What To Expect From Pluto Opposite Mars, Mars Square Uranus Transit

Pluto pendant silverElsa,

What would you make of a transit of Pluto opposing Mars plus Uranus squaring Mars? Blasting away of old structures?

Wants Second Opinion

Hi, Wants,

That’s possible, but it would not be how I would read the situation. But I may be parsing your sentence incorrectly.

If structures in your life were going to be blasted away, I would expect to see your natal Saturn being transited.

If you mean you are going to be the one doing the blasting…that’s more in line with this transit.

But my first interpretation would be that your anger aka your natal Mars, become unleashed. Compare it to a volcano that might have been dormant for a long time…then she blows.

Now if you’re not a person who represses your anger, you might redirect your energy at this time.

You get the idea. Look to the natal planet being aspected, to understand what effect the transit might have.

Are you a volcano, ready to blow?

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9 thoughts on “What To Expect From Pluto Opposite Mars, Mars Square Uranus Transit”

  1. Hi Elsa,
    I have had this (Transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing my Natal Mars in Cancer)for the past year or so and it has caused me to spew stuff that I am shocked at. I didn’t realise I had so much rage inside. New people and new friends have borne the brunt of rage that was caused decades ago – and it hasn’t been fair on them. My repressed anger has only been relaced by a terrible guilt – and I think that’s worse right now. I was aware of the Transit but even so, that repressed rage just rose up from the deep. My soul is exhausted right now from it all, only I believe there is still more there and I even frighten myself now at times.


    1. I hope you read this. im exhausted too.
      Pluto opposed my moon, sun, ceres and mars and mercury. along the way a square to uranus also came into the game.

      how are you now?

      Im not sure if i was angry alot, there were some outburst,modest but firm to set boundries in situations that were about who tells who what to do.

      i learned from scratch what Yin and Yang is, feminity and masculinity.

      you can contact me here i checked the notify option

  2. so, because I had Pluto conjunct Saturn(3rd), while opposite Mars and squaring Uranus, structures in my life should have changed? When I think about this, I see that intensive analysis(in which I drove in too the City, (short trips) did in fact change many ways I interacted with and viewed my day to day world (third house). Now Pluto is opposite my Midheaven, so should I expect a house move and/or career change when Pluto crosses the IC and goes into my 4th house? Uranus is crossing and recrossing my 7th house cusp. I think since I”m not married, it will manifest in work. Is this an accurate view?

  3. This Taurus has transiting Pluto in Capricorn conjunct my natal Saturn (1st) & Moon (2nd) opposite natal Mars in Cancer (7th or 8th depending). Job and Marriage blasted apart; raging mostly against myself along with despair & grief at the end of my marriage. Now that I am under even more stress I hear the strain in my voice where before I didn’t. Used to have a long fuse before released anger by getting loud & repetitive. Now if someone is annoying or rude on the phone I want to smash the phone. Raging against him for leaving weeks after the new boss let me go (job was becoming more and more toxic & I was looking for another)& him not talking with me about his anger, not working with a counselor to get our marriage back on track. WE always said we could get through anything with the other at our side. I am upset cos I couldn’t read his mind since he didn’t tell me he was done with our marriage until he walked out the door. And he walks when I ask him to get a part time job to relieve the financial stress off my shoulders and let me stay home for a month or two before I have to get back to work as my spirit was weary. And raging at him for not being employed for the last 6 years and taking 1/2 of the savings with him when he left. Of course then learned Pluto transiting his 7th natal Saturn and Uranus transiting his 4th and the Saturn in Scorpio transit on his natal Moon in Scorpio. Not how I thought I was going to learn more about astrology.

  4. I’m born with Mars square Uranus/Pluto combust. She’s right. When Pluto transits or Uranus transits hit it in hard aspects, it’s like I am shot out of a cannon. I may handle them better though then some others, because I have the energy to some degree natally, and it is more natural to me. Probably just amps it up. But if someone has a more docile natal with those planets, my guess is it might cause a WTF? reaction when a normally passive person becomes fed up, and the energies catapult. The hard Saturn transits kill me. I’d take a Pluto, Uranus, Mars, or Jupiter transit any day over Saturn. It’s like my tailpipe has been clogged and I just….. stop. Hahaha. But I’m just a hobby astrologer, don’t mind me, I’m just rattling on…

  5. Not to be a grammar Nazi, but in your opening paragraph you stated “a transit of Pluto opposing Mars” is incorrect. It was, rather, conjunct on Monday, Nov. 10th. And, yes, I felt it negatively wreak havoc in every area in my life. As if I needed anymore heartbreak & adversity in my already extremely lonely, painful, chaotic and stressful existence. I had an emotional meltdown and cried all day long. It’s really really tough being a single Cancer right now.

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