What Planetary Energy Do You Strongly Represent?

Pluto old cardMaureen asks on Rotten Things Happen:

“Elsa, would you say you are a Plutonian character?”

maureen, yes. I have a packed 8th house, but I am also very Saturnian, very Mercurial and have a pretty strong Jupiter streak as well.

Er.. my Mars is notorious and I even manage to be pretty strongly Neptunian.

If there is something I am light on, I’d say it’s Uranus but even that is questionable because I shock people on a daily basis.

I may also be a bit light on Venus, however I have Libra and planets in the 7th so that would a be a lie.


::wanders off confused::

What planetary energy do you represent most prominently?


61 thoughts on “What Planetary Energy Do You Strongly Represent?”

  1. Jupiter, pluto,neptune
    Sag, scorpio,libra.
    As I get older I can see more of the Sag personality.
    Life events are definitely plutonian in nature though.

  2. I’m a double Virgo Mercury conjunct my ascendant and a stellium in Libra that includes Saturn and Venus. I think I’m a mercury Venus Saturn combo. Neptune is prominent too, conjunct IC and square mercury.
    I look for signatures in folks and like to look at their chart later to see if it matches.

  3. Stellium in Aquarius in 3rd house – I like media, being on computer, learning languages and short trips a lot.

    But Pluto rules my chart and is smack on MC so I’m really kind of Plutonian despite the breezy Aquarian surface.

    It’s really a push/pull relationship due to the opposition of Plutonian and Aquarian energy.

  4. Hmm, it’s a toss-up… Pluto conjunct IC opposing Jupiter/Chiron on my MC? Or Saturn conjunct South Node in the 8th house? Neither is particularly pleasant to live with. ?

  5. I’m an old Pluto Hardcore with Uranus surprising people including myself … Progressed Sun in Aquarius increases surprise but still early at the progression and Vulcan even @ 72

  6. Hmmm…. Not sure if I answered this before (scrolled quickly through the comments, may have missed my name)….

    I definitely can’t pin myself down to ONE predominent energy, but my top six, in no particular order would be:

    * Uranus/Aquarius
    * Pluto/Scorpio
    * Venus/Libra
    * Mercury/Virgo
    * Saturn
    * Cancer

    My LEAST, and I say even seriously LACKING, energy is without a doubt Fire. Wish I had more, but it is as it is.

  7. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I’m so effing earthy… 6 planets in earth signs. But once in awhile my Aquarius ASC takes over and whoa Nelly – it’s blast off time! I secretly kinda like it though…

  8. Pluto and Saturn! I affectionately call myself Pluto and Saturns daughter. Mercury (Virgo) is the icing on my astrological cake.

    Pluto has been dominant for most of my life (Pluto in cap) so here I am. I’m hoping to become the child like Cap (allegedly they age backwards) in my later days. I’m somewhat over the intensity even though I understand it’s purpose.

  9. Funny, you come across so Uranian. I have a weak Uranus to almost unaspected but I have come to see that aspect as it’s just not shared or harmonized with other planets but this could make it stronger.

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