When The Energy Around A Person Changes

high_tide_beach6377Recently someone told me they’ve been having a lot of bad dreams. This person has not their normal upbeat self.  You can sense the distress around them and it’s no wonder why. If you’re tormented at night over time, it’s inevitable that the stress seep out and show itself in your waking life.

A few months ago,  I wrote about Signs That A Person’s Death Is Near. Their energy changes.

I am aware of my own energy changing at this time. It’s due to illness. I am also aware of a number of people who have demoralized.  This stuff is invisible, but tangible.

Saturn hits Sagittarius at the end of 2014. He’ll square Neptune, through 2016. People will become more sensitized to this kind of nebulous (Neptune) reality (Saturn).

If you want to better understand this energy, and learn how to work with it, check out the transcript of the workshop I did on this topic: How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs. Besides being great help to you, it’s interesting as can be!

How sensitive are you to energy shifts in yourself and others?

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  1. Why do I L O L? I don’t know; maybe to relieve pressure. Frankly, I think I’m dying in a few days. I couldn’t construct the courage to tell my spiritual counselor this, after she just recently helped me with a breakthrough, so here I am, posting it on my favorite blog, all random about it. My signature energy has been swept from under me, and with it, I’ve been thinking revolutionarily and antagonistic. I feel like I know all the intangible stuff about most people, though I rarely share it, directly, but I see through to peoples’ intentions and don’t worry myself with todays present being futures past. I’m so over it, and people try to judge me on the energy of feeling over it. My presence is my expression, for the first time in my short but wonderful life.

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