Can A Person Conceal Their Character?

My husband and I got into a rousing debate over this one. Let’s say a person misrepresents their character in order to form a relationship with someone who might reject them otherwise.

How long do you think they can go without their character flaw being revealed?

Can you elaborate? Where is your Venus?

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  1. I didn’t see any other Venus in Pisces on this thread, though I cruised through it…

    I voted indefinitely, because character itself is just an actor.

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    2 hours if I can play cards with them. I was just thinking about this last night, that I should require prospective renters of mine to play cards with me. THEN I’d know. I was thinking of this because of the “plutonian” discussion on the boards. How do I put my feelers out? I realized that I don’t or I don’t as often as I should, or I don’t ACT on that information as often as I should because I see myself as a “nice” person that “gives people a chance”. I need a few hours with you solid and then I know. However, I voted 6 months because that is the outside time I’ll give you with your crappy character to mess things up and then you’re cut off. dating the guys with crappy character never lasted more than a month to 1.5 months. But in more distance work/business type relationship (ie my renters) I’ve had situations go on for up to 6 months before you’re gone from my life for crappy/nasty behavior. So I voted 6 months. I have venus pisces but pluto is all tied up with it so I’m either listening to my pluto and not wanting to act on it, you know, people are good, give them a chance to show you they’re good, etc. etc. and knowing that it’s shitty behavior that isn’t going to change. But honestly. If I play cards with you I KNOW (other, socially interactive games substitute well, it has to do with how you play and how you interact and how you use your resources and what you treat the game as)

  3. I have Venus in Aries in the 7th. So while I do project a lot onto whoever my partner is, concealing your identity is indirect and annoying and once I catch on and see through that, I get angry and then you’re scrapped.

  4. I voted 1-2 months ..Especially when being in a close contact with that person

    I think it depends from the person watching the show and from the actor.

    Personally I cant stand to watch films with bad actors because of their smallest sign or wrong grin that will give them away.
    Its like I have a small sensor that can show me when someone is acting,not sincere,true motivations..etc

    Venus conj Pluto in Scorpio(8th-9th)

  5. I voted decades, though it could be indefinitely/never. All it takes is for one person to successfully lie or not reveal events (and not be found out), and for the other person to choose to a) believe, b)project and/or c) not care.

    We’ve been watching Dexter on DVD — total case in point!!!

  6. I voted six months on the outside, but I don’t think it is the only answer.
    I have worked as a hairstylist for over 30 years, and for the last 20, it has been from my home with the majority of people one-on-one, with no one else around for much of that time. I have also done numerous individuals over the years, who eventually bring their new partners. Mind you, I end up knowing all of the dirt on the majority of my clients, b/c people just do that with me anyway…I have Pluto in the Twelfth house, among other factors that bring this about.
    I don’t share the personal stuff with others…something AI am known for as a matter of fact..I watch how long the relationship lasts…sometimes years ending in marriage, then sometimes divorce.
    Granted I am never 100% sure what the parties share w/ each other but I get a pretty good read on the situation never the less. I will also add some of the stuff isn’t like what Elsa added earlier…but some of it is “deal breaking ” kinda stuff though.
    I have seen already married couples, and heard their stuff, and know stuff that the other half supposedly does not know, and they are still together, and am told never to tell the other half…( Ugh I hate that!!!) I never divulge anything, unless absolutely necessary, even then it is only on a “need to know basis” usually after the fact that the person has found out on their own.
    My answer is, that I think it depends on the levels of co-dependency there is, denial, to have most of what you want and hope it looks good to the outside world…there is a lot to explain but you get the idea by now, I feel. 🙂
    I have Venus in Virgo, conjunct Mercury in Leo, in the eleventh house.

  7. i think it depends on the partner’s willingness to self-deceive, in which case, it could be a couple weeks, or it could be indefinitely.

  8. I have heard of and known couples where the woman had been deceived for decades.
    In one case, the lady’s husband had a whole other family life with another woman, who lived in another country, and she never knew until he died and the other family came to her house to say that they had the right to claim all of his things. Imagine that.

    Venus in Capricorn in the 8th, square Pluto.

  9. LOL I voted 1-2 months the same as last year!! Whew at least I was consistant on this one,haha. I have venus in cancer in the 2nd house.

  10. I definitely think people can deceive others for years and years…even longer if, as wyrdling says, the other person chooses denial as a means of security. Venus in Gemini 7th house.

  11. Not for very long … I have venus in Virgo and met a guy who has it in Scorpio, when we met he said he was single, had not been in an committed relation for years… well I found out in less than 2 months that he was actually living with a woman and had been for the past 5 years, I think he has deceived her for years, it took me weeks to find out who he really was.

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    Stellium in Taurus

    Venus in Aries here. I voted 1-2 months. I’ve noticed about myself that if it takes me longer than that to see their character, then it’s because there was something there that I didn’t WANT to see.

    I think 1-2 months is even a long time… often, if I’m being brutally honest with myself, I can see it within the first few meetings or less.

  13. I’d say sooner or later, it always pops out. Always. And if fighting themselves to hide it, it will pop out harder, and inappropriately (which, I’m guessing, would be particularly frustrating).

  14. If we are talking about hiding character flaws, then it would take a very short time – something like a few days or a month at the most.
    Having children all over the country with different wives is something more than a character flaw.
    Venus in Virgo (and, more important, Mercury in Scorpio).

  15. They may try to conceal their character, but to the eyes, mind, and intuition open and skillful in observation, hardly possible. Unless the observer decides to override their own intuition and starts making excuses for all the unfavorable character issues that have been observed.
    Timeframe: one to three months, depending on the type and amount of contact.
    Venus in Leo, Sag Asc, Pluto in the 9th (trine Moon conj, Saturn), Neptune in Sco in the 12th.

    1. Yeah, work with em or live with em and it all becomes real clear real fast.

      I don’t necessarily look at it as flawed. Who am I to judge. And I don’t really believe it is consciously hiding. It takes awhile for me to get to know someone. Really know them. And them me too.

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    It depends on both parties. Does the other party want to believe this person is their ideal so badly that they lie to themselves? There are terrible people out there but they do mimic good people, until you cross a line. The signs are there maybe immediately or 3 months in… but it just depends on your point of view. I’ve been listening to the podcast “Dirty John” and this was what happened and it was so horrendous what this one man did to pick, abuse and use women. It. Makes me furious and want to educate people more about what to do.

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