Allll Right! The Sun Is In Pisces And Here Comes A Fish Tale…

This stuff happened in 2001 into 2002.

I told this story in 2006 but I am going to tell it again because the Sun is in Pisces, because its a good one, there are a lot of new readers here and because it takes on new meaning when you catch the update in 2009.

In 2001, I was doing consultations the same way I do now and this gal contacted me because some gal had screwed her husband. She was a Pisces with a Leo rising born in the late 60’s with the Pluto Uranus conjunction in Virgo. I worked with her over the course of a few weeks and it went really well.

Imagine my surprise when 6 months later, another Pisces with a Leo rising and the Pluto Uranus conjunction emailed me because some gal had screwed her husband because get this:

I quickly discovered that the gal doing the screwing was the same gal in both cases! That’s right. The same gal screwed both of these women’s husbands and not only did they not know each other, they lived in different states!

Not only that, their husbands had the same name and now they had contacted the same astrologer… who lived in a 3rd state.

Now what are the odds of this, hmm?

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6 thoughts on “Allll Right! The Sun Is In Pisces And Here Comes A Fish Tale…”

  1. Surprised. But not as surprised as I might have been had this past year not provoked these kinds of synchronicities in my own life.

  2. That is insane. I cannot fathom how that could happen. I suppose that everything is energy and she must have been radiating that particular signal very powerfully to have manifested that situation twice. Does that mean she didn’t learn from the first situation so it had to come back I wonder?

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