What’s Hidden In The 12th House?

junkThis morning, my back felt pretty comfortable. I had not taken any pain medication… still haven’t, yet. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a great result from my surgery.

I look very different with my posture corrected. I realize, some months from now, the crooked walking will be left behind me.

This is like when I was a heavy smoker – no one thought would ever quit. I didn’t think I could ever quit! But I did quit and at this point, no would dream I ever smoked. POOF!

This think this is a good story for planets leaving the 12th house. I tell clients, that like Las Vegas, what happens in the 12th house, stays in the 12th house.  You don’t have to drag your garbage into your future.

I do see the 12th house as garbage in some ways. I may take this from Vedic astrology where the 12th is a “dusthana” house. To understand, let’s say you were locked up in a mental ward (12th house) at some point in your life? Or in drug rehab? Do you really want to discus this, ten years after the fact? Maybe but maybe not!

Just imagine I meet someone new and try to explain, I was once twisted around, with a huge discrepancy in my leg lengths, for years! Looking at me, standing up straight it would be odd. There may be points in time where telling of this might benefit someone. But in large part, my previously hidden burdens are dissolving. Why not them disappear? It seems this is what they would like to do.

The 12th house is where you give it to God.  If God takes care of it, then there you go.

Astrology – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct my ascendant, headed for my first house.

What do you know about 12th house hidden garbage?

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  1. The Cap stellium is also in my 12H and it’s trining my 8H Virgo Mercury. I had been doing a lot of research into and purging of my mental processes. R.I.P.

  2. I went into the right kind of therapy, took responsibility for my anxiety (doing the work now), getting a possible psychological diagnosis for my personality, and it has indeed already helped me in my handling of the traumas, the anxiety and PTSD symptoms.
    I have taken responsibility, I am doing the work and I hope it will lead to some kind of freedom from my prison-like state (been home on sick leave since June).

    Saturn will leave my 12th along with Jupiter and travel along with him from 2021, crossing the Ascendant.

    It feels like I have let go of so much weight, mostly on a meta physical level. I have rid myself from toxic relationships, moved on into a better home, having a tea with my inner demons that has been with me for all my youth and adulthood.

    Before finishing his journey,Saturn as well as Pluto and Jupiter will square my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra, 8th house. I foresee more skeletons being let out in my relationships. Saturn squaring himself and Pluto has been a growing need for responsibility, and a need for doing “the right thing” in a fair way without crossing my own boundaries.
    Which is bloody difficult from the 12th house….

  3. Yes. Like you my transition is coming or even arrived but not done yet. I’m in it. It’s a weird mix of hope and awe and falling back into fear and hideousness.

  4. I have a nice, tight T-square going with T Saturn conj my N Jupiter in 6H, opp my N sun (12H), and T Mars exactly squaring N Sun. Quiet so far but I keep waiting for the shoe to drop.

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    the laughing goat

    There’s so much garbage that I feel like a hoarder! But I just keep shoveling my way out…

    Elsa, did you happen to do before and after pictures of you standing/your posture? Would be interesting to see.

    1. No, I didn’t even think of that. I really did not expect this to be corrected to this degree. The surgeon made no such promise.

      This surgery was not for correction of my curve, it was primarily to get my spine off the nerves where it was resting… but as it turned out, he said it was bone on bone… very severe.

      Hearing him out, I asked if he would address my leg discrepancy. He said he was not sure how this would come out. “I’m going to do whatever I can to help you, but I’m not sure about that.”

      So I went in with very low expectations. I mean, I thought he would do what he said; get me out of excruciating nerve pain, which was epic. But I did not expect to have my posture restored… at all.

      Logically, I did not think it would be made worse… he was putting a vertebrae that had slid, like cheese off a cracker. But I wasn’t even sure of that.

      I know more than one person whose spines are “inoperable”. In my condition, you take what you can get, so that’s how I viewed this. I was astonished and I mean, FLOORED, when I stood up and my feet were essentially, even.


      “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
      Those are the exact words that ran through my head when I stood up. And that’s when I announced that my spine was fixed.

      I will say, the second surgery, which I intended to write about but probably won’t now because there’s been enough said, left my legs very slightly worse off. This is in the bolting down process. But it’s still remarkable and noticeable…

      I’ve been restored to my real height and simply put, look like a Capricorn rising, ie, I have very good posture which gives me a certain comportment. It’s noticeable. I developed a deformity… which has been corrected. I really can’t wait to see the new film and talk to my surgeon; that will be later this month.

      By the way, I woke up this morning and got out of bed with virtually, no pain. I can’t tell you how many years it’s been…

      The astrology is freakish, isn’t it?

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        the laughing goat

        It really is freakish.

        To have suffered all those years and then wake up and stand up straight with little to no pain – just like that!

        I am truly happy for you, what a blessing.

        Would love to be a fly on the wall at your next appointment with the surgeon… 🙂

      2. That’s awesome!! B-) Like people praying for rain in a severe drought. Has GOT to feel ecstatic when the rain finally does pours down and you realize you’re not going to starve. Man, you must’ve been dancing when your pain was gone. That’s so cool 🙂

  6. Well, I know that I was doing certain things that one day I had to ask myself, why am I doing this, it serves no function in my life. I was locked in the prison of some sort of of, I can’t even say belief, just some kind of norm of how things are “supposed to be.” Neptune is on the natal 12th house cusp at the end of libra so scorpio occupies most of that house. So yeah, there were (are?) guilt issues and with Neptune on the cusp, yeah I am one of those people who can relate to all those jokes about Catholic guilt as that’s where I was trained in my early years.

    The only specific I can think of, is my recent admission that I get to feeling guilty about not being productive enough. It comes to light as I move on in years and don’t have the energy to do do do as much anymore. After all, you gotta work hard to get to heaven, right? 😀 What a silly goose I’ve been! Imprisoned by old programs that were never really mine. Sigh

    1. Flashback. Guilt. In 3rd grade, it was time to do communion as part of Catholicism. It meant taking the host at the mass. In order to do that we had to cleanse and confess our sins to the priest. I did the simple confession, you know disobeyed my parents, lied, swore. None of which were allowed at catholic school or in my home. But I had to say something. Make up sins. For his first confession in 3rd grade, one of my siblings told the priest he murdered someone and stole a car. He always did have a flair for the dramatic. Of course, my parents were called in. So much for confidentiality. I got a crazy 12th house I think.

  7. One thing that is flaring up is crackly self righteous anger. I don’t think I’ll make the best of my 12th house transits or take advantage of it. Is it possible to fail a transit? Maybe. I move so slowly and progress so slowly in life like an overgrown child that many people have given up on me. The changes are slow. Saturn is also transiting my 12th house. The baby steps are infantile and keep getting erased.

  8. Jupiter and Saturn entering the 12th across from my Leo Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunction. I hope it’s not my health because that is one thing I have always taken for granted being very health concious. My daily routine might be in for a shakeup wit the Covid19 crisis though.I will keep a close eye on my pet friends.

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    Brigitte Lowther

    The 12th House is so much more than-and in my opinion not at all like-a garbage dump of hidden shit… Yet, it can be a “hiding place”, but even so, the things that are hidden there are very clear and obvious to other people, and of course, these things are known by the individual themselves, whether they are explicitly hiding them or not, or whether they believe others to be deluded and they themselves are not. And so,
    it is an extremely personal and important house, especially to the individual, for what lies in the Twelfth is what some call one’s “Achille’s Heel” or one’s self-undoing or one’s own suffering in the end… Awareness thereof is key then, it does seem in my opinion, for the preservation of a person’s very soul… Take great care of whatever is signified there in your Twelfth House, by zodiac sign in particular, and less importantly but just as well, take a good look at the planets in your chart that are in the 12th, etc. etc. This House is the culmination and the ending of “something”-perhaps this is much more meaningful for ourselves than we know-and so, as such, it may also rightly lead us on to another, new, and future beginning!

  10. I have part of fortune conjunct Neptune in The 12th house. I think it bubbles up through many aspects to the sun, mercury, mars, venus, and pluto. I feel like it’s positive but I could be neptoooon deluded I guess!

    1. Neptune is at home in the 12th house.

      This post was written by me, a person who has chronicled her 12th house up transit on this blog for more than 12 years. Search the site and be amazed.

      Add Saturn to the mix, I can assure there is some deep shit in the 12th house.

      It’s like the shadow side of the Catholic church. It’s real and I’m a Catholic!!

      But I admit this is only my perception! And one of the hallmarks of my personality, and in turn, this entire site, is that no one has to agree with me.

      My point us we’re talking about Apple’s and oranges. Find me a late degree Capricorn rising, standing roughly where I am. I betcha they can tell you all about the sewer they’ve been dragged through over the last decade. 🙂

      1. When Pluto conjuncted her sun, the day it went retrograde on her sun, a car swerved into her lane and busted both her legs. One above the knee, one below the knee. On the day Pluto went direct, she got out of the rehab place. They wanted to wheelchair her, but she said she might as well be dead then as she likes to stay active. That was some years ago but she still takes pain meds when she needs to so she can keep doing her thing. She calls it managing her pain.

        The only other Cap I can think of, well her step father killed himself in his late 90s leaving her 85 year old mother, with dimentia, alone. Had to find a care home for her mom and sell the house. She got that semi settled just in time for her husband to go in for back surgery. I really don’t know how that one does it. But since the things were happening to others she was responsible for and not her, I doubt that she is cap on the angles?

        Oh there is another one with 29 Sag rising. Oh boy that one is a story. I don’t know that she is done with it yet. Her life, well hell would be putting it lightly. I hope what you are saying about that 12th house thing is true in that it will pass. If anyone deserves a break, she does. OMG!!!

  11. Glad your surgery went so well.

    Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are all transiting my 12th house. Its been a long of period of surrender and trust. The most difficult part of the transit was when the planets entered the 12th house. It was a dark period of fear and despair. At this stage I’m surrendered.

    1. You don’t have to surrender anything! I personally refuse to believe this is truly a necessity under any circumstance… What I do think is a better idea, especially if we are talking about Pisces and Neptune, is to simply GO WITH THE FLOW. Love to everyone here—and remember: we may not all be in the same boat(s) but we are all in the same sea! xoxo

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