What To Expect When Saturn Transits 7th House Moon In Sagittarius

sagittarius vintage blacklight posterHi, Elsa.

My natal moon is at 15 degrees Sagittarius in the 7th house. Saturn is headed there in 2016, and will generally be mucking about in my partnership area starting in December. Moon in Sagittarius brings certain things that may not be conducive to partnerships, so I’m curious what to expect with Saturn. And also because it’s my moon, and the 7th house…

Sag Moon

Hi, Sag Moon.

Sagittarius is the visionary of the zodiac. Here you are, looking ahead and seeing, though you don’t realize it.

The reason you don’t realize it is not because you’re stupid. It’s because seeing what’s ahead comes as natural to you as breathing.

Your answer your question in your post. You’re aware that your restless Sagittarius Moon causes problems in partnerships. Saturn will pressure you to do something about it!

To break this out, when Saturn transits the Moon, a person is pressured to mature, emotionally.  Since no one likes an adult baby, I think you can consider this to be positive.

Saturn transiting the 7th house pressures a person to be responsible in their relationships. For example, don’t tell someone that you’re going to love them forever, when in truth, you’re going to leave them, the first off-ramp you see! Or, tell them that you will love them forever, and learn to pass by off-ramps.

I wouldn’t expect you to enjoy this transit all that much, but it’s certainly an important one!

Any other Sagittarius Moons out there?  People who have Saturn transiting their 7th house?


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14 thoughts on “What To Expect When Saturn Transits 7th House Moon In Sagittarius”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Elsa. My husband has a 2 degree sagittarius moon conjunct his 3 degree sagittarius descendant. He has been maturing so much. We recently moved into his mother’s home, the family estate that was left to him 6 years ago after his mother’s suicide. (He has saturn in virgo in the 4th house, coincidentally conjunct his moms venus) Saturn will be going through my first house…boy are we opposite sides of the same coin.
    This house is in a monetarily rich community. We are definitely in a much different tax bracket than everyone around us, currently we are both servers in restaurants while we live around doctors, pilots, and just general rich people. We consider ourselves fortunate. We just work twice as much and wonder if we can keep this pace just to live here. I’m exhausted, lonely, and depressed. (Again, I’m one of your 28 degree Scorpio ascendants following your blog). I was wondering how this would affect/effect(not sure of which is correct) my husband who seems much more optimistic at times while I feel like a worn out terd. I’m trying to be a more valuable asset in this marriage and I constantly fall short. He keeps taking hits and keeps getting back up. I’m so proud of him. I just worry that I’m the drain on him.

  2. Yep, Sag Moon at 5 degrees in my 10th house. I expect I will be forced to mature even further when it comes to my emotions in my career/profession. It occurs to me as I write this that this change may come about naturally because I am given even more responsibility at work due to the solid reputation I have built over the last three years. Saturn will then move into my 11th house at 6 degrees and sit right on top of natal Neptune in the 11th. Not sure what to make of that one….

  3. Oh boy:

    “Transiting Saturn conjunct, square, or opposition Natal Neptune
    You may feel at odds with your fears and phobias, having a difficult time understanding yourself and coming to terms with bad habits, anxieties, and addictions. There can be some self-criticism as you begin to see some of your escapist tendencies for what they are, or you could feel especially frustrated with your more irrational addictions and fears you’ve previously accepted as you now see them in a harsher light. You might often have the inexplicable feeling that something awful will happen – a feeling of doom. Old bad habits may resurface for resolve. There is likely to be some form of disillusionment happening now, with previously held beliefs, and possibly also with others who don’t seem very sympathetic or compassionate. Beliefs or methods that previously helped to soothe you may no longer satisfy. Positively, and especially with the conjunction, this can be a time for overcoming a fear or addiction, although there is likely to be initial impatience and a struggle involved.”

  4. Transitting Saturn is going to hit my natal Saturn (8) and Moon (12) (both in Sag, third house) soon…Sat in Scorpio ran me over, so I guess this will fold me into the box. I’ve been basically running in sand and feeling like fodder.

  5. Same here – Sadge moon in the 7th. And a bunch of people my age will have the moon-Neptune conjunction too. (Hello Neptune square transit.)

    Thing is, I have Saturn tightly opposite my moon already. I think that might make the planetary transit a little easier for me? But I’m definitely focused on my relationships and doing right by my partners and friends while doing right by myself. This is something that’s come up for me in the past couple months in a big way.

  6. I have Saturn transiting my 7th as well and it’s going to square my early Moon in Pisces in the 10th. The bit about maturing emotionally makes sense…it will be helpful to have a way to think about that transit in case it knocks me for a loop. Thanks!

  7. I love your response. I’m sag sun, libra moon, I fell in love with a cancer sun, sag moon guy last Spring – flew me to California three x for rock climbing adventures then dumped me . Ow I was totally in love with his grand gestures and professions of love. He has 4 kids – never married. I came to the conclusion that he was only a one inning kind of guy. Oh the sag moon can always claim my heart damnit but I’ve never met one who will come through for me. Is the sag moon committable?

    1. Evelyn – in answer to your question, my son has a Sag Moon and Leo Sun. He (Sun) has a deeply loyal (Leo), committed relationship with his Sag Sun wife. They speak the “same” language.

  8. My moon is 6 degree sag in third house. I have 5 planets in 3rd house.mars-29 scorpio,neptune-1degree sag,jup-2degree sag,moon 6 degree and venus 14 degree.saturn will conjunct all these planets. I m really worried.

  9. Hello! I am a sag rising, pisces sun and Gemini moon. The Uranus pluto square has been brutal, and now saturn square neptune?! Saturn in my 12th has been horribly depressing, confining, as was pluto in scorpio in my 1st. Am I to expect more of the same? With transit Saturn opposing my 7th house, should I worry about my marriage? I appreciate any advice! Many thanks.

  10. Thank you :). The grounding is taking a bit longer than I hoped. With regard to Saturn crossing the ascendant, if my ask. Is 15 degrees sag, then when is Saturn crossing my ascendant? When it hits 15? I am new to astrology. Thank you!

  11. Saturn transit to my 9th house Moon. *aha! a clue*
    I was forgetting this one (among other, more drama-feeling transits)

    Roots growing deeper. Frustration, and striving, in ordinary communications. Reminding myself that much of this is “small potatoes”. For me, now, I mean. 🙂

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