Saturn Square Pluto – Amputations Left And Right!

Saturn will drop into Libra in the next few days intensifying the energy of the square to Pluto. Most of you know I don’t see this negative. To me it’s energy and all energy is neutral until it’s directed.

Following that train of thought, the fact that it is a lot of energy is bounty to someone like me. You could compare this to a surfer with a board and a big wave coming in. Cowabunga!

It is possible to take energy in (even very negative energy) and transform it into something fantastic. People do this all the time and we all see this happen on a daily basis. It may be a beautiful love song that was born from the pain of a failed relationship years prior or it may be a man who is called a “Fat Pig” who then proceeds to lose 100 pounds and spend the rest of his life helping others do same.

I feel raw energy can be transformed an applied a fuel virtually anything but it is particularly easy to make steel from steel and the energy created by Saturn squaring Pluto is very drastic. Call it, Reality (Saturn) No More (Pluto) and I think this presents a fantastic opportunity.

My thought is that everyone out there has something they could stand to amputate be it a person in their life or a pattern in their relationship(s), a bad habit they have or whatever. All of us have something or do something we know we’d be better off losing so what we have here is a big chance to be done like dinner with the thing or things.

I am going to take advantage of this big time and would add that people who don’t use energy like this / the people who try to deny it wind up buried by the wave of course.

What will you amputate when Saturn squares Pluto?

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31 thoughts on “Saturn Square Pluto – Amputations Left And Right!”

  1. -A person (slowly and cordially)

    -Emotional patterns that sabatoge my happiness

    -I’m a yo-yo gym rat. I’d like to amputate that title for “regular” gym rat. lol

    Other than that, I think I’m doing well.

    That picture is cracking me up.

  2. Yes, as happy as I am, I think I might finally be ready to say “go to the store and come back with a fucking ring.” As a wise woman once said.

  3. I have amputated a man.
    I am amputating a great deal of avoirdupois. This will take well over a year. My goal is to be finished and maintaining by the time Saturn leaves my first house.
    I am amputating a horrible phobia — one that has crippled my life for 9 years. This, above all else, is what needs to go. Working in the dirty grave is not a metaphor.

    This is a huge transit for me. I feel grim and resolved, like I’m about to fight the Persians… but it’s good.

  4. On second thought, getting a grip on my emotional patterns is PRIORITY on that list. I’ve been working really hard at it as of late and feel like I’m making progress as far as not letting my emotions run my life. I’m learning to step outside of myself when I start (emo) falling, instead of being totally encompassed by it.

    I’m very grateful to have learned here on this blog when to reign in the power of transits, or else I would have been totally lost and clueless…letting this time go to waste. Thank you!

  5. One biggie:

    -Procrastination. It is the very essence of what stands between me and whatever kind of personal progress I seek.

    Otherwise, I have recently amputated a man. I have only to amputate whatever residual emotional attachment I have left and replace it with new, positive habits that will come about after I slay my procrastination!!!

    Good luck with all the operations, ladies 😉

  6. I’m amputating the remnants of my youth and dragons of my childhood. There really was a lot of hell back there; and no amount of re-looking at it will change it. It’s part of me.I’m covered from toenail to earlobe with sh** and with the energy of this transit, like Shell said I pray, no ‘letting this time go to waste.”

    From out of the ashes, no less.

    I am an old woman with a life to get on with, and damn I have just got to get those (life) recipes down. Just in time for Halloween ++evil laugther++

  7. Being a Capricorn Rising myself, I was really heartened to see your previous description of the impact these Saturn transits have on you.

    I’ve seen amputation on both sides, but its mutually beneficial.

    Yesterday, someone amputated an old way of relating with me, but in that process, that severing gave me a chance to drop an old emotional pattern I engage in. It wasn’t painful — it was actually really freeing. Consider that your actions may be a lesson for other people too!

    As for me, amputating
    (a) an old relationship that doesn’t serve either parties (a different relaitonship)
    (b) amputating a mindset of fear
    (c) amputating my dependence on a day job for fulfillment!

  8. I am amputating surroundings that are too bland to match my inner intensity. Going to nursing school to fix that.

    Also amputating fear of vulnerability that stands in the way of my caring nature.

  9. Just amputated ex-BF who did not want me anymore but who kept texting and emailing me to taunt me, such as “today I went fishing on the ocean it was fantastic” (with his new GF). I told him to go where the sun don’t shine. I was surprised at the rage and vehemence with which I did it. It surprised me. It was hard to do, since I kept hanging on and he very clearly had rejected me YEARS ago. Felt goooooooood!! There’s no going bacj, either. That BARN door is SHUT!

  10. So I was just taking pictures at the big Diego Rivera mural in Mexico City and I would like to offer this lovely lady as our patron saint of amputation:

    1. This isn’t the link Saghorse15 tried to post. It’s a BBC article portraying a bit about the work and lives of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. With pictures. 🙂

  11. Way to go Moni! Fuckers want to just keep taking to feed their egos. They chose their bed.. go fucking sleep in it! /rant

    I am still working on mine but I think it has to do with recognizing my value even when others don’t. I’m a story teller and empath and it’s so much a part of me that fuck it if they don’t like me lol. I’m still going to do it. It’s where I belong.. in the land of make-believe. And keep with yoga – desperately need it – and remember not to make any decisions on an empty stomach. Saturn in cancer – throws me off every time. I’m sure I’ll think of more. Wouldn’t mind getting married but to who I have no idea. Also want my own home so I can have a kitchen. Right now i’m with the folks and getting thrown off since mom rules her kitchen. Not the same as roommates. For all of this I need more paid work. Saturn in libra will be transiting my 12th house libra planets and squaring my saturn. Hoping I crap out a diamond. 🙂

  12. Dunno anymore. After the horror show that was Saturn in my 1st… what could be worse? I dont’ want to know; i don’t want to ask; after all, there’s always something more to lose. Sounds like a country song i need to write tonight.

  13. Ah, yes…from karma to dharma…time to amputate!!

    I have amputated an ex…

    I have amputated something related to my father…which sort of came as a surprise…

    I am amputating a lot of restrictive thoughtpatterns..

    And yes, getting a grip on emotionality..That has been a biggie since saturn squared my moon three times and then itself another three times…

    I like it…It feels like truly growing up…

    So bring it on!

  14. My own selfishness. I have been self-serving to the point of self-destruction, and I have compromised my integrity in the process. No more. I am going to be a person I can be proud of instead of one I have to make excuses for.

  15. currently visiting my sister…trapped in her basement as she has a horrid visitor over. i started coming up the stairs and heard this loud bellowing voice complaining about how someone else was “being a bitch”

    my sister (Libra ASC) told me earlier this is going to be the last time this person is welcome in her home as the amputation is imminent. i feel like going upstairs for a snack but will have to wait.

    needing to let go of some attachments and depressive thought patterns that are holding me down/back. easier said than done

  16. I would like to amputate my Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron-square-Neptune/conjunct Ascendant transit confusion, but I guess that will have to wait until next year. I don’t trust myself to make ANY major decisions right now. Being that all of those planets are on my Ascendant right now, probably everyone but me can see what’s going on, but they’re not telling me one way or another. Or maybe they are telling me, obliquely, and I’m just not seeing it.

  17. I am amputating my lazy ass…and self sabotaging inner fear fairy!! ripping them off…cutting them to pieces.. no grief!!
    I amputated my trich disorder 4 months ago , and have to mention it because I am so proud…no relapses..yay me!!I becomming a proffetional limb remover and will sucseed with this to…will be careful not to cut off all humbleness..

    Good luck to everyone!!

  18. haha Midara – I guess I’m going the opposite way -nice is out.

    I’m amputating my ‘nice’ and replacing it with my Mars. Getting rid of passivity and trading it in for Assertiveness. Learning how to take what’s mine without fear or apology. I’ve discovered there is a SELF underneath all that other-imposed crap and that I have a right to honor its needs and be proud of it.

  19. I’m cutting out broken records and other peoples bullcrap.

    It’s interesting how right now I realize I am being utilized for my role as a “surgeon” I have Pluto-Saturn conj on my Scorp MC and was hired to a new job on the day the Sun hit my MC this year.

    The woman who owns the place is a Neptunian type who has let other people run amok in her business…she is afraid of confrontation and structure…organization. One of her interview questions was could I confront people not working, because she “doesn’t know what to do”.

    You better believe I know what to do as a Manager! However, my challenge is to use a skilled and not heavy hand to create an environment that doesn’t stifle her creative and comforting business ownership…yet integrate structure to make it more effective.

    I feel like Christina Yang in front of a triple coronary patient right now! Ha ha.

  20. Is that a Christmas wish list?

    Seriously, I would love to loose quite a bit of stuff that is heavy duty. The pressure is ON and it’s running deep. Steady rumblings from beneath my roots as Pluto was sitting on my Moon and next will sit on my IC.

    Good luck indeed to all of you!

  21. I have amputated so much in the past 14 months there isn’t much left. I do still have some depressive thought patterns I’d like to remove forever, and I work on that a bit each day. Where I got the mindset I am completely unworthy of the good things that come my way I’ll never know, but it’s gonna get out of my life. I have no room for it!

  22. my collection of things i’ve clung to out of my insecurity
    my fear of being a strong woman (emphasis on the woman part. not afraid of strength. i’m not comfortable being a “girl”)

    clinging on to old dreams built on unstable foundations.
    (make new ones or let them go…)

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