Generations: Pluto in Scorpio vs Pluto in Sagittarius

Silba and GrayI was talking my friend, Ben about my children. He surprised me when he stated they were from two different generations.

He wasn’t thinking about this from an astrological perspective. He’s been working with middle-school age kids for more than thirty years. He’s aware of how things have evolved over the years.

I never thought about this before. My kids were born about four years apart. Close enough! But they are very different and when, Ben shared his observations about the split between the two, it became undeniable.

“Generations” are commonly marked by transiting Pluto. Pluto in Cancer generation, Pluto in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and now Pluto in Capricorn, soon to be Aquarius. These are the groups I have encountered in my lifetime and the people in them do have commonality.

Back to the case of my two kids, my daughter has Pluto in Scorpio, my son has Pluto in Sagittarius. Ben feels it’s easier to worth with or talk to those with Pluto in Scorpio.  His opinion would be tied to his chart to a degree but I think the degree is minor. He is not judging these generations. He just explained how he could reach the Pluto in Scorpio group with a certain approach. Reaching the follow-on generation was not only harder but perhaps the most challenging he’s seen.

Speaking as a parent, the insight he shared was striking and very helpful.  That’s why I wanted to share it here.  But I also wanted to ask people reading, what they might be able to say about the Pluto in Scorpio/Sagittarius generations.

What do you think?

And yes, those are my kids, dressed as their imagined characters, “Silba and Gray”.

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  1. anonymoushermit

    I find that the Millennials (1981 to 1996) are more ‘in-your-face’ and fiery, some would say at times they can be too proud!

    When it comes to Generation Z (or some call them Zoomers, 1997 to 2012), they’re more chilled almost like the Generation X (60’s and 70’s born) but their ‘chillness’ has a more dry energy about them, whereas Generation X has a more ‘air-like’ chillness.

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      Zoomer- love this! I agree with you 100%. My Son is a Zoomer/Gen Z young adult and they are super chill. Not big on getting their feathers ruffled.

      1. I was born in December 95 and I am pluto in sagitarrius and all my friends born in 96 are too, more accurate would be 95-2008, which are all the years in this sign.

  2. My daughter has a Pluto in Libra, My son in scorpio. I had them 7 years apart. I wish I had had them close together. They tolerate each other. They are not very close even though they are Both air signs, A Gem and an Aqua.
    My grandsons both have a Sag pluto. I would say that they have a severe lack of boundaries.
    Pluto in scorpio? A lot of depressed kids.Its difficult for them to live in the world the way it is.

  3. I’d like my interaction with these generations. My son is an X generation born, with Pluto in Libra. I learn so much from him. My two nephews are Pluto Scorp but I have almost no contact with them especially since my brother, their dad passed. I hope there’s still time for for knowing one another

  4. My nephew and niece are both Pluto in Sadge.

    They were raised in a tightly confined and controlled environment, the intent being to protect them. They did indeed manage not to get into drugs or pregnant, as too many of their peers did. But they had little street smarts when they flew the coop.

    Fortunately, they are both head and heart smart (both went to college – Sadge) AND life has been kind to them (Jupiter luck) AND they are off to a most excellent start, each in their own way (each very well supported – Jupe – by a key mentor).

    In true Sagittarian fashion, they both left their small town and have flown the coop into the Great Big World out there (Sagittarius in action). My niece also LOVES to travel – she’s always flying (Sadge). My nephew does a lot of distance driving (Sadge) and drives a very Sagittarian type of car.

    Both are likely to be their own boss before long. Nobody tells a Sagittarian what to do and how and when for long! Once they have mastered their respective field, they will set their own targets, shoot for them, and no doubt meet them!

    1. Back to add, my relationship with both these Scorpio in Sadge is easy, sooooo easy, and has consistently been so all along. They are great listeners, and when they listen, they actually HEAR. And they process and retain.

      My niece for example recently surprised the h-ll out of me with the birthday presents she chose for me for my 60th birthday a few months ago. Things I had said, she noted and remembered and acted upon. One in particular was something going back perhaps 3-4 years and I had forgotten about it myself.

      We have deep and far-ranging meaningful conversations, and my niece actually stops to write down things (on her phone, of course) so she can later follow up. I definitely feel that I am getting through to her, whether we are in agreement or not. And I like that – her smarts and her independence. (Ditto for my nephew, although he doesn’t take down notes!)

  5. My son has Pluto in Sag on his Ascendant. He’s always been easy — almost too easy — to raise. It might be his Taurean good nature or his Leo Moon trine Aries Venus (his Venus is conjunct my own in his 4th). My child is easy as easy gets… good natured, contented, doesn’t want for anything. Adults and children like him. People comment on what a good kid he is all the time. One thing I’ve noticed about him and his generation is they are very all or nothing about religion and spirituality. My son has his beliefs but non include established religion. There’s a slight aversion to it.

    1. Interesting! This is something I have also noticed.
      I live in a catholic country – 90% of the population declare themselves as ‘Catholics’ – something I raise my eyebrows at, but that’s another subject.
      When my Pluto in Sagittaurus nephew (1999.) was small, but old enough to go to Mass with his grandmother, he went to Mass – but only once.
      The following Sunday I asked (we lived next door):
      – Well are you ready to go to church?
      He answered:
      – No, I’m not going! He isn’t there, anyway.
      – Who isn’t there?
      – God.
      – Yes he is, you just can’t see him. No one can see him.
      – No, I can’t see him because he isn’t there and he
      doesn’t exist anyway.
      – Yes he does! Who told you that!!!
      – No one told me, I just know – there is no God anywhere.
      We didn’t insist and left it at that.
      The same goes for his brother and sister – Pluto in Scorpio.
      I can’t say I was an avid churchgoer after I left my home town, but there was always a feeling of guilt involved.

    2. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      I have had the same experience with my Son. Super easy to raise, didn’t ask for much at all, laid back and friendly, and is an atheist. I didn’t raise him in a traditional religion, although he was exposed to this through a youth church group, but somewhere along the line he chose his current path of non-believer. He doesn’t particularly care for the hypocrisy of people and their religion.

    3. Seeing how lovely you are speaking about your sun and with him having Moon (mother) trine Venus and Venus in 4H (family, mother) you seem to be a great parent and his positive attitude is (to an extent) probably the reflection of you being a great mum! Not to say that it’s not your son‘s character as well or anything 🙂

  6. Interesting…My wife was born on the border between Libra and Scorpio, about 3 hours into Scorpio, and our kids were born on the border between Pluto in Libra and Scorpio, one in each…They are quite different, but get along very well….Whereas the granddaughter was born with Pluto in Cap, and is already a control freak at age 4…..

  7. Gen z is more passive in many ways, I find them irritating to interact with ha. Teaching them things is difficult because it’s almost like the “foundation” isn’t there. Much more relaxed, and forgiving.

    1. That’s interesting. You push and they yield or appear to…

      My son really loved video games. He became very good at it. He’s smart and he’s tricky.

      I don’t think this is bad. I immersed myself love songs and pining, whenever possible, when I was young. This stuff matters.

      So in a way, I’m standing in an illusion as he runs circles around me. But then we have this Saturn deal, in common. We’re both parents.

      Just food for thought.

  8. Both of mine are Pluto in Sag and I can see they are very cool and comfortable in their skin.
    Wishing you a very happy New year 2020, Elsa! Thank you for all the amazing insight you provide everyday!

  9. I‘m a late Pluto in Scorpio and I feel like on a level Pluto in Scorp is deeper (interested in darker and more depressing themes) while Sadge can be more easy-going and nonchalant …
    I actually like both and think a mix would be awesome :))

    Great topic!

  10. Avatar

    I’ve got Pluto in early Scorpio and work with kids with Pluto in Cap (11 years and under) and sometimes with Pluto in Sagittarius (12 years and older). The sense I get is yes, they are of a different generation.

    Pluto in Cap kids are, right now, kids (as define by law), but we are straight up talking about the Constitution and how it relates to today’s politics. They are willing to dive into it. I feel like we’ve got more career goals, super early.

    Right now the world is very materialist overall. Maybe that’s the way it is. Values and what not being devalued. I think that’s what kids in Cap see. They know money makes the world (we currently live in) go ‘round. I’ve seen them say this very seriously too.

    With Pluto in Sag I think they kind of roll with it, by now. They’re like so things are effed up? Alright let’s go anyway. They tend to have this humor that is straight up: I’m not trying to be evil, but this is funny. Or I’m not trying to be finger-wagging, but yeah, eh, nevermind I am, so seriously stop. They’re living in a big Stanley Milgram experiment. Most pretty much know that’s the way things are, but don’t know have to stop it yet, except (internet)street-justice. They know that if they lose it, they’ll lose overall (and get made fun of on a grand scale…). Like being on the internet, you’ve got to have tough skin. These kids had to be raised on the internet, so they have these tough mental barrages as kids, or some get so destroyed in the process, which is where us old fogeys and boundaries come in. Consequences came in with Capricorn.

  11. I wonder if/how the dynamics of marriage will play out between partners belonging to two different Pluto generations. I remember reading something similar for partners having different ‘saturn generations’, (for the lack of a better word) which takes typically roughly a seven year difference for a major aspect to form.

    1. To add, I do realise that following the example I present, the gap will be much larger for Pluto, but that’s not what I’m going for. For example, my parents have an age gap of only 5 years, but belong to 2 different Pluto signs (leo & Virgo).

  12. Pluto in Scorpio can come off more intense—borderline obsessive over their hobbies, people and possessions. They can and will manipulate knowingly. They are secretive and prone to jealousy. They will state their mind with a scheming, vindictive flair and unapologetically be the darker side to a story. I get grunge/punk vibes from this placement. Sagittarius in Pluto can be preachy, impatient, and reckless. They can seem pretentious and superficial but they are trying to stay true to themselves the only way they know in this technological world. They are funny, philosophical, and sometimes too honest… They have a trouble waiting for things and will stir the pot because of boredom. They love to learn and teach others new and exciting information. I am a Sag Pluto (so are my friends) and my sister (and her friends) is a Scorpio Pluto so that’s my basis. Good Q!

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