What Were You Taught To Value As A Child

libra scales balanceI was talking to my husband about the various things that people value. Most definitely wealth and status are big in this era.

I’d never thought about this before, but it was easy to sum up the values of  the main influencers in my childhood. My major Aquarian parents valued freedom and individuality, above all. Classic “make your own rules”. My mother in particular, loathed copycats; a breed who flock to Aquarians.

My grandfather was all about being high-minded.  He agonized over spending five dollars on a transistor radio, when he could give the five dollars to someone in need. He wore rags, all day, every day, so that he might be generous with others. He was into good health practices. He also thought you should never lie and always do your best.

If you mash this together, my family placed high value on being an individual with integrity. I think it’s important to mention, we didn’t have a tv (or a computer, lol).  I was not exposed to advertising, telling me what all I needed to be cool or beautiful or accepted. I have no words to express my gratitude for this “poverty”.

Saturn is transiting my 2nd house, by the way.  Reality check on my values.  Are they my values? 

I also have Venus square Neptune. I can easily slip into valuing what the person next to values,

Summing this up, in my case I am definitely a product of my early environment.  I share the values of the adults who raised me. I wonder most are similar.

I’m thinking, they probably are, though it may seem otherwise.  Let’s say you reject your family’s values but you go with what was preached in media instead.

Advertising encourages a person to want MORE.  To want, insatiably, really, and there are a lot of people who are like this.  Hey!  You can’t get a date if you have an Android phone!  If you factor out the ads, what human being would include a phone in their “values”?

Venus, Love and Money – What’s Your Currency?

 What do you value? How would you define, “wealth”? Where did your values come from?  Are they true to your character; shown in your chart?

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  1. Independent thought, self reliance, and will power. I have Sagittarius Moon/Ascendant and Sun/Mars in Capricorn trine 10th Pluto. Can you imagine if they had valued compliance and conformity. You could say I was pretty lucky to be born in that family!

  2. 2nd house values; i was taught that money was important, because i saw how my parents struggled, and they really are bad at money but my mother was a little better as she was scrimping, saving and had two jobs at a time, when she was younger. I also started having two jobs in my teens & twenties and going to school. 8th house i read is other people’s money/inheritance, but i believe it’s an exchange of energy, because i was giving out my money to others who were in need when i worked alot, and had alot of energy to do so for over a decade. No one gave me anything, i was even supporting my ex husbands. gave my paychecks away. My mother who has strong taurus in her, possessions, hoarding, i was taught that, and saw how important it was. And her struggle, to only feel so good when she can afford luxurious items as a reward. Also with my grand parents, i saw alot of love between them.

    Although with 8th house, i inherited the ugly stuff i saw in my parents and also chose bad men, until i worked out the 8th house in that part. there’s still lots of work, it never rests until death. I value money but at the same time i value giving it to those who are in need, because i noticed i feel anxiety and feel bad if i get those miserly feelings (saturn influence) and it’s icky so jupiter usually wins out. lol but saturn will keep me in line to keep hoarding so i can give it away to my family who need it the most right now. (the cycle continues) Also, i used to read up alot on philosphies that you can’t take money with you when you die, and that’s true. but while we are alive, we need money and resources, to satisfy our material needs. we live now in the material world and we need that to survive. Then in death, we are free of it. and we can give it away to our loved ones who need it after we’re gone.I want them to be happy, well fed and not suffer so much with material needs. those are even the basic hierarcy of needs /maslow hierarchy. and its super important. 2nd house pisces.

  3. It was my grandmother who instilled my values in me. She was the one who taught me empathy and what is essentially collectivism. What gives you the right to cut other people down and hurt them in pursuit of whatever it is that you want?

    Now this in tandem with my parents not allowing boundaries, at times not even for me to say the word “no,” I can’t guarantee that hasn’t caused or contributed to any problems in my life. But she was a double Scorpio with a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Leo, and she wouldn’t want me to get steamrolled. It’s been more rewarding to learn to flex my fuck-you muscles (which I did on Monday afternoon, by the way) when needed than to slowly come to the realization that I’m garbage after trampling innocent people while chasing my own endorphins.

    1. Happy for you. Also, I love how you think and express yourself.

      You’re a ray of light, I don’t flatter people. I hope you wind up with a wonderful life.

  4. I have an empty 2nd House, but Pisces is there, My Ma was Pisces. She was a kind woman. More than any quality, I appreciate being treated kindly, and seek to be kind. It was a quality so easily disregarded and I admit to disregarding kindness until I didn’t.

    After the corporate climb, it was and is kindness that heals all wounds and fills the holes where the 401k could not.

    1. What I love seeing is how caring as a value is being learned and lived through my 3 yo grandson. His moon is in Pisces 2nd house (I think?) and this is a prime time Covid born Sag sun, with three outer planets clustered in Capricorn.

      The joy in him, and the life his family in rural Maui create are a learn by doing homestead. The physical distance from them is my great sorrow. What we hope to teach him and his sister is the transcending quality of Pisces; Virtual visits that my grandson takes to his preschool show and tell story time. The other thing I learned from Ma and Dad was story telling.

  5. Jupiter retrograde in the second. I experience others’ valued wealth and material gain by service and support to them (serfdom). N.N in pisces in the sixth. I have never believed in securing a pension, house,or a regular vacation. I have acquired none of what my family defined as security to pursue independent thought and action and all the travails it brings. My peak example would be to sit in an old growth tree for 9 months. Now at 53, I suppose autonomy and freedom is in the deer-fenced garden we ( my partner and I) installed on the 8 acres we caretake. The garden soil’s health is the important legacy I hope to leave behind. I value traditional methods and skillsets pertaining to stewardship, living simple and close to nature- Pluto conjunct virgo asc square mars in 10th. My venus is in the 10th as well. I think both Mars and venus in the tenth bring diversity to career(s). I can operate a bulldozer and make a mattress topper. Gemini sun and mars value learning and living one day at a time, at this time.

  6. Love this subject and reading other’s posts on what they were taught. 😊
    I was taught to value kindness to those in need or less fortunate, love of art, music culture and tradition (ancestral and family) nature and being unprejudiced. Self reliance on the one hand due to a sort of hands off approach my parents had to my needs as a child, and co-dependence on the other due to their dynamics. My 2nd house is split in Placideus, Sag and Capricorn and it Houses my Venus (art, culture, tradition). My 4th House is Pisces (art, music, kindness). My dad was a Pisces. My mom a Scorpio with Gemini Rising. My dad specifically taught me by example sacrifice and and my mother the tuning in to life and its mystery and beauty. The worst they both taught me by example is dysfunction.

  7. Venus in Taurus in the 8th. I was taught that if you give food to someone else, make sure you make it like you’re making it for yourself. Don’t shortchange others. My mom was a Cancer sun.

    Also as a kid, that if someone touches me or hits me, hit them back. 😅 my dad is a Pisces.

  8. I was taught to value nature, good manners, learning, curiosity, security, creativity, frugality.
    My dad would capture a moth gently between his cupped rough hands to release it outdoors. My mom grabbed a broom and chased off a snake going after baby birds in a shrub.
    I was given books and art supplies, taught to read and to sew by hand, treated as an equal.
    I was aware that money was tight and clearly warned to never “buy on time” other than a mortgage.
    None of this prepared me for the grittiness of the “real world,” but I believe as foundation it has enabled me to stop and refresh my perspective.

  9. I love this post and reading everyone’s answers. Freedom in all aspects, approaching others with a kind heart…. I feel this came from my childhood. My parents were deeply sweet people with an edge of rebellion. I admired them.

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