What Is A Mars Return?

mars god of war paintingIn astrology, a “return” occurs when a planet moves through all the signs then winds up right where it was when you were born. Just thinking about this, you can see why it’s a big deal.  Something has gone “full circle”. 

You often hear about a Solar returns and Saturn returns. You also hear about Lunar returns. Occasionally you hear about Venus returns but there is not much out there in regards to Mars return.  My personal Mars return is approaching. I figure this a good time to write about it.

Mars represents raw, male, energy. It wants, it drives, it fights, it strives, it pushes, it asserts…itself to the front of the line. Mars also represents courage and heroism. It acts.

Note that Mars in it’s pure form is neither positive or negative. A person can want what is best for their family – that’s Mars. A person can act with integrity – this is also Mars.

I don’t know what you are doing with your Mars energy, but your Mars return is a time when your drive is renewed.  You experience a thrust of new energy which you can direct in whatever way you choose.  What do you want to push towards for the next 23 months?

The Mars return chart also gives information. In fact, my Mars return chart can explain this post and offer a pretty good idea what I’m going to be up for the next two years. It shows Mars in the 2nd house, with Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Mars-ruled Scorpio in the 3rd house.

The 3rd house is associated with writing. No wonder I’ve been writing about sex lately. My remarks are becoming more pointed and potent.

I also notice most of the planets are below the horizon. It looks like I’m going to be stirring shit up over the next two years…privately. From home, on a computer. I’m not proud of this. I’m just reading the chart.

Mars return Mars is also squaring Pluto. I’m really glad I looked into this. I’m aware I’m holding a knife at this time; I see now, it’s got a killer edge.

Do you pay attention to your Mars return?

23 thoughts on “What Is A Mars Return?”

  1. I’ve thought a lot about the different returns, and have researched them, but never found anything I felt could apply. I was especially interested when my true node return occurred. I thought I would see bigger changes in my life than I did, but life is always evolving, so it’s not like NOTHING happened.

    You should be proud of stirring the pot. Provoking thought is incredibly helpful, even though many of us don’t comment on your posts to tell you that. You really don’t know (nor could you) what your thoughts mean to all the people you reach.

    So stir away, sistah, because the last thing this world needs is to operate on cruise control.

    1. Thank you. I have been making remarks over the last few days…sharp. I told one person I was done dealing with them. I tired of the “cruise to nowhere” nature of our conversations.

      I also told my husband I was not going to deal with certain entities…this is in real life. It’s kind of interesting because it’s as if I have made an effort to do certain things or get along with certain people. If I have failed for two years…well I’m abandoning these efforts at this time.

      I think I’ll go back and look at mars return two years ago. I bet it was nothing like this one.

      1. How interesting.
        2015 Mars return has a stellium in Sadge, also a new moon in the sign.

        2019 Mars return ALSO has a new moon. This one will be in Scorpio same as the current Mars return chart. Same situation; Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, but in different houses.

        How bizarre.

      2. Thank you Elsa ,yes you are sharp ,your on point astrology blog has changed me and my life in myriad ways.

        Maybe having Uranus in my midheaven,on Leo ascendant.Makes me too blunt with no soft edges.
        I m also done being a people pleaser.
        I just say it like it is.
        I m not making many friends I guess.
        But they’re not my kinda of people.
        And I guess I ve just grown up now.
        But I have a lot to thank you for.
        Making me see things from a different perspective.
        Bring it on Baby !!!!

  2. Hmm …..Mars return exactly conjunct transiting Saturn (sun sign ruler) in Cap next spring…..I think I need a consult lol

  3. No, I was not paying attention to my Mars return, but your post made me go look at my chart!

    My Mars Return is coming too, like, it’s within orb of my natal Mars-Merc already.

    Yesterday, at work, I was “kicked while down” and promptly removed myself from the battlefield, “bleeding profusely”. This was not the first instance (of being treated thus).

    But this time I went home and immediately (action) penned (Mercury) my letter of resignation. It gives the perfunctory two weeks notice (Libra fairness) which will unfold as my Mars Return does (in Libra).

    By the time it’s all over (two weeks), I will be ready for Whatever Comes Next. I had been intending A Fresh Start anyway. It’s just gonna happen sooner than later, and that’s not a bad thing. (There’s no point rotting in Hell if the door is *unlocked* and you can simply walk out – Mars.)

    I do feel that fresh and vigorous thrust of energy you talk about:

    “You experience a thrust of new energy which you can direct in whatever way you choose. What do you want to push towards for the next 23 months?”

    I am going to sit down with my notes from your Saturn in Capricorn workshop, and energized by this timely gift from Mars (fresh and vigorous energy), and with Mercury’s help (tightly conjunct my Mars) I will write down (Mercury) my plan and milestones (Saturn in Cap) and buckle down with commitment and discipline (Saturn in Cap) to build, one step at a time (Saturn in Cap), a solid base (Saturn in Cap) for my future!

    This Mars Return is happening square with my 2nd Saturn Return. I intend to vigorously (Mars) work my ass off (Saturn) to make the necessary changes in my life.

    At the same time, my longgggg and massive Pluto transit is FINALLY over and I *feel* the release. I also *feel* the support of “forces greater than me”, courtesy of the work I did during the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius (now in its tail end).

    This new energy, and new support, by the way, is playing out in all parts of my life. It’s pretty impressive to experience and to behold! I’m like, saucer-eyed and slack-jawed, and deeply smiling at all the tiny miracles popping up left and right in my life. Wow! And thanks!

  4. When you do a mars return chart how do you set it up? Like if I have mars in Gemini at 14 degrees do I go back to the month/day it was in Gemini at that degree and make a birthchart for it?

    1. You would want to use software. I do not use astro.com but assume they allow this kind of calculation. The return chart would be set for the exact time Mars returns to the degree and the minute it was when you were born.

      I have your data and your email, S. I sent you your Mars return chart. 🙂

  5. Both my Venus and my Mars return have Libra rising (around the same degree), so they both have Pluto conjunct the IC and Uranus conjunct the Descendant, as well as Neptune in the 5th. I cannot ignore this repetition. I interpret it as fights with my family, love at first sight, and… I don’t know about Neptune in the 5th. What do you think?

    Mars return Mars is alone in the 9th house. Mars return Venus is in the 7th.

    Venus Return Venus and Mars are both in the 12th.

  6. This is interesting Elsa, I did not really look for this before.
    For me it comes on March 18, in 2018. It is in Capricorn in house 4.
    Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are in Arius at that time. And Aries is on cusp house 8. Scorpio on house 3 and Pluto in Leo in house 12.
    Today I wrote a lot about all the aspects and houses. I think I don’t know enough about astrolgy to read this correct, but I’ll try and see what is coming.

  7. Whenever I see a Mars return, I try to take advantage of the energy it gives. I have Mars in Libra and this year I will have my return around Thanksgiving. That’s a good thing because I’m having a big dinner at my house then. Thanks, Mars! Its a helping hand to me. Its in my 1st house.

  8. Hey, hey Hey!! Love all this positive energy for my man Mars. JoFrance, I also have my natal Mars in Libra but mine is in the 7th house. Looking forward to Thanksgiving I’ll be going out to my daughter’s house. So, I’m expecting deadweight relationships to end and also ME walking through that open door whatever it is – there is so much more to discover, do, and love. I feel my nascent repose since last August is over. I am ready!
    Aries Rising

  9. This is interesting. I do have a lot more energy this year. I suspected my last Mars return chart might have had Mars in the 12th, and sure enough, it did. Packed 12th. Mars return Mars in the 12th, square Saturn. I felt stuck at times, confused at times, and lacking energy, but I was committed. Virgo rising – I kept my head down and worked behind the scenes. Sun was in the 1st, and invested on that focus the last 2 years. I wanted to be First! Top choice!

    This cycle’s Mars return has Sadge rising with Sun in the 10th and Mars tightly conjunct Mercury in the 9th. I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned, be an authority figure, and I’m focusing on expanding, learning, writing, publishing…

  10. Aries Sun/Mercury conj. in first house square 10th house saturn/mars in capricorn

    Neptune exact conj Asc trine 9th house Jupiter

    o-O I’m paying attention now 🙂

  11. How or where do i find a Mars return chart? Do i just look at where the plants are when Mars exactly transits itself in my chart? If so, I can use astro.com for this, no?

    1. Hi, Nicole. Yes, a Mars return occurs when Mars comes back to the same place (sign and degree) it was when you were born. I don’t use astro.com but I suspect you can pull up the chart. Look for “planetary returns” or some such option. Good luck!

    2. Only returns I could find on astro.com, at least on a “free” version, are solar and lunar.
      I did find some other interesting charts while looking for it, such as the Transit Cyclogram and the Rythmogram (under ‘Special’). Give a very interesting overview.
      As for the returns, I usually track the planets transit and then use the approx date to check approx positions of the return on astro.com. it’s a way around.

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