What If Venus Is Badly Aspected?

Hi Elsa!

You write about ‘frustrated mars’ quite frequently. How bad is a jacked up Venus, compared to that, in a chart?

Thanks from India

Good question, India. While a poorly aspected Venus can cause a lot of problems, I do see Mars in a different class. This is because Mars is a malefic planet.  Venus is a benefic.

To be succinct, a hard aspect to Mars can get you killed. A hard aspect to Venus might get you scarred.

Do you have Venus badly aspected in your chart?  Tell us about it!

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41 thoughts on “What If Venus Is Badly Aspected?”

  1. Yes, I have both. Saturn and Mars conjunct squaring my natal Pisces Venus in the 7th house. My experience with relationships has been very little and quite pitiful. I wanted someone to love and love me my whole life but just can’t seem to get there, I tend to repulse people, I think. It’s like being in a glass box, watching everyone else live life as it’s supposed to be lived (cultivating friendships, romantic relationships, familial bonds) and I’m out there with them technically but always stuck in that glass box, unable to connect truly or really belong. Sometimes I get lonely, but less and less as the years go on. Realizing that other people mostly offer disappointment and rejection or indifference. At the end of the day, I am with Myself and Myself only and I’ve come to prefer that anyway.

  2. Well my Venus is also my taurus sun ruler.

    Venus is in Aries, in 8th house. Conjunct Jupiter, an other benefic planet.
    Trine Saturn and square Neptune. Sextile Mc.
    And, Inconjunct Pluto in 3rd house.

    I think my venus being in 8th and aspecting scorpio pluto, is not feeling well. I get quite obsessive when infatuated with a love interest.

    I can quickly get infatuated (note that I don’t say “fall in love” , bc its not real love!) But aries venus is supposed to fall out of it easily when nothing comes out of it. Well for me, I can’t let it go! I get obsessed. I don’t wanna bore you all with discussing all the aspects of my venus though so. Thats that, I’m not a typical aries venus.

    Being conjunct Jupiter, I looove giving gifts to a person I warmed up to and see as a friend or just bc its a kind and nice person. Now my parants are from a medeterranian country and religious. Giving and being generous is in our blood and religioun and culture so happily jupiter is there to support it. I recieve enormous joy out of giving!

    Luckily I’m not overly indulgent in food which venus-jupiter may suggest. I mean, I love eating, and chocolate! But I’m also saturnian and have moon-saturn aspect, plus virgo asc so I’m very health oriented and can control myself.

    Venus square neptune, in my opinion, its a double edged sword. I mean, it makes me super super compassionat and giving, but while jupiter is about “material” giving, neptune for me is more about investing your empathy, emotions and your “soul” into people by helping them, showing them kindness, giving them conciderate things etc.

    This aspect is great. BUT it makes me very sad and disappointed in people if I do not get the sam or near the same kind of commitment. I may get sad and also mad, and say “I will never do this or that nice thing I did for that person ever again!”. But I can’t help myself, I will do it all over again. Its who I am!

    What is your take on this Elsa and dear readers?

    1. Hey melinn… I have Venus in aspect to Jupiter (in the 2nd in Pisces) too and I’m a bit low on cash right now and it’s annoying… I don’t want to nurture stinginess in myself but I get annoyed when I can’t or notice myself not giving people money like I want to. I don’t want to be a mooch…

      I think about the expression courage isn’t the absence of fear but proceeding in the face of it… Or whatever.. don’t remember exactly. I’m worried I prefer to be mindlessly generous and in the moment can’t make the choice to be nice. I believe it’s always important to be generous poor or rich..cause its a good deed that can be done easily. Nah mean?

      What do you think… Is it an effort or easy or important to be generous when poor?

  3. Thanks for your question. I am unfortunate to have Venus conjunct Pluto in my natal chart, in Scorpio. It’s very frustrating. I feel everyone else can connect with each other, but I cannot. I think I too am in the glass box. The issue with me, is either they are so distant, the people who are “normal” and I need/want to be friends with (to have a decent time at a school/work) or the wolves in sheep clothing weird/violent people are attached to me, to the point where I have to get the court involved to keep them away, and figure out why they don’t have any friends at all. I am working on boundaries, but I honestly cannot understand at all why I can’t have some normal friends in my life. I am getting afraid of people, unfortunately.

  4. Hm.
    Mars In a square to the Moon, and Venus opposition Chiron which is slap quincunx to the Pluto-Saturn conjunction og ‘82 ….

    Og ny temper doesn’t do it my addiction to pain in relationships (Saturn and then Pluto in Libra) will end up doing it…. ruin it that is. Deep down I fear being abandoned and that plays out in my relationships. Either I have found men whom I wasn’t able to give myself to and to trust fully, or I fell in infatuation with men who didn’t want me.

    The more I look at my horoscope the more I realize “This horoscope is the equivalent of bone deep pain in relationships” – I have 3 signs covering my 7th house, and yet all my intimate relationships have failed, also probably due to the Moon in my 8th, but locked up with Cap mars. Mars could be so stable and efficient here, but he is on the cusp of the 12th.

    Elsa…. which report do you think would be beneficial to me with these aspects?! Is it “Finding love with Saturn” or is it “Saturn in through the 12th” ??! I should probably purchase each one of them LOL! ?

  5. I worry for my son. He has Venus square Pluto, oppose Jupiter and Mars oppose Pluto and to top it off a 5 planet stellium in his Capricorn first house.
    He was always the brilliant, off-center kid growing up, very few friends and he longed to belong. He married a beautiful woman of another culture six months ago. Life seemed lovely for them but her mother, visiting the USA had a stroke a month ago and has been in a vegetative state since. My son is in Boston, where they live and he works while his wife remains at her mother’s bedside in California.
    The situation is dire in so many ways.

  6. I worry this a lot. Mars conjunct Algol in the first, second house cusp square Mercury, Venus in the fifth, exact. In 2025 Uranus hits Mars. Classic murder aspect. I fear a lover will kill me or someone for money will.

  7. Venus square Saturn in my chart ruined my life. My sister and mom psychologically and verbally abused me so badly I was messed up in relationships for life. I was terrified of being trapped like I was at home, so I couldn’t form strong relationships. I never had any true friends until now at 45 years. Sex was the only connection I had with people. Since I never formed trusting bonds or any strong, supportive relationships, my body was on fight or flight for decades. I lost my job 5 years ago due to adrenal fatigue, which led to inability to walk when too tired or stressed. (Saturn rules my 6th house of health.) Now I’m too old to have children and my career is ruined, not to mention my reputation. Still constantly sick and miserable and unable to work.

  8. I have 0 degree aries mars opposite venus both squaring my 29 degree saggi saturn conjunct uranus.
    I may be a bit scarred by the violent and near death situations of my childhood.

    1. Almost forgot to add, I also have the venus-neptune square that helps me almost gloss over the scarring (scary 🙂 ) parts of my life, to keep on going on even when things don’t seem any better.

    1. Probably. If it’s a trine or sextile aspect, probably not. But we are still talking, Venus, which is a benefic planet. That’s the point I’m trying to make here. 🙂

    2. I would think that the energies of Pluto and Venus dont mix well. Probably the sextile and the trine are easier to work with.

      1. Yes I can attest to that! Venus just wants easy breezy love. Pluto is everything venus is not. My venus is feeling “I can’t deal with this shit anymore!” about her pluto contact and being in 8th house haha

  9. Yes, Saturn in Taurus opposite my Venus in Scorpio. It puts a big damper on my ability to be friendly and warm. Well, Scorpio isn’t such a friendly sign in the first place, but Saturn does temper the supposed sex goddess that Venus in Scorp is said to be. Lol.

  10. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Leo Venus conjunct Mars and Uranus in the 6th house all semi-square my Gem Sun. Well dating and relationships have been everything from pure delight to extremely strange. The longest was 5 years engaged. Never married and no kids. I spend erratically and my values have changed a lot over 60 years! I value my freedom and individuality a little too much I guess.

  11. Venus conjunct South Node, Venus trine Pluto….Every woman I have deeply loved has been present in previous lives, one of them has been in many lives.

  12. Let’s see. Venus and Mars both in Aquarius in 2nd (in an intercepted house) but not close enough to be conjunct (5° and 17°). Mars is Opposed Uranus in Leo and they make a T-Square to Neptune in Scorp. Venus is wide of opposition to uranus (7° and 17°), but square Moon in Taurus in 5th (14°, which is also wide of opposition to Neptune 4° Scorp but sorta maybe square Uranus in Leo). So the Venus/Moon square almost sorta completes a Grand Fixed Square but is also its own thing. And Venus is conjunct Chrion (21° Aquarius). Sun is early Aries, and I have Saturn Rising making a set of septiles between Neptune and Venus. So it’s weird — Venus and Mars are sorta conjunct in Aquarius and tied into Grand Square with Moon / Neptune and Mars-Venus / Uranus oppositions. So, one thing I can say is difficulty with women. My mother was early feminist and I was Middle Child with older brothers and younger sisters. I took on mission (Nep T Sq; Aries Sun) of becoming what she needed me to be (Aquarius). I have a strong inner feminine self, but am neither trans nor gay — from early on I was sort of dazzled by women / beauty (Moon oppose Neptune). I’ve had relationships with extraordinary independent women (almost always with Aquarius and Leo emphasis) who haven’t been able to respond to my Taurus Moon. So I attract Venus in Aquarius — the women are often wounded / I am wounded about being seen (Venus-Chiron) and allow them to be Uranian (am Taurus Moon, Uranus is in 8th). Venus – Moon squares sort of suck — desire is disordered in some way. I’ve been way ahead of track viz feminism but found women don’t know what they want either. So am bhakti-style poet (who writes to make sense of loss of love / experience of abandonment)./In any case — long story, but hard venus aspects are about belonging and being taken in as well as what you take in. Lots of models have venus-saturn contact which is sort of having to deal with the *limits* of “only” fitting others’ / societies ideas of beauty and not being really received for being yourself. I know with my venus wounds I want to be seen / included / to belong more than anything, but it also almost always scalds and hurts.

  13. I have Venus opposite Uranus, and they both form a Boomerang Yod with Neptune and Pluto. Venus is the apex, Uranus is the boomerang. On top of that Venus and Uranus are part of the t-square, with my lovely stellium Mars, Moon, NN, Jupiter! My poor Venus has only one weapon -it is in Taurus, and it received a supportive trine from Saturn.
    With age comes exeperience and everything went into place. I love my Venus and try to nurture its need more than ever!

  14. Hey melinn… I have Venus in aspect to Jupiter (in the 2nd in Pisces) too and I’m a bit low on cash right now and it’s annoying… I don’t want to nurture stinginess in myself but I get annoyed when I can’t or notice myself not giving people money like I want to. I don’t want to be a mooch…

    I think about the expression courage isn’t the absence of fear but proceeding in the face of it… Or whatever.. don’t remember exactly. I’m worried I prefer to be mindlessly generous and in the moment can’t make the choice to be nice. I believe it’s always important to be generous poor or rich..cause its a good deed that can be done easily. Nah mean?

    What do you think… Is it an effort or easy or important to be generous when poor?

  15. To the general point, hard Venus aspects are hard. They suck. I see many people suffer from them… Not getting what they want or like or feeling unlovable and alone.

    Venus in aspect to Saturn or Pluto is tough to get around and takes energy. Or tough to express positively.

    I also think Venus square Neptune is one of the worst aspects to have because it makes you vulnerable to people taking advantage of you.. worse than the mars aspect. People who are damaged and evil can come into your bubble and hurt you. Without you noticing til it’s too late. And people with this aspect unaware of astrology won’t know why this pattern is happening to them. Unless the Venus is otherwise supported they could be a sociopath magnet. The trick is to channel this into the work life outside of the love life but many don’t do this cause it’s challenging.

    I think every other Neptune aspect is easier. Though sun Neptune can be heartbreaking.

    For me..I would have thought lunar aspects that are difficult are sort of sad and tough.. but sometimes they add depth. These Venus aspects are just not easy. Because people want to feel good and they repeatedly can’t.

    1. I know a woman with Venus square Neptune who can’t seem to leave a relationship with narsissistic man. She refuses to stop seeing the good thats deep down within him. She only wants to focus on his potential. Nevermimd the relationship is literally killing her. She would rather die than leave.

    2. Kri I agree with you about this. I am a magnet for sociopaths. I had a friendship with someone who seemed pretty normal at first. Then they started calling me nonstop, messaging me nonstop. They knew I had a family and a job. They do not have either so they had tons of time. When I stopped responding because they were not respecting my boundaries (they called my job looking for me; never told them they could) they started getting a hold of every single person they could totally in my life and harassing them for info. The law is now involved but they should have been more mature about it.

  16. My Venus is both badly aspected and positively aspected. It’s opposite pluto and saturn, yet trine Neptune. The opposition sucks but Venus helps me transcend the harshness of it. If it werent for Neptune, I would have lost all faith in live and relationships a long time ago. Neptune helps me to keep on believing for better or worse.

  17. My natal venus is horribly aspected in my natal chart! venus in aries in 5th house, opposed to jupiter in libra in 11th house, both squared by mars and saturn in conjunction in 8th house. What a burden. natal moon opposed by pluto in 9th house, and natal sun oppossed by neptune from 5th house to 11th house……….Had to live with loneliness, lovelessness, insecurities, anti-socialism, and rejection for all my 77 years. Life is not fare!! Horrible loneliness!!!!!!

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