,” but over time, it becomes bigger and more overt and verbal. And it slowly “chips away at every part of you.” Then one day you wake up, take the pictures off of the wall and throw them in the trash and move out.
    “Cause they’re not moving – I mean do you know what that would cost?” wait – that is whole different topic…..

    1. Virgo is a mutable sign: they can move: they can adjust. And if they are wise: they do!
      And then they will experience that their sharp eye is a gift instead of a curse.
      As Elsa said.

      It is true! This is my own experience!

  4. What a great video! Virgos are fantastic – I have a lot of them in my life always. And that gift is absolutely there, so I love how you finished this video because….my husband is a Virgo (stellium!) and when he goes into hyper-critical mode I just stop using his name and call him “Virgo.” As in, “Is that what you think, Virgo?” “Tell me more how I could have done that better, Virgo.” It honestly helps, because he knows that he can think me wrong all he wants, but I’m still going to do things my way in that instance and he kinda chuckles and backs off.

  5. My Ex is a Virgo with Venus in Scorpio. He psycho analyses me when ever I contradict him- he go into full Freudian mode. It’s exhausting. Ok. I guess I am criticizing but I’m going to try the “Is that the way it is Virgo?” “Virgo, please tell me more!”. Though I risk further verbal lashings-he’s mutable so might calm down and laugh too.

  6. To actually answer the question above, Yes, I do criticize but not intentionally to hurt. He feels I do criticize him, but it’s subconscious. I’ll ask some friend at work without sighting who said what Had said what and they’ll tell me it doesn’t sound like criticism-more like a suggestion. So I can and do but not in the Virgo nit picky way. I is a bad habit – like biting nails. He knows everything so I need to just step off.

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