What’s Wrong With Venus In Virgo?

A man sent me this:

But here’s the thing – and I’ve wanted to say this forever: I’ve seen you talk about this Saturn/Venus thing for a long long time, and it’s true. Saturn is a killer. Venus can be crushed (or bolstered!) by Saturn… we’ve seen both things happen.

But Venus in Virgo is worse! than some of these things. I mean, sure – Saturn Square Venus is pretty rough, but I think I would take Venus in Capricorn (or maybe even Saturn in Libra!?) over Venus in frikkin’ VIRGO!!!! AGH!!!!


“…I have seen a few people with Venus in Virgo in my day, and boy. It is not pretty. It is never pretty… It is always a major fucking problem!! ? ¡¡bwahahaha!! ???”

This is pretty funny. I promised to write about Venus in Virgo but I want to point this out about this individual. He has Venus in Virgo tightly conjunct Mars, squaring his Moon in Gemini among other things, like Jupiter in Sagittarius. That pretty much explains this email.

Taken alone, Venus is in detriment in Virgo. The best way to understand this is to consider Venus’ exaltation in the opposite sign, Pisces. Venus in Pisces represents boundless love. It’s signifies transcendent love or what some would call agape which is love originating from God.

Now compare that to Venus in Virgo which is picky. That’s all you really need to know to understand the challenge with this placement.  Because Virgo wants to be “perfect” and perfect love, loves that which is not perfect!

Do you have Venus in Virgo? Tell us about it.

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  1. too much criticizing, that’s what my father in law had, he was a virgo with libra moon and virgo venus, with scorpio mars. I thought he had scorpio venus but i re-did his chart correctly and got the correct time & year, He is actually virgo venus. he married a Gemini (2nd wife) with taurus placements, and a pisces moon. He likes pisces moons because thats what my mother in law (his first wife)has. she has alot of aquarius though, so maybe the squares were too much but both what they had in common is that they are both very intelligent women. Virgo likes super smart. my sister the Aries married a libra man with virgo venus and right now they are going through a divorce sadly. the COVID months did them in, and divorce is rampant during this horrible corona virus trial. My Aries sister has a Pisces venus, Pisces mars, Taurus moon. She has also pisces mercury. so loads of water. She is the breadwinner and works in a big corporate world. I think thats why the libra with virgo venus fell for her, and everyone thought he got lucky. Maybe too much criticizing for her because she complained that he verbally abuses her and he drinks alot. He has virgo mercury. What she loved about him was his huge support and a big loving family, but even that didnt help. I hope things will go well after this year, and COVID will go away.

    1. of course he fell for her because she is loving and beautiful young lady but virgo (earth) likes money, resources and good quality people and super smarts. lol so I had to put that above her other good qualities. I just know how earth works xD

      1. What a devastating combination. ? Virgo sun/mars in scorpio. I am Gemini and I don’t know exactly why I like these placements in a guy, throw in libra/leo too. But I know someone with my placements who married a guy with this combo (venus virgo included) and I am thinking, maybe not, hell no, never… (say never). ?

  2. One of my last amours had venus in Virgo. Very intelectual.if venis is type of love, virgo maybe is more mental than physical, i.e. venus in scorpio, venus in aries.

  3. I have Venus in retrograde in Virgo 11th house
    Venus conjunct sun
    Venus square Jupiter
    Venus sextile Saturn
    Venus square Uranus
    Venus sextile MC
    Venus square Chiron
    Moon & Lilith in Aquarius
    Chart almost complete lack of water
    I’m most likely cursed

    All I have ever wanted was to be in love. I have only ever been treated bad and known heartbreak. I have never been in love. I’ve always been positive and hopeful regarding love but now that I’m older I’m starting to think it will never happen. What’s the point of living if there’s no love? I dunno.

  4. I have Venus in Virgo conjunct Juno 5th house. I recently learned, this is her house of joy. Currently experiencing my Venus return, and my progressed chart is thick with Virgo energy.
    I have cultivated a level of discernment in matters of love and pleasure. I am an artist and this placement lends itself to a particular kind of care in the editing process. This placement feels almost like another Vesta. Devotion and ritual are a daily practice. Venus being in mutable earth may seem particular about how things should be done, maybe because we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water by mistake. There is a high level of commitment to getting it right. The gift here is accepting that you will most likely get it wrong many times, learning, and discerning as you go. Can you tell that I love my Venus placement?

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