What’s Wrong With Venus In Virgo?

A man sent me this:

But here’s the thing – and I’ve wanted to say this forever: I’ve seen you talk about this Saturn/Venus thing for a long long time, and it’s true. Saturn is a killer. Venus can be crushed (or bolstered!) by Saturn… we’ve seen both things happen.

But Venus in Virgo is worse! than some of these things. I mean, sure – Saturn Square Venus is pretty rough, but I think I would take Venus in Capricorn (or maybe even Saturn in Libra!?) over Venus in frikkin’ VIRGO!!!! AGH!!!!


“…I have seen a few people with Venus in Virgo in my day, and boy. It is not pretty. It is never pretty… It is always a major fucking problem!! ? ¡¡bwahahaha!! ???”

This is pretty funny. I promised to write about Venus in Virgo but I want to point this out about this individual. He has Venus in Virgo tightly conjunct Mars, squaring his Moon in Gemini among other things, like Jupiter in Sagittarius. That pretty much explains this email.

Taken alone, Venus is in detriment in Virgo. The best way to understand this is to consider Venus’ exaltation in the opposite sign, Pisces. Venus in Pisces represents boundless love. It’s signifies transcendent love or what some would call agape which is love originating from God.

Now compare that to Venus in Virgo which is picky. That’s all you really need to know to understand the challenge with this placement.  Because Virgo wants to be “perfect” and perfect love, loves that which is not perfect!

Do you have Venus in Virgo? Tell us about it.

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  1. I know someone who does and it’s sad. He really can’t see beyond his one ordered world and who fits in it wins his ordered love. He’s super Virgo too. Pissy is the word I think of with those who don’t measure up.

    1. I love someone so deeply and he is a Venus Virgo ,sun Virgo and mercury Virgo
      Whilst I am Pisces Venus and mercury .
      I don’t even know why I love him it is stronger than me . I wish I didn’t but I can’t control my feelings – I have moon in Virgo which keeps me from acting out insanely – he seems to like me a lot too but I have to push for it he won’t make any moves or invite me for anything – all comes from me . And trust me – this is killing me . Today I am supposed to go and see him ( he is a dj and he is playing somewhere and 5 days ago when he was here he told me to come ) but since then never said anything or got in touch . It is so awkward . I feel so sad ? I just want to disappear actually .i don’t even know how to deal with a Venus Virgo man – if anyone can give me tips . Is it normal that I have to actually do the moves ?

  2. I have Progressed Venus in Virgo. Not a fan (Venus in Leo native). But instead, I am taking the beauty part of Venus and the way I have applied it in Virgo is that Venus is Virgo gives me a keen eye for beautiful details.

  3. It can make someone helpful too. But ya, sometimes i wish i could just chill out. Venus in virgo in the ninth. Luckily it has some good aspects, sextile moon/merc and trine ascendant, so i dont think im totally incapable of true love.

  4. I have Venus in Virgo in the 8th house. I make A LOT of money as an analyst. ?

    I too have a keen eye for beautiful details.

    I am the organizer of my relationships. I had a drag queen tell me once that I was the project manager of my friend group lol…she wasn’t wrong and she knew all too well because that’s the role she played for her friend group as well.

    I can also plan a social event like it’s my soul’s purpose. I actually made a career out of that in the earlier part of my life. My home has to be orderly, clean, and beautiful, or my mental and emotional well-being starts to suffer.

    I show the people I love how much I love them by being of service to them – I am a helper to those I love. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to not become a martyr by setting clear boundaries. I will help you with anything you ask of me, but never take that for granted or make me feel like there is no reciprocity.

    Can I be nit picky? Absolutely! But I feel like this is just one of those situations where you have to be self-aware enough to recognize when you’re being triggered and exert control over your own self. I also have Capricorn rising and Saturn in Leo in the 7th house. I have to work very hard to not sacrifice so much if myself to my relationships that it becomes burdensome. Again, this was a hard lesson learned in real life unfortunately.

  5. Yes it’s a tough position because Virgo over thinks and over analyzes and it kills the romance. Virgo is too smart to fall for happily ever after, also we easily see through veneer, right into your mind. We have a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of attitude so it’s hard for us to fall madly in love quick. I have this placement too, I don’t think it makes it impossible for me to love. A little guarded, shy, slower to open up and trust but certainly not impossible. I use my discernment, I have to take my time and warm up to someone, figure them out a little. But once I love, its deep. Im not good with cheesy romantic gestures but I am highly attentive. I become super attuned to my lover. Love is not just feelings or words to me, it’s action and behaviour and its loyalty.

    Virgo is low in self confidence though, it’s a sign of humility so it’s hard to feel good about oneself and confident with this placement. That’s really the sad and most difficult part of this placement if you ask me.

    I enjoy other people with Venus in Virgo usually. Especially with a well aspected one it can be really beautiful. There is an attentiveness there that I have only ever seen with a Venus in Cancer.

    1. I find venus in virgo people warm, maybe attracted to partners with a mind,intelectual,librarian types.
      This weekend I have venus return, full moon sat.AM,
      Solar Retrun Sat. Night and Lunar Return 12 hours later.
      Should be an interesting birthday weekend.

  6. I have Venus in Pieces and feel such love for humanity, animals, plants. This makes me “too nice” at times as I empathize with others rather than myself; their issues are more important than my own.

  7. anonymoushermit

    I believe that Virgo-anything is hard. Virgo energy is meant to work, criticize, analyze, and organize. It must be sometimes annoying dealing with details all the time. Virgos were built to work and serve, it’s a hard energy sometimes for anybody.

    1. Having four Virgo placements including Sun, I agree with you. I often wish I had been born as another sign. The flipping mental issues are so annoying. Of course, with my Gemini Moon and Aquarius Rising it just adds to the aggravation. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury. So, everything I say and do gets pulled apart later and analyzed over and over again. My mind is like a whirling top with light beams shooting out from it in all directions. With thoughts about why did I say this or that? Etc over and over. Virgos are critical with everyone and that includes themselves. It is not an easy sign to be from fears of inadequacies to criticizing everything.

      Even trying to stop being a certain way fails because it is so ingrained in the psyche it is just like breathing for a Virgo. We will gladly help, but complain at the same time that you should never have gotten into the mess. So we Virgos are mostly neurotic.

  8. I have Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn. Venus in Virgo is fine with me!! If her Venus is conjunct my natal Pluto, all the better.

    Love is planting a garden, together.
    Hands and knees with Earth on the brow.


  9. What would you say, then, about someone with Lilith in Virgo? If (good girl) Venus in Virgo is difficult enough, then would (bad girl) Lilith in Virgo be even worse? How might it play out?

      1. LOLOL! I have Lilith in Virgo and well I worked at McDonald’s and well, I would know certain people ordered the same food and I would have it ready for them as they got to the cashier.

  10. Daughter has venus in virgo in her 10th house. She is a model, scouted at a concert. Stunning blonde, with icy green eyes, 5’11”, I think 10th house venus has landed her a work opportunity in a very “beauty picky” industry.Not to mention her sun, mars, mercury conjunct in 9th house of travel. We shall see, she is only 15 now, they start traveling for development at 16.

  11. Venus in Virgo: workaholic and extreme servent; perfectionist of self;the enemy of the good is better; observe the flaws and patterns in life;science. Hermione Granger. Bene Gesserit Order.

  12. I am a Libra, Taurus Ascendant, Venus in Virgo. My relationships are very pretty, on the outside, but I’m ambivalent if I have enough energy to change it. LOL

  13. A man close to me has Venus in Virgo – also, it’s retrograde ? it’s pretty bad.

    I would say that his love has a very heavy, Saturnian vibe, and he’s not ashamed about his virgoan pickyness. He demands a lot from his partner and his moon in Capricorn (!) is very methodical and dry when it comes to feelings, so that sure doesn’t help…

    But: the moon and Venus are in a close trine, and he has both his sun and his Venus in the 7th house. He’s incredibly driven to cooperate and bond, and he gives his everything to his relationships because he takes them very seriously. Sometimes in his life – so I have been told – he’s wanted that love and closeness so much that he’s just jumped into a relationship with someone he had fallen deeply in love with, and only later realized that things were everything but perfect. But he still keeps his heart open. I’m a Venus in Leo/Pisces desc, super dramatic and prone to melodrama and romantic daydreaming, and I have no idea how he does it.

    Also a man with moon trine Venus, even in Capricorn and Virgo, still produces a sensitive, receptive person, looking to nurture and love! Venus in Virgo makes him romantically shy and picky, sure, but everything else softens it up. Even the fickleness you hear about Venus in mutable signs is tempered by his need to commit in thought and action, and his general love for love itself. So I guess my point is that old, boring one… that in astrology, context is everything 🙂

  14. I dated a guy who had Venus in Virgo. We were cruising along falling in love then all of a sudden – he was done. I jokingly called this getting Venus in virgoed. I kept trying to Fathom what I had done. Since I dated him I’ve watched a stream of lovely intelligent women get dumped one after the next.

  15. Virgo is a mutable sign and it likes to help – be of service. While perfection is a key Virgo term, can other more ‘positive’ terms associated with Virgo be referenced in the Venus in Virgo description? Astrology often mentions that Virgo is not simply nit picky and perfectionist. Virgo is of the soil, the earth, harvests, giving, purity of intention and discipline. How would Venus be expressed through this paradigm? Finding a partner who is pure of heart?

    1. I can second pure of heart! I love that. Venus in Virgo is not shallow, at least mine isnt. The heart and mind of someone is what makes me fall for them.

  16. Progressed Venus in Virgo was challenging. Progressed Venus is Libra now is much easier. It’s like getting a break after years of nobody giving me a break. I still don’t quite trust it as sometimes I find myself waiting for the axe to fall. It’s just the way it was, harder. I did build up a lot of endurance. Found my strength. I have a lot of respect for native Virgo Venuses after going thru that.

  17. Enjoying this! Mum and several family members have this; so does a former boss. I see the pickiness and criticism. Nothing is ever good enough, as it is. With Mum that was hard when I was growing up. I never measured up, though I earned good grades. A confidence killer.

    Still trying to find less hurtful manifestations of Venus in Virgo in my circle. Thanks to those who have chimed in on this thread. It helps.

  18. Yes I do and it is conjunct Mars along with south node in my 10th house. Retired from that life of work after 46 yrs. Married to a Pieces with venus in Pieces sun and moon. My Virgo stuff sits on his accendent. Works for me!

  19. I have a friend with Venus in Virgo that’s part of a Virgo Stellium in the 12th house. She is a wonderful nurse, but terribly picky when it comes to men. She has a long list of attributes her perfect man should have and if he does one little thing wrong, he’s out.

    She’s still looking for a man. She was married once – to another Virgo. It didn’t work out in the end. He was as much a perfectionist as she was.

  20. Y’all think Venus in Virgo is hard?? Try having that square Neptune.

    The one thing I can say positively about my Venus is that I have a knack (most of the time) for choosing thoughtful gifts. This takes observation and listening to a person because people tend to drop hints.

  21. I don’t have it but I know quite a lot of people who do. All I can say is that Venus in Virgo along with Venus in the 6th house are very challenging placements… only Venus in Scorpio and Venus in the 8th house are more difficult Venus placements in my opinion.

  22. I have a Virgo stellium that includes Venus in Virgo.

    I do like being of service/useful & grew up (as a kid) waitressing, pulling weeds and selling produce.

    Princess & the pea caliber picky though 🙁 and one of the hardest things about becoming disabled – not useful anymore.

    I think it was good I married a Mars in Virgo & we could go on dates to the office supply store LOL.

    1. That is so funny, I have a lot of Virgo and I’ve said many times a “dream date” would include a trip down the pen aisle at Office Max. Give me a bouquet of .05 fine tip Pilot V5 Precise rolling ball pens and I’ll be yours forever!

  23. This is definitely my husband! Also very guarded, but when he loves, it is deep! Not super romantic but would do anything for me. He is super super attractive but does not know it. He is very critical of himself. He expects our relationship to be perfect and we should never argue. I tell him everyone argues, it’s just how you do it.. In our wedding vows he said ‘he promises me perfect love and perfect trust’ He will analyzes anything and everything you say, and get very defensive if he thinks you are criticizing him, even when you aren’t.

  24. “I have Venus in Virgo… would rather not discuss… but I echo IT SUCKS.”

    Yes, it sucks. I have it conjunct Mars which is conjunct the South Node. One of the problems is that you end up wanting to, and actually serving people, and they take advantage of you. That, in addition to the fact that Venus in Virgo causes pickiness about things.

    Recently I realized that I have trouble with a lot of females with heavy Virgo. Mother, daughter, various friends. I have found that Virgo is a very stubborn energy. They have everything figured out and they are right. This is mostly the Sun and Moon in Virgo which my mother and daughter had/have.

    Of course, Venus in Virgo can make someone a know-it-all too! If we’re awakened and into personal growth, we work on that. I’ve experienced peeps who aren’t awakened and definitely don’t want to work on it. 😉

  25. Venus in Virgo 12th House. Everything ideally neat, organized, packaged, labelled. Strategic thinking. Working very hard to make everything a success. If everybody around me is happy, then I am happy (which made me a mind-reader since an early age) . Highly attuned to invisible etheric currents. Craving early childhood years’ purity, innocence, vision, and mannerisms. Deeply disturbed by any form of harshness. Preferring solitude and deep academic research to any kind of social interaction. The act of cleaning (self or surroundings) almost turns into a magical ritual.

  26. I knew a guy with Sun, Venus and Mars in Virgo. I can’t tell if he played me for a fool or I was just rejected by him because he decided I wasn’t ideal or perfect. He has a girlfriend who is a personal trainer, with a fairly perfect body but also she has Mars in Gemini and was has a degree in Architecture, so pretty brainy. They fought or fight a lot he said, and it took him a long time to admit he was in love with her. Personally, I think they deserve eachother. Pretty sure he played me because he was bored and it just went too far. He broke my heart but as he tells it, I broke my own heart. No responsibility in his actions. My ex SO is a Virgo and very stuck on perfect beauty but his Moon is in Pisces and his Venus is in Scorpio so he is pretty fantasy oriented. My Venus is in Capricorn conj. Saturn. I am faithful beyond reason.

    1. interesting. it’s like, they want perfection, but there is none, and if they feel they arent good enough, those they reject,aren’t good enough either. it’s kind of a strange projection.
      sounds like he got his ideal,the perfect body and a degree. the fighting alot sounds like he wanted a mirror of himself.

  27. Sometimes it manifests as us, not being able to measure up. For a woman especially we can feel that we have to earn love through service.

    1. Yes—for me it was this inner dialogue of “If I cut my hair this way, wear these clothes and makeup, lose x amount of weight, do this or that, I’ll be good enough and then someone will notice all the work i’ve put in and i’ll be lovable!’ I have learned that this simply isn’t true. My venus virgo is retrograde and i am so hard on myself. But I also expect the person I have my eye on to put in as much self-work as I do. That’s the unreal expectation.

      1. You sound like you’re onto yourself. The truth is, everyone is flawed and we all want to be forgiven our faults, loved, and maybe even relax about it!

  28. See my comment on Elsa’s blog. Plus this character the phone pranker. For near forty years. Is a brazen cross dresser!

  29. I’ve learned to love my Venus in Virgo. I show love through being of service, karma yoga. And, as a yoga teacher, it aids in seeing alignment and misalignment, whether in a yoga pose or in life. I do like a clean environment, for sure, and I notice EVERYTHING! Hard not to adjust crooked pictures in other’s homes! A psychic once told me Venus in Virgo makes the best lovers; very loyal, and they want to serve their beloved!

  30. HaHa that’s funny DebbieB. I have Mars conjunct the Venus in Virgo, I know all about adjusting crooked pictures and picking lint up off the carpet, etc. etc.

    1. Thanks, Starcrest. My Venus is in a wide conjunction (8*) with Pluto, square my Moon & Mars in Gemini, and square Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces. So in the middle of a mutable T-Square! Let’s just say it’s “active.” 🙂

  31. That is a big one, Libranoir. Earning love through service. And that’s sometimes a slippery slope. (family, elderly parents, etc. etc. etc.)

  32. I do that with My Moon in Virgo. But ironically, my ex SO, was a Virgo Sun and really into Service so we’d get in each others way or he’d rebel and say I didn’t appreciate his service and how much he did for me to make my life easy, but I would never know because he made it look so easy.

  33. Avatar
    Rita-Eileen Glynn Smith

    This posting made me laugh out loud. Thank you! I have Venus in Virgo. I also have a stellium in 7th house and Sagg Rising conjuncting Mars. I didn’t get married until my mid-40’s. Yes, some did think of me as picky … persnickety … always “arms length” but the truth was I didn’t want to “settle for less than”. For me it was never a question of getting a guy – for me the big question was meeting “the right guy”. I never connected with another person as I have with my husband who – btw – is a double Virgo. We both agree it was divinely orchestrated that we meet. He was CA born raised and lived and I was NYS born, raised and lived. We met purely by accident during a trip I didn’t intend to make for a conference I didn’t plan on attending.

  34. Hi! I was born with Venus in Virgo 11 degrees. I have been very self critical in my younger years and can see how it kept my Leo Sun and Aries moon trine Uranus and Mercury down a bit… now it is just balancing between discerning too much or not enough about anything. I have NN in Libra…learning a lot on that! But seriously, it is a bit silly to take one planet in isolation like that! I choose to use the teachings of my Virgo Venus Goddess self now in the love of bringing my heart and soul into the physical in as skill full a way for useful purposes. Venus in Virgo is a beautiful thing Virgo is great with patterns of all kinds and the tapestry of life! So ceremony and natural timings are valued! I am an astrologer and make jewelry and art out of scrap copper and materials…and I always have 1800 other things going on. Venus in Virgo helps me know what is most important to focus on most of the time! Admittedly…I get overwhelmed with too may details…but actually I am great with it…it just makes me nut! I have a lot of Pisces friends and always have…I guess it helps to balance me out. AND I have and do still go to heights of what astrologers would attribute to Piscean Bliss on a fairly regular basis without drugs or anything. Meditation and tuning into the mystical in nature and love is how it occurs I guess! I do HAVE TO HAVE my sacred space!! I feel that is a Venus in Virgo thing! My message for Venus in Virgo people is to allow yourself to see the excellence in the imperfection…and find what is most sacred to you…your sacred work…and dedicate yourself to it..It could be anything…you don’t have to be a Nun or something, I am most certainly not! And if you really tune in to natural cycles and rhythms it helps immensely for the Virgo energy and in valuing and seeing all types of beauty in places you would least expect it in small everyday places…like the jewel of an ice cycle I got a picture of yesterday…the ladybug giving me a message on a certain book..etc. Look for what is good and true and beautiful and timely…Virgo can hone in on anything if it wants to. You are learning to do Venus and Virgo in it’s highest octave…..it is not doing us unless we are letting it and now aware! We are learning from her if we listen to the subtle small voice of this powerful and seemingly modest Goddess !!

  35. Yes, come to think of it, I have never met a Venus in Virgo who loved deeply in any romantic sense. This is mildly annoying about venus in virgo. Agape love is *everything*

    1. *in my view. But I have Venus/Neptune.

      I wonder how someone with Venus in Virgo in aspect to Neptune loves….?

      1. I have it in hard aspect to Neptune. I see this as either showing live through sacrificial service (with blinders on, think RESCUE) or an imaginary lover that no flesh-and-blood man could really measure up to. Neither one of these qualified as romantic love, Hollywood style.

        1. Interesting. I think any planet connected to Neptune is softer and more spiritual in general, seems so contrary when the planet is in Virgo, but I would think it would deepen the intelligence somehow…virgo is a super intelligent sign. It might make intelligence in regards to love more holistic in nature. Difficult to put into words but anyway…

  36. “…I have never met a Venus in Virgo who loved deeply in any romantic sense.”

    Interesting comment. I agree. After a lifetime of loving the wrong men, I can’t and don’t fall in love anymore. Love IS about Agape first and foremost. I am at the point many years later that I could actually/possibly/probably fall in love again.

    Being spiritually oriented, God comes first with me (however one wishes to define God). We can do both, some people swing back and forth, some choose one or the other (either God or human). I’d like to do both, but God has won out in recent years. Working on one’s self in order to heal and grow and be able to love in a healthy way (which includes RECEIVING love, which is often difficult for Venus in Virgo types.

    1. Romantic love and agape love are intertwined for me, I have Neptune in the 5th house. For me, romantic love is a spiritual experience.

      I’m not sure how to explain what I mean about Venus in Virgo. I have Venus in Aries, I’m sure it’s annoying to some….I tend to put my own desires first.

      1. Its not that I dont consider others, I do, but I have to come first, by nature. It’s just how I naturally am in romantic relationships. If I don’t get my way, and get what I want and how I want it, I’m an asshole, in other words.

  37. Here’s something that maybe my fellow Venus in Virgo peeps can identify with:

    We don’t touch drugs, don’t get drunk in public, and don’t ever let our hair down in a crowd setting. Virgo likes to keep their brains healthy and their bodies free of poison. They don’t like to look stupid, ever. And no sex without a saddle, so if you’re not into condoms, keep walking. Some Venus in Virgos don’t do sex before marriage, period. Purity and all that.

    1. Some of that now, yes. Although ive drank and did drugs in the past. I didnt just dabble either. Now, im completely sober, and it feels way more natural.

      As far as the condom thing, tmi right now, im not into any kind of birth control. In my view, it actually taints the purity of it and takes the divinity out of it. Without the potential consequence of pregnancy/Life, its reduced to simple carnality. Just my personal feelings.

    2. I concur! My food has to be healthy, alcohol and drugs minimum or none! Exactly, sex cannot just be carried out with anyone, it has gotta be pure.

  38. Nope..not me …I have Venus in Virgo…lots of sex before marriage! Lot’s of partying involving drugs and drinking and in public when I was younger. Now I still have an occasional cocktail with friends in public…dance like a crazy woman all night long and have fun when I can. At 58 almost 59 ,I am a lot more particular how I spend my time, about who I hang out with, and what I put in my body that is for sure! Not sure I would get married without having sex first, or even if I ever want to get married again. I am not sexual and haven’t been for quite some time, but that could change…not concerned about it. As long as I have good friends and all sorts of love! Had incredible mind blowing and out of this world full body spiritual sexual experiences in my life! I do keep my brain healthy…always learning something and onto new ventures and adventures! I know quite a bit about herbology and make my own medicine. I take natural herbs good for the body systems and the brain and I also am initiated and practice Plant Spirit Medicine…which deals with healing on the spiritual level ( where pretty much all imbalances begin). Anyway….maybe my Venus in Virgo works different in my chart! She may have helped save my life a few times! And sometimes when I was not as conscious, she kept me feeling like I was supposed to suffer or earn my love, or not good enough….it was all turned inward toward myself…and of course then was reflected outwardly. Those days are pretty much gone! And it is all in the bigger context of my whole chart…just like everybody. That is what I feel is so great about astrology…it can show us the best way to use these energies…these teachers. My Venus 11 degrees Virgo is only really aspected to my Jupiter by a quintile and to my part of fortune point by a byquintile…which are nice insightful advantageous aspects. But for some reason I didn’t use that energy for a time! You would have to see my chart…or anyone’s…to glean the whole story I think!! And of course we all have free will to focus on what we want to. Perhaps that is the greatest message of the Virgo energy…like hone in on the problem…but them focus all the energy at that point on the solution. Like focus on how Venus in Virgo has kept you in a certain way.. ..or learn from it and own it, and then focus on how she helps you discern to be the web weaver of your life! She had definitely pointed out the flaws and big mistakes….and so as I embrace her more fully, she helps me know how to forgive myself and others and honor the time I have left now on the planet in this life…showing me details and making sure things are in some kind of order that makes sense for my whole self! Just ask her…she will help you see some of the incredible things about yourself to value…and what you may really want to focus on!

    1. I totally agree with you, this Venus in Virgo energy manifests differently in different people and I actually love it. I have Venus in Virgo with Sun in Libra.

  39. I have this placement and see nothing wrong with it. It has led me to living my life with the desire for wholeness from within, which is what Virgo signifies. Wholeness emotionally, physically and spiritually. And I could be one of the most rebellious people you’ll meet and it is because I find wholeness and purity from that. Uranus is my most elevated planet and forms a trine to Venus. Picky about partners? Perhaps, but mainly because I do not have an intense need for committed relationships[I love my independence],so if I am having one, it makes sense for it to be someone suitable. I generally get fulfilled enough with family, friends and acquiantances. People also tend to see me as a sexual person, like first impressions(nothing to do with dressing). I do not think you need to experience sexuality with another person in order for you to own it. This could be due to Lilith conjunct Ascendant and Mars in Scorpio. So i disagree that this is a bad placement, it goes against what is generally accepted by people but if you are deeply and spiritually in touch with your venus in virgo, it is the most fulfilling thing to be honest, like in my case, I wouldn’t wish for a different Venus placement. I also have a very high self-esteem. I am a true romantic(lots of Libra placements). In terms of helping people, I wish to be a humanitarian.

  40. Venus in Virgo is awesome. I can switch my emotions on and off , when neccessary and I will not definitely behave like deluded person like Venus in Pisces who falls in love every five minute and then gets cheated on or cheats and then cries because their heart is broken. And then they fall in love again, and the story repeats itself. Say yes to order. Say yes to your skills in creating art and beautiful things and enjoy bein by yourself. If you do so, others will enjoy you as well. Embrace your Virgo Venus and stop complaining about it. Because no matter how introverted and “helpful” you are when it comes to love you can be the biggest bitch of them all, and there is nothing wrong with that ?

  41. 12th house Venus in Virgo here — also with a 12th house Saturn in Libra (IS THAT ALSO BAD OMG?!). It’s a train wreck. But pickiness isn’t my biggest problem, though that’s definitely there. It’s unworthiness. Think about it — if you want everyone else to be “just so,” imagine the standards you hold YOURSELF to! Also, no one’s ever understood when I like them. Apparently nobody got the memo that “I’ll make you soup when you’re sick” is code for “takes off my clothes, you fool!” I’m married now — with some issues (thanks, natal chart) — but spent most of my 20s completely single and sad. But really clean 😛

  42. So weird! I knew a male with all these exact placements. Venus in Virgo, conjunct Mars.. squaring Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Sag. Sun was in Scorpio conjunct Pluto and Saturn. A real “ray of sunshine”. Total soul sucker. Had to get away.

  43. I have 5 planets in Virgo including a Sun, Venus and Uranus cluster loosely conjunct with my Leo Ascendant. Thank God for THAT at least – Mercury and Pluto are also in Virgo.

    I used to be much more anal about things. Now in my mid-50s, I’ve let much of that go. I’m horribly disorganized, not terribly tidy. I still notice everybody’s shortcomings, including my own, but I am far less likely to get worked into a lather over them. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I am still task-oriented, good with details, have a keen, analytical mind and excel at managing projects at work, but not particularly good with managing my own. I can be a dreadful procrastinator, but I’m always willing and able to be of service to others. Can one outgrow one’s natal wet blanket? I feel in some ways I have, and that is a task I consider worthy of accomplishment.

    I really like what strawb posted: “Yes it’s a tough position because Virgo over thinks and over analyzes and it kills the romance. Virgo is too smart to fall for happily ever after, also we easily see through veneer, right into your mind. We have a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of attitude so it’s hard for us to fall madly in love quick. I have this placement too, I don’t think it makes it impossible for me to love. A little guarded, shy, slower to open up and trust but certainly not impossible. I use my discernment, I have to take my time and warm up to someone, figure them out a little. But once I love, its deep. Im not good with cheesy romantic gestures but I am highly attentive. I become super attuned to my lover. Love is not just feelings or words to me, it’s action and behaviour and its loyalty.

    Virgo is low in self confidence though, it’s a sign of humility so it’s hard to feel good about oneself and confident with this placement. That’s really the sad and most difficult part of this placement if you ask me.”

    I’m happy to say I have and I do love deeply. And also that I’ve been able to grow in self-confidence without losing humility. Accepting and feeling good about oneself is the first step to accepting others without harsh judgement.

    1. Awnnn that’s such a cute answer . I can feel how you feel tho I am the exact opposite I have a huge pisces stellium with a virgo moon and north node . I am attracted to Virgo energy the last person I dated had virgo ( sun , mercury , Venus , Saturn and north node ) whereas I have Pisces mercury and Venus … the attraction is there but we cant communicate with words ahahaha… I just had to swim away as for me I need words, texts, bare minimum displays of affection that he wasn’t willing to give because ( now I realise finally ) he is just not like that . But I have him in high regards in my memory .

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