Mercury Rules Hands: Mine Are Cut, Burned and Various Other Sundries

handI burned my hand today… again!  The red hand-truck story recounts my most famous burn but with the Mars Mercury signature so pronounced in my family, there’s no end to the Mars (cuts, burns, etc.) problems with the hands.  I talk a lot my fiery, aggressive, sexual mouth and mind but the hands take beating with this combination as well.  Besides the burns my hands are almost always banged up, cut, calloused, something.

I once stuck my finger in a blender. It was the same finger I burned this morning when I stuck  it into the outrageously hot sugar I was melting to make flan today.  I was distracted, talking to Annalisa on the phone while I cooked and the sugar looked to good, I stuck my finger in it on impulse. Big mistake!

I cut my finger in the blender years ago while making baby food for my daughter.  It was early in the morning and I was blindingly tired when I mindlessly stuck my finger into the whirring peas, checking for chunks, I guess.  I was very lucky. The tip of my finger we sliced (Mars)in thin ribbons by the whirring blades (Mars) and blood (Mars) flew around the room and I mean there were specks on the floor, the ceiling and the wall behind me.  In spite of this I still have that finger, and my entire hand after the hand-truck burn so there you go. Luck.

My father also had a Mars Mercury signature and I remember one time I had a knife (Mars) and I was stabbing (Mars) air holes into the metal (Mars) lid of a mayonnaise jar so I could catch an insect and keep him (or her) as a pet. My father told me he did something similar when he was a kid.  Holding the end of the knife, he stabbed in a downward motion and his hand slid down the sharp end of the knife, slicking it open.  Yuck, right?

Anyway, you get the idea.  During my first marriage my wedding ring had marquise cut diamond and pointy edges. I worked for Frito at the time (worked with my hands) and that ring was constantly pushed back into the skin on the top of my hand, cutting it obviously.  For three years I had a open cut on my right hand and numerous surgeries in the same time frame.

The surgeries were for ganglions that used to grow in my wrists and the top of my hands like weeds.  I haven’t had that problem for 25 years now, ever since some surgeon when in there and really dug back into my forearm to get at the root.

What do your hands look like?  Where is your Mercury and how is it aspected?

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  1. OUCH!!

    I have long slim fingers and palms. I have a long nail bed as well, so I keep my fingernails short. I have been complimented on how beautiful my hands are (I think that’s subjective, though I do like them).

    I have various scars, mostly work related. One on the back of my hand from a a burn from a hot bakery oven, one from a large knife I used to pick cauliflower in the fields, one from a bike pump when I was fixing a flat a flat tire.

    I have Mercury/Chiron in my 5th, opposing Uranus/MC and square Saturn.

    I do the not-thinking thing, too, sometimes. Yesterday I made a grilled cheese sandwich on the broiler of my gas stove and since I don’t have oven mitts (because I’m nuts?) I pulled out the rack with y bare hand. Dumb!

    BTW Lavender oil is a miracle worker for burns. M-I-R-A-C-L-E.

  2. My hands always have small cuts or bruises.
    Its happening so often that I usually dont even remember how I got them in the first place!
    I move them a lot especially when I am talking

    I have saggie mercury ..trine moon.. square mars

  3. Mars opp Mercury,and yes, my hands bear the brunt of everything. Ring finger on my left hand has been cut with pruning shears, a knife.I think I have more stitches in it than anywhere else in my body. I put the stem of a champagne glass through the hand below it. Also lost the wedding ring (should have been a clue…!). And yes, I talk with my hands.

  4. I have a lot of scars on my hands but they fade to light colored pretty fast & right now a huge burn on the back of my right index finger – from the fireplace.

    It’s weird – I can take hot stuff out of the oven without it burning my hands. I used to ascribe it to callouses from when I was a musician but I don’t have those anymore.

    I use oven mitts now, just to be careful.

  5. Ox and I both have Mars/Merc and we currently have our hands wrapped up right now due to injury. His left and my Together we have ONE functional pair. right now..

  6. I also dropped and broke my mom phone last night. I have an old back up phone which I am using now but went on ebay and replaced my phone for $24.99, new in the box, new sim card, everything – that is how low end my phone it.

    However, you can turn the volume up and I can hear really well so what the hell. It does everything I want – meaning I can talk on it. 🙂

  7. I burn my hands on a regular basis…I have more burn scars on my hands and forearms than you could imagine! It’s ridiculous. I don’t like to use knives or fire. I’ve even had nightmares about knives, and will not use a super sharp knife…because something bad will happen. I refuse to light the BBQ cause last time my hair almost caught on fire. I once put a spaghetti squash in the oven whole, but didn’t pierce it through enough, so when i pulled it out it exploded into my face! Second degree burns over the lower half of my face. Scar is still there. Yep….fire, heat, knives, explosions, and burns. I always thought it was my Uranus Mars inconjunct, plus mercury in aries as this often happens because I try to do things too quickly. I don’t have a mercury mars aspect. My mercury is in Aries conjunct the Sun, square the Moon.

    I had a client a while ago who has this same thing as me! Her husband won’t allow sharp knives in the kitchen cause they both know she’ll chop her hand off. Burns too. And she has Mars Uranus as well.

  8. Avatar

    My hands have always been really important in earning my living… I was a hair stylist for years, cleaned houses, made jewelry, was a sign language interpreter, and cooked and catered… So, I view my hands as very valuable tools. Funny thing is, not a speck of Gemini in my chart. I do have Virgo though…

  9. Mercury in 9th sextile Mars/Neptune, trine Pluto. My hands have been burnt, cut, scraped, slammed in doors. I blame Mars/Neptune for not paying attention to what I’m doing – thank God it’s a sextile, because I’d probably have hands way worse than just scarred otherwise!

  10. I have an exact Mars (Gemini) Mercury (Leo) sextile, it’s my tightest aspect, my words do cut when i am angry & i can swear like a sailor,but only when i´m provoked and i calm down real fast, my Saturn square Mars keeps it in check ;), sticking my finger (unintentionally ofcourse) in a blender or things that cut, blend is actually my worst fear, i am quite paranoied when it comes to appliances, i can just see myself losing a finger, my most noticable scars are burns i´ve had from a young age, both on the back of my hands – one from pressing on the oven, the other from an ironer :/, luckly i heal fast 😉

  11. I have farm girl hands, covered in scars burns cuts ect. and I earned them all lol also feel on the ice once and got them run over by a hockey skate ouch !!##33$$%$

  12. I am constantly fielding small burns and cuts. Just last week I bought a new mandolin to finely slice carrots and ended up with carrots with added value. I have a mercury/mars/saturn T square. This can be a real problem with my work as a scrub nurse(10th house Mars – blades etc!) because they take forever to heal with all that hibiscrub.

  13. My fingers are CONSTANTLY blistered. They look like an archaeological dig when I get out of the shower. They don’t callus at all and even knitting blisters me.

    Mercury in Aries. *shrug*

  14. LOL, I have that same fear of appliances. For me it’s the garbage disposal, if I absolutely must stick my hand in there I stare at the switch to make sure it doesn’t get pushed (even if I’m home alone). My hands are pretty funky, crooked fingers with plenty of scars. I love the look of manicures but it’s pretty much a why bother for me since they last for about 30 minutes. I broke my finger chewing habit years ago, but I’m very fidgety with them, particularly when under duress. I’ve had my fair share of hand burns, slices and sprains, but nothing tops the time I got them stuck on the back of the fridge when I was a kid for sheer stupidity (though the 2nd degree burn I had last week comes close) :P. 8th house Merc in Leo (conj. Jupiter, sextile Mars, square Moon). 

  15. Mercury in 8th house Virgo opposing N Node ( not really sure how to interpret this aspect ) My hands are almost always cold, dry, few scars, and are not very smooth. I work them very hard in the summer.

  16. I can’t judge the appearance of my hands – whether they are fat or thin or medium or what.. but no scars and pretty soft skin (I think). People do tell me that my hands are WARM.

    Lots of mercury here…. Virgo Rising, Gemini MC… Mercury Mars conjunct in Cancer… lots of sextiles and a couple trines. Mercury also square Jupiter….

    1. My husband has awesome hands though I imagine I am the only one who thinks so. ::smiles:: But really, his touch gives a wonderful feeling.

  17. I guess this has turned into a research project. Good. I love reserch. Mars/Merc. conjunct in 2nd; also conj. Jupiter.

    Burned my hand by putting it flat on an iron when I was just a little girl. Had to see for myself.

    Smashed my finger in the car when I was just a little girl, too. Just out of toddlerhood and into little girlhood. My older cousin told me Paul McCartney would show up to sing “i want to hold your hand” w/me and my big bandage. For me, this is one of the best memories.

    Broke up a cat fight-scar on the hand.

    Memorably cut my finger on an oyster shell and the blood spurt made my evil bro. in law faint. And ever since I had viral encephalitis in my 30’s my right hand has been rougher than the left and it bugs me. Also ganglion cysts on the wrist, but they went away spontaneously. Now the hot sugar burns, no. Just on the legs. The motorcycle burn, too. On the legs.

  18. ouch.. your description of the knife slicking down your fathers hand makes me wince. how do my hands look?

    OLD. veins sticking out, knobbly knuckles, and gnarled fingers. I have mercury conjunct saturn though so makes total sense. and on my right hand middle finger i have a callous that was formed way back when I was like 5. It formed literally a month or two into the first grade when I learned to write. Bothered me so much, I’d hide my hand as much as possible. Still there now, only it doesn’t bother me.

  19. I never thought about this before! I have Mercury in the 6th house and it’s trine Pluto, and I do a lot of hands-on healing. Especially for animals! Never realized that before… that’s cool. Thanks for making me think about this, Elsa!

  20. “Burned my hand by putting it flat on an iron when I was just a little girl. Had to see for myself.” LOL, Mena, that’s exactly how I ended up with my fingers stuck the fridge … was curious about what would happen.

  21. haha I don’t know.. i’ll have to think about my hands to answer this. haven’t paid it much thought. Merc in scorp in 1st trining jupiter in pisces and trining saturn in cancer. they move when I emote I’m sure. 😛

  22. my jupiter’s in gemini.
    ever since jupiter went into aries i’ve been cutting and burning my hands like crazy. sliced off the tip of my finger a month ago, cutting carrots.

  23. Mercury Taurus opposing Moon&Uranus, Square Saturn, Quincunx Neptune (just discovered that neptune thing), no cuts no accidents, no scars. l have long fingers and nice formed nails. My mom said that she didn’t like her hands and she hoped l woudn’t get her hands and l didn’t. she was obsessed with my hands and fingers and would always tell me how much she likes them. l take good care of them, my nails are mostly short sometimes half long. l like nailpolish all sorts of weird colors and l like to wear big extravagant rings(silver/ white metal or combined metals). l have a thing for hands myself a little obsession of my own..

  24. i just found another reason for all my burns.
    The Fixed Star MARKAB at 23 Pisces 38!

    Influence: According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars & Mercury. It gives honour,
    riches, fortune, danger from fevers, cuts, blows, stabs & fire & a violent death.

    I’ve got it right on my Mars!! There we have it!

  25. I noticed in most of my photos I am always doing something weird with my hands–they are always prominently placed compare to the other people in the photos—I have Virgo rising with Mercury in Cancer in the 11th.

  26. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Mercury in Cancer in the 5th with lots of good aspects. The hands are well looked after even during physical work and very expressive when I talk. This leads to me knocking over wine glasses and generally taking up a lot of space. I did cut the tip of one finger off while working in a restaurant while Mars retrograde transited Mercury three times. A good student surgeon sewed it up very well with no nerve damage.

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