While We’re Waiting For The Ball (Pluto) To Drop… What Would You Like To See Die?

Pluto’s shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn is sure to bringing new focus and sweeping change. What would you like to see be done like dinner?

Personally, I am sick of gossip and celebrity death and/or weight-watching. I don’t care what these people are doing. Real people are more interesting by far.

I am also sick of looking at everyone’s crotch. For Godsakes put your clothes on. What is it that makes everyone think they have to had a naked picture of themselves on the internet? I’m sick of it! It was something to see in 1980 but with the sea of flesh out there now, you’d get way more attention keeping your clothes on, duh.

Those are my main two – now you go.

Elsa, I am sick of…

36 thoughts on “While We’re Waiting For The Ball (Pluto) To Drop… What Would You Like To See Die?”

  1. Maybe I’m politically naive, but how about being done with FOREIGN AID till we apply HERE -AT- HOME aid? Like, HEALTH CARE for all citizens?

    Like great schools for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    Like ELDER CARE for all of US here at home in the good ole USA??

    Like, how about CLEANING UP NEW ORLEANS and helping those old and poor people get back on
    their feet, for real?

    What’s with the US and foreign aid??

    I don’t like to travel either.

    So many of my friends tour inpoverished third world countries and come home so “enlightened!”

    Get a ticket to one of our own disaster areas, or how about the slums on the south side of YOUR town, go volunteer. Expand your consciousness.

    Must have caught me in a contentious mood.

    I’m a big fan of the spirit of PLACE. HERE WE ALL ARE.

    WHEN are we going to start participating?????

  2. The aggresive Smiling models that menace us from magazines, bus ads, billboards and the like. I’m sick of big toothy smiles.
    i’m also sick of cell phone conversations broadcast into the environment. bring privacy back to the public space, and that means the right NOT to listen to the private thoughts of others.

  3. Avatar

    corporations and their control of my life and our societal structure.

    people’s willingness to sacrifice all for money. whatever happened to time to care for yourself, your spiritual life, your family, your connections to another. whatever happened to down-time?

    the ability to have things but not things of quality or usefulness (generalizing here)

    crappy food

  4. Reality TV. The distortion of news in the media. The minutia of detail regarding celebrities whose lives are crashing and burning somehow masquerading as news. V8 engines. Hummers. Warfare. Politicians that keep repeating mantras about what is important that do not have a clue about what is truly important.

  5. Consumerism, debt, and short-term “feel-good” band-aids that do nothing to address the hemorrhaging of our economy (how’s that for a nice Capricornian answer? 😛 )

    Superficiality as a whole.

  6. Premature sexualization of our children.
    Crap food.
    The patriarchy.
    What passes for news.
    Co-workers who spend all damned day on the cell phone.
    The treadmill existence.
    Televangelists with gold-plated chairs and 80s hair and more money than God.
    The decline of basic manners.
    Sweatshops and uberconsumerism.

    Yeah, current American society as a whole.

  7. I think anything I might say has been covered except:

    I like the crowd that has been looting liquidating the country for cash for 20 years to get their comuppance.

    Also, I would like to see an end to giant plastic titties and the Three Bimbos of the Apocalypse.

    [‘Big thumbs up for a return of rule of law and Ye Olde Constitution.’]

  8. I’m from Canada but visit the US often. I am always amazed at your culture of shopping. I mean we have malls here too and the same kind of lifestyles but it just ramps up to the nth degree whenever I cross the border. You can go anywhere and not know where you are because all the strip malls and stores are EVERYWHERE and it all looks the SAME. It has to be soul destroying. I find I get sucked into it and then when I get back home I feel dirty. 🙂
    Overall I would love to see less homogeny & more meaning in day-to-day life for all people – more real connections besides giving each other the finger on highways and Interstates. There is just so much existence (to what end?) and not enough living. Although we get force fed living by adverts and TV, it’s just a shallow construct.

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    Hear hear and I love all of the comments and agree so much. A whole bunch of people after mine own heart.

    Elsa – what are the chances we will get to choose much of what we’ve asked for? How real are these wishes and dreams listed above?

    Yes, I realize that part of it is our choice, what we work for and how we live/speak/do but astrologically are we on the right track?

    Can we hold out hope to actually work towards a better ends?

  10. Amen, Elsa! I’m done with the celebrity gossip. So much has happened to make the people lose faith in the media/administration. I find it so scary, nothing like this has really happened in my life before. I wonder what the cultural mood under all this is. Some say this age is nihilistic, that we don’t have the united youth counterculture the sixties did. I see the “hipster” youth culture of college students and graduates around me, but people don’t know what unites them/the youth of today. I read an article that bitches about the modern condition much like Georg Lukacs did, it claims that:

    “the hipster is so hard to identify because what unites this group is nothing. It is a lack of belief, a lack of unity, a pervasive nihilism of the 21st century, and yet a deep and almost nostalgic yearning for some time in which there was still something to believe in, something worth fighting for. Paradoxically, this lack of unity in beliefs and aesthetics leads to overall cohesion.

    Since the modern search for cause is empty, it leads to the all-encompassing, non-unifying wear and tastes of the hipster. The power of this movement without meaning is indicative of our current cultural condition. We bourgeois intellectuals can no longer justify violent action, nor can we even justify non-violent action. We are so disillusioned that no cause is without fault and we are imprisoned in a Dostoyevskyesque stagnation. Not only are we rebels without a cause, but we don’t even have a rebellion. And so all we can believe in is aesthetic value. We are forced to enter the cult of beauty, with a longing for more morally transparent times.”

    I find all this so frightening, annoying, and hard to believe, that the modern/postmodern worlds somehow changed everything. Anyway, what I want to happen is to understand what the culture/people think, where we stand as a generation. Things have been so opaque now.

  11. Um, is this accurate:

    “Pluto in Capricorn is a 16 year period where government consolidates autocratic power in the name of security. The fuel that will give governments a mandate to do this is anxiety and terror. This is why the long and drawn-out Uranus in Aries square to Pluto from 2011 to 2115 is so potentially dangerous. People who value their independence will rebel against this surveillance and control.”

    “Big business elites will not survive the Pluto transit, but will in turn be transformed. The invasive hand of government will not be allowed to stifle individuals, or to reduce those who do not have the privilege of power to slaves in the hierarchy. By the time Pluto enters Aquarius – in 2023 – humanitarian concerns will sweep away autocracy. The price of fanatical ambition will have been too high. The doctrine of the survival of the fittest – or of the most highly qualified – will give way to a violent leveling process.”

  12. This list is phenomenal, inspiring, and my thoughts exactly. Thank you everyone and Elsa for your sparkling blog!

    Togi, I have not been to a mall in 20 years. Yes, they exist and perhaps are even a phenomenon, but not everyone lives lives that revolve around, or even include, them. If they make you feel dirty, perhaps don’t go?

    A few things I would like to see REPLACE the things we all agree would be better off dead:

    Time spent in nature: deep forests, raging rivers, meadows filled with wildflowers, mountains higher than the clouds

    Ample time to live, love, celebrate, and play with friends and family

    Entertainment via live performance: theatre, music, art, speaking, debate..

    People contributing their own special gifts, whatever they may be.

    Eye contact

    Holding hands

    Inner guidance ruled by, not money, but love and respect for humanity

    The rise of honesty, integrity, and authenticity and inspiration

    People helping people, just because

  13. Oh my goodness, where do I begin? Most of my wish list has been covered by everyone’s posts. Greed. That summarizes almost my entire list. Let’s abolish greed.

    And, given we’re observing MLK Jr.’s birthday today (technically it is the 15th), how about let’s be done with intolerance too;)

    peace and love,

  14. I say, by D*mn, it’s high time to rid the world of that putrid puke green color and while we’re about it let’s get rid of that ooocky vomit mustard color as well! Wipe that stuff right off the color charts I say!!!

  15. Hey dreamsAreality, olive green is cool.

    Speaking of trends, Elsa, did you hear that fashion insiders are going to push the high waisted jean on us? Is it an uber Capricornian way of foisting propriety and conformity on us after all the crack and crotch showing?

    I’m petrified.

  16. @Dina – not olive green, puke green must go!

    @Kashmiri – my regular life had us buried under an avalanche of tree limbs after the ice storm. Just call me LumberJill. I was lurking a time or two while I was back to reality, but it was just never the right time to chime in.

  17. Religious fanatics.

    This celebrity-obsessed culture. They aren’t “real”. I’ll be so glad when this goes away. It’s boring!

  18. I would also LOVE to see the end of TMZ.com and TMZ TV.

    I used to read it…got bored with it…it’s just too vicious. I know that celebrities are on anohter level of existence than ordinary people are, but this site definitely exaggerates the dark side of Sag: the pompousness, the poking fun, the site’s OWN bloated ego.

    Since Capricorn and earth signs are all about “get real, dammit!”, 😉 I’m pretty sure people are going to get fed up with reading the trash on TMZ and those other silly celeb-obsessed blogs.

  19. Hi Elsa,
    Old post, but it related to a topic that’s been on my mind. Patriarchy. This is something I’m sensing a resistance to within myself right now, but am surrounded by it (work in investment banking, large corporation.) I’ve been drawn just recently to sociological literature regarding gender issues and power, privilege issues. Reading about these topics has helped me to uncover and re-look at the environment I grew up in and how it has formed my personality and interaction with others. I’ve always considered myself very independent, but when it gets down to it, I have subconsciously continued submitting to male executive as the power. Hopefully as I become more and more aware of society’s patriarchal role in my life it will have less and less power to me. Which brings me to your topic of Pluto in Capricorn. Do you see this coming time as truly possible to change the patriarchy in this country or do you think we are just going to see a tighter and tighter clinch to power from the “men at the top”? And do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the structure of our society (besides moving to Denmark)?

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