What Are Signs A Person’s Death Is Near?

friendsWith a packed 8th house, I’ve always been sensitive around death. I can usually tell when someone is near the end of their life. The signs are subtle, but they’re also unmistakable.

The are numerous indications of this, but with Uranus and Pluto transiting my Mercury, what I’m really aware of, is the changes in how a person communicates.

For example, you may have known a person all your life. You know them to be a really good listener. If all the sudden, they start cutting you off and they want to talk themselves, there’s a reason.

The person knows they’re not going to be around that much longer, and they want to speak.  People who are generally chatty, may withdraw and talk a lot less.

This is stark, I know. But it’s important to be sensitive the people around you, especially if you’re at an age where you really start to deal with the fact that your friends and family members won’t be around forever.

It’s important to be sensitive, not just for the person preparing to leave this world, but for yourself.  These signs exist so that you, yourself can prepare. You’re going to lose the good listener in your life, or a friend who entertains you or always has something interesting to say.

Do your also sense death? What kind of things tip you off?

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  1. Hi Elsa! I too have a packed 8th house (Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars all in Leo, north node.) I have sensed the passing of people as well as my grandmother, and both of my parents. It’s a strong heavy feeling.

  2. Years ago I had a Reike session and when I left I could barely crawl into my car. When I got home I had a migraine. She died three days later. I’m now extremely cautious about who works on me. Reiki is a form of communication, and this day the woman was communicating at a ‘very’ slow, almost trance-like pace. What’s interesting is that she and I sat and talked for thirty minutes before the session, and you’re right Elsa, she was so tired. Back then I just thought she was ‘centered’. I now know centered has lots of light around it.

  3. Freaks me out a little… with Pluto all over my husbands moon. Hope I am here for a while. I have things to do and people to take care of. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind though… I cant imagine leaving them all here to pick up the pieces. Would be a tragedy for sure. Not so much for me but for the people I love.

    I guess if I have done all I am supposed to do and its time to go that will be that. But it would certainly change and crush the lives of my children, my oldest granddaughter and my husband beyond measure.

  4. yes, my mother has this intensely. She knows the passing of family members AND those who are married to them, (it’s the connection)
    and indeed, it comes true. She always gets a very strange feeling. Before astrology i didnt understand it, and why it only affects our family (the women in our family) and not so much the men. And then when i got into astrology i read and read….and it says that water houses and 8th house, 12th house, all those are part of the clue to indicating psychic abilities. Although, my mother is dominant scorpio, including her mercury. She has special abilities that we often go to her for anything at all.
    My mother’s brother’s wife passed away recently and she dreamed of her, way before — she called me up and told me that your aunt died. (Cancer was the culprit, and she had cancer before, and lived for years to enjoy her family’s company, but it came back, more vicious) My uncle has been very lucky/fortunate to have a wonderful, caring, nurturing wife his entire life. We’re sorry to see her go, and i remember her as a very good woman and embraces people into her home.

  5. I’m a little freaked out at this post, because I have been thinking about this ALOT lately. I’m pregnant with my first, I’m in my 30s, and my mother is acting BIZARRE. The lying is the worst, she will lie about going to the grocery store. I’m pretty intuitive, (pisces rising), I kind of broke down two days ago thinking about this. But, I have no clue what to do. She will throw toothbrushes away, then lie about the reason. For more than a month she began talking to herself excessively. But when I went to a relative about it, she stopped. I am afraid either way.

    1. Forget talking about it to relatives. Contact your mother’s primary physician and express your concerns about her bizarre and unusual behaviors. These could be signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. And the earlier you get her into treatment the better. The physician should be able to tell you how to proceed. Blessings—

  6. I agree that that a person near death communicates differently. Its almost like wrapping things up.

    A friend died tragically a couple of months ago, but prior to that, our relationship changed. He started to tell me how much he really appreciated me. He sent me a couple of books, signed by the author as gifts, out of the blue. This guy was like a mentor to me and he sent me several emails before he died that said he was so proud of me.

    I had a dream about a week before he died. In the dream, I was standing in the path of a speeding train. Someone said “LOOKOUT!” in the dream and helped me out of the way. I managed to escape, but just a few days later he was dead by a horrible freak accident.

    In hindsight, his communications with me were out of character. I almost think he knew it was all over for him. He wasn’t sick either.

  7. My birth father switched from storytelling to serious talks over the phone. Over a couple of months the talks got more and serious, as if he was dispensing the best advice he could as a parent. He also confided in me that he felt that he was holding me back. O_O

    Since my sister and I were always aware that his time was short anyway, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together til after his last stroke.

  8. the last time i saw my grandmother before she died i remember being very uncomfortable. the dishwasher and tv were on, but the noise volume was nothing compared to the intensity of the energy in her house. she fed me some leftovers and i remember her wearing all white…i just wanted to get out of there b/c it was all too much.

  9. I’m at the opposite of the spectrum – Mars rules my 8th and it’s at 28 Scorpio, unaspected, in 3rd. As a nurse (since 2001) in acute care hospitals, I have only had one patient die on me (and it was expected). I am almost 40, and not many people have died in my life.

  10. This post is startling. Is pluto opposing the sun a grime transit? Although I have strong faith that my father will make it…he is currently in the ICU and has been there for a month. He is a Cancer Sun sign at 13 degrees…Pluto I believe is at 12 degrees in Cap just opposite him right now. Does this mean anything? I do not want him to leave yet, and so many people in my family still need and love him dearly (As do I)…but his situation is difficult for him and the family to experience. He is in his 80s and having a fractured neck and not being about to eat or really talk (communicate) is almost unbearable. I am staying strong and praying for the best.

  11. Less than six months before my mother died she told me that she felt she had done what she had come into this life to do. That was the end of December she died the beginning of the following May. She was only 59.

  12. Their energy vanishes, the twinkle in their eyes are gone and is replaced with the expression of a sad kind of tiredness. They want to know if they did the right thing in life and ask you if they were good parents.
    Actually they get so tired before months of their passings that you feel tired too. Act a bit paranoid, watch them if they don’t see you, to know they are still there and want to spend your whole time with them.

  13. I was talking to someone about this just last night. I remember going home for Christmas one year. My mother was so kind and nice to me, as if she’d decided to lay down arms and ceasefire. All the criticism and fight had gone out of her. She wanted me to go through her jewellery box and pick the things I wanted because she was trying to finalise her will. I remember when she dropped me off at the airport, I caught her watching me through the security glass at the checkpoint – she’d never done that before, never lingered. Six weeks later she was dead.

      1. Afterthought – I wonder if people who are dying, might consciously communicate it, to those who’d receive the communication.

        1. I think they do…that Christmas was the first time ever I had a migraine, at the airport getting on the plane to home. And just before she died I had another one back in London where I lived then. Pure silver they were. Some say that migraines are caused by disconnection from home, the things that nurture you. It was like something in me knew a disconnection was coming.

  14. Two or three weeks before my mom died, it was palpable. She was always sitting in the front window seat in the sun all day with her eyes closed. She had no humor left and she loved to laugh. Thing just felt heavy. A month or two before that, I looked at her chart. I don’t know what it was I saw now, because I look back and can’t put my finger on it, but I said to myself “she won’t make it to her next birthday” and she didn’t. We had her memorial two days after. A week before she passed I was over and sitting next to her and she said “You KNOW I am dying don’t you?” unblinkingly. I nodded and just put my head on her shoulder. She died in our living room in Hospice on day after I got her home – Peacefully in her sleep.

  15. My 8th House is home to Mars and Saturn, both conjunct Pluto, and the three planets oppose a Scorpio stellium in the 10th and 11th House. I have been sensitive to death since I was a girl, but it has been my brother’s recent passing that has initiated me more deeply and with that I prepare to study with Angeles Arrien, and use her elderwork The Second Half of Life, as my further training ground. It’s my life work! I was primed for it as a girl, I realize more than I could have ever known, till now.

    The signs are part of the initiations and rituals My Ancestors, the Old People, have always known. I am ‘of that age’ … a kindergarten elder at 66, and it’s in my best interest to become fluent at those signs and then, pass the fluency along. It’s fitting you would pose the question here, 8th House has imprinted you powerfully Elsa.

  16. Avatar


    They smell different right before they die. This does not apply for those who go in a fast accident, etc.

    I have a relative that sees and dreams of deaths, near misses when she warns people and they listen that they should go a different day etc.

    For me, smell.

  17. Sometimes I feel like I am going to die. It’s like oh I’m going to die. It panicked me when I was younger somewhat until it dissipated. Could only go through it so many times before I realized I was just going through a change. Duhh! It still catches me off guard sometimes.

  18. Every time I have had a pet that died in the last 5 years or so they wanted to spend more time with me and love me, as if to say “thank you for taking care of me…you are special.” My mother’s dog did this, her cat and lastly, the fish we had even did it. She swished around a lot to bid her final “words.” What is weird for me is that my mother can never bring herself to talk about death. She is an Aries and I thought it was b/c of that, Aries people are about new beginnings, not endings as Scorpio. My niece is a Scorpio and she is good at burying the pets and saying the final goodbyes. 🙂

      1. It’s probably some other aspects, too. For whatever reason, my mom has Leo in her 1st & 2nd houses. She really likes to look good and sort of flashy in public, but she doesn’t have Capricorn in any of the houses, so she doesn’t really appreciate large establishments or the necessity of structure or order. She thinks that certain things are oppressive: most hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, police, some churches, and other organizations I think b/c she is so creative (hairdresser) and right-brained. Some creative ppl just don’t want to deal with the details of planning, right?

  19. I have Uranus and Pluto conj. in 8th House opposing Mercury. My downstair neighbour asked where the nearest church is when he died. Only I didn’t know he died till Monday and I didn’t know which spirit was visiting me at the time.

    Here is an interesting testimony about Michael Jackson. (from 1’44~) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGBnQWuP-4M

  20. Hi Elsa,
    I am trying to figure out the role of the stellium in8th house of the air sign person. I got two a bit contradictory opinion on the matter.
    I guess as a person who has a stellium there yourself you can help me to figure it out. Let’s take an example of sun and moon in the 8th house in gemini. Oneopini on is the following – it gives depth to the light-hearted Gemini Moon. There is not usually much depth to Gemini Moon due to the quick mood changes and rapid fire thoughts. However when in the 8th House this gives Gemini Moon a more secretive and mysterious energy. One is often interested in the occult or the metaphysical studies.There is a depth to person deep in his/her heart that Gemini Moons rarely have.The 8th house moon needs to merge emotionally with others, and they become deeply and intensely attached to people, and it takes a very long time to recover from hurts, rejections and losses.
    The person with the strongly packed 8th house( not necessarily moon) will be extremely curious about exploring the depths of intimacy and sex and might enjoy learning as much as possible about erotic sexual pleasures such as tantric or even more taboo sexual practices.
    The second opinion is stating that “If a planet is in the eighth house, it doesn’t deepen it; it doesn’t suddenly become Scorpionic, or Plutonian. It’s still pure Gemini, but it will describe what will activate the planet. Sex, yes. Intellectual curiosity about sex. Connecting through sex. But in a Gemini way, not a Scorpion way. I disagree with the statement that the 8th house gives the Moon depth. The 8th house gives the Moon a need to connect around 8th house things. A subtle but important difference. There isn’t the intimacy of Scorpio. It remains a shallow, Gemini expression. The interest will remain intellectual, cool, distant, and there will be a need for variety. Curiosity, certainly.”
    So can yo give your resume, please?

  21. I see but can you tell in short if it does or does not give moon or sun of the air sign the depth and desire to love with all of their soul, and on an emotional level respond in a deep, sexual level within partnerships?

  22. Based on what I’ve read so far here it seems to me that you are supporting the first opinion that the position of the luminaries /planets in the 8th house gives the depth to them. However i was told that there is a rule in astrology: signs describe the flavor of a planet and dictate how it behaves. Houses describe the area of experience the planet operates in. In this case the second opinion will have priority. Can you explain this contradiction, please?

  23. I’ve had very different experiences of death compared to those here. Twice I’ve experienced relatives having a ‘swan song’ – in the last two weeks of life, despite serious illness, they had a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm. With my grandmother it was the most profound. She took hold of my hand. I felt a huge surge of energy go up my arm, and found myself telepathically saying to her “you’re going to die and go to heaven, and I’m really pleased for you!”. Her eyes twinkled back with a smile on her face, and she telepathically replied “yes! I know!”. She was a Pisces. I’m a Libra, and I was an atheist at the time so it freaked me out somewhat. I’ve never feared death since. My father in law displayed the same burst of energy two weeks before he died. I wanted to hold his hand, but feared I’d get the same message, and didn’t want the responsibility of telling his family. He was a Virgo. My Scorpio father had a big issue with death and letting go. When he got sick he was in a coma for the last few weeks. I desperately wanted to connect with him in the same way I had with his mother, but couldn’t get through. After he died he came to visit me though, which was amazing and startling.

    1. My experiences are similar to yours, Beth– several relatives have gotten ‘golden’ is the only way to describe it, several months before their actual deaths, and even when it wasn’t their natural disposition. Golden energy around them, and a real sweetness in their interactions with others . They didn’t know they were going to pass, consciously, but knew,somehow

  24. Hi,

    Not all changes in persona are ominous. Mercury Progression to Sagg, brings The Stand Up Comic who replaces the Silent Seer.

    Also, Jupiter transits can increase the urge to connect and express gratitude, especially at life passages, graduations, birthdays etc.

    Until someone actually crosses over, there can be many practice runs. My father in law went to the brink multiple times over 5 years and passed at 100.

    Let’s remember that it is generally peaceful and not creepy/scary frightening when we transition. We are all one breath away from the other side, so living mindfully is a good goal.

    I’m having Saturn in my first, and North Node on my stellium. I have helped many people cross over, or prevented a deliberate crossing. I have Moon/Neptune and Jupiter in my 12th.

    My grandma used to dream of people eating pork when their time was near. Her neighbor had a heart attack. She assured his wife that he would survive because in her dream he ate roast beef.

    Many people have changed their vibe to a love/healing energy from a fearful shame/blame energy. It doesn’t mean they are dying, but that they are growing and changing in positive ways. Especially with the Grand Fire Trine in play.

    Happy Venus Day and weekend!

  25. Death…a weird thing. Most perceive it differently but my Mom seemed to connect well to dying. She had a fairly severe stroke before Christmas(her favorite time of year)and weound up in a wheelchair although she still had vocal/chewing control and her whole upper portion worked well.I’d been doing palative care for her 24/7/365 for quite while and was good with that with a 6th House Sun, Moon in Cancer, but sensed a difference when after her 2 favorite sisters came for a 2 week visit and then left I found her sitting on the sofa softly crying. When I asked what was wrong she said “They left too soon”. The next day while making lunch I had put her in the garden I maintained for her; she had said the day before that if she wasn’t getting out of the chair she no longer wanted to live to be 90, she was 85 at the time; I looked out the window and my wee dog Blue was worrying her chair. Well I dashed out and managed to rouse her, but she couldn’t eat/chew lunch and wanted to got to the washroom. On the biffy she started coughing(acid reflux problem) which triggered vomiting and it was blood coming out, got her to emergency and within 2 days she’d stabilized but the Dr. asked her if she wished a DNR be filed. She agreed…no tube please, and with in less than a week shed passed.She had had 13 days for all her friends to come and pay last respects and strangely when all the ones she cared about had come she said to me(my sis a friend and myself were doing 8 hour shifts withe her)my last time I saw her “I release you Bobby…go now.”…later that night with my sis in attendance she passed quietly in her sleep. Just thought I’d add this to the thread as she was a stellar human and any chance I get I pay tribute in any way.

  26. I have had so many experiences with death that they are too numerous to write about here. I have been thinking of writing a book. Sometimes I feel as if my end is near because I have been going thru a period of waking up sad. My Gemini Sun is in the 12th house, I have a stellium in Cancer in the 1st and Second houses, opposite my Mars in Capricorn in the Seventh and my Moon in Leo, 22deg in the third house has Pluto,23deg sitting on top of it. I am intuitive and sensitive to earthquakes,(good because I live in Southern California)death and talking to the dead and I do intuitive/energy healing. I used to just think I was crazy because since I was a child I have had this. One of my spiritual gifts is that I help souls to cross over. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this. I have to trust it because it always proves itself out. I have had so many experiences of talking with the dead with them wanting me to give messages to their loved ones and exactly what they told me to tell them was what they needed to hear. What this has done for me is given me No fear of Death…even though I feel that I have a message to bring and so maybe it is not time for me to lay my body down. Just before my best friend made her transition to the other side from breast cancer I did a distance healing on her with a selenite crystal wand, she had been unable to walk or talk at the time, after the healing she was able to walk and talk for three weeks, spend time with friends, laugh and talk and say goodbye, then she was gone. She came back to me on several occasions once to give me a message for her daughter and grandchildren. I know for sure that death is not the end.

  27. My stepson( to me my son)passed away at the age of 21yrs old. I saw the death 5years before it happened and thought God was showing it to me so it could be prevented. The week before my son made his transition he told me that God would wake him up between 3-4am and that he felt God was calling him home, I told him to go toward the light because the light was where he wanted to go…even though I thought he was just going thru the change of being a young man to a man(there is a death in that transition)I felt as his Mother I should prepare him for any transition. A week later he died in a car accident. He died on May 5th,the night before he died he put a Mothers day card in the mail to me and his birth Mother, a birthday card to his Father whose birthday was the 8th, a birthday card to his best friend and to his mother whose birthdays were the 19th of May…he Knew he was leaving. He came back to me several times to tell me things like he was with my Grandfather, his Grandfather, a host of Uncles and that they were doing spiritual work to uplift the planet. He was an old Soul and a beautiful Soul.

  28. Hi Elsa,
    i have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and North Node All in *th House. also venus quincunx pluto.. mars trine pluto.. saturn quincunx pluto.. uranus conjunction pluto… neptune sextile pluto… pluto conjunction ascendant…
    and jupiter in leo in 12th house… 8th house energy…INTENSE… ThankYou… Take cARE aLL… VESNA IVANIC

  29. hi elsa.im confused about my chart,and i need someone to help me interpret cuz the chart is complicated:p can i ask u like 2 or 3 questions?:$ thank u…

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