How Does The Square Aspect Manifest?

The first step to faring well with Saturn squaring Uranus is to understand how the aspect works.  Two minutes to simplify this!

Do you have a square in your chart? Can you see how the clashing energy encourages people to try to push things onto others?

9 thoughts on “How Does The Square Aspect Manifest?”

  1. This will be relevant for me. Husband has moon at 23° Aquarius and my moon is 21° Taurus. Its a major deal to have our moons square each other. The kicker? His Saturn is conjunct my moon 20° Taurus. We have dealt with this Saturn square energy since the day we met. Now add Uranus??!! Major opportunities last year when this square between Saturn and Uranus happened for us to level up. Difficult to say the least. We definitely pressure each other to show up and do the right thing. Not always fun, but we are progressive as hell. We are now in our 50s and starting to reap the rewards of sticking it out and building a solid life together. Gotta love Saturn!

  2. I have Saturn transiting the 5th and Uranus in the 8th. I work at a daycare and I love my coworkers (friends in real life too) who are exceptionally hardworking and just have so much integrity.

    But I hate how management treats the workers there. It’s a disservice to the staff, parents, and ultimately the children. I want to stay (with my coworkers/friends) but I want to leave (workplace).

    I sometimes just want to call families up personally and let them know “this place does not have your child’s best interest in mind. They’re just trying to keep spots filled and get money.”

    1. Perfect example!

      You are rebelling against authority… while being the authority by contacting the parents. 🙂

      In other words, you are comfortable with Saturn/5th working with kids and also going behind someone’s back which is actually an innovative 8th house way to have some control over the boss.

      This is isn’t criticism. It’s meant to throw a light on this.

      1. Thanks so much Elsa. 👍

        It’s the only thing we can do. The Neptuney full moon in sag also applies because management has been told of the problems going on and that in some case, we’re not equipped to handle certain cases.

        Medical professional have said “this center can not provide for this child. I told management that.”

        We don’t know what management tells the parents, but sometimes it has been blantant lies. At least the ones we know about.

          1. I think there may be a caveat where it says we can’t refuse care to children with disabilities or possible disabilities. Its so that we can be “inclusive” but I feel like the reverse happens.

            That the damage done to these children (we serve infant to age 5) so early in their developmental years because they don’t receive the help they need sooner is too high a price.

            From my vantage point and from veterans working for childcare, it’s seems as though people would rather ignore than help. Just so they wouldn’t possibly offend a parent or some other reason they say.

            I’ve been wanting to quit for this reason, but also feel like if I leave, not many of my replacements would “tell” parents the truth.

            “Your child would benefit much more than what can be offered here.”

            I had a parent contact me a couple months ago that I used to teach years ago, saying they remembered how nice I was. I told them the above. I was so shocked by the message. The child was gifted and I thought he would be held back staying at our center.

            He’s blossoming and doing well.
            Trying to do the (Saturn) right thing as best I can.

  3. Iam so trying to see how this square I’ve been gifted manifests.saturn 26° libra and Neptune 22° 1st house square Uranus 22°cancer10th house, I also have Chiron in Capricorn 15° 4th house, squaring my Aires moon 19°.a Tsquare for sure. A tad short of a grand cross between Chiron and Uranus opposition. Although that i can understand, having lost my loving father to a sudden accident when I was just 11yrs old. I’m really trying to understand the square aspect. I really appreciate the in depth of this,as I too have my fill and when Neptune is in the mix,I do look for stability and conformation and yes! commonalities .thx guys ttyl

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