Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Hard To Kill

reeve-nothing-is-impossible.jpgYesterday I wrote about Christopher Reeve, a man so buoyant that even when he’s dead, he’s still – UP. I mean, it’s just impossible to think of the guy and end on a down note.

Lupa came on and said that like me, she could access happiness via focusing on the feeling of the sun on her skin and credited her natal Saturn in Pisces (A Saturn Neptune exchange).

Well my daughter has Saturn in Pisces. She also has Jupiter in Sagittarius trine a 9th house Moon and I am telling you that girl is not going down. Anyway you turn it, she is a streak across the sky and it occurs to me with Pluto retrograde applying in aspect to my Moon that my daughter is one of those people (like Christopher Reeve) who never really die. Oh, maybe in a 100 years but you get the idea. My daughter is UP.

She is up and even when she is down she is actually up, I think she gets it from her Mom.

(Her Mom gets it from Henry.)

Does he look dead in that picture? Of course not.

Up! Up, Up, Up!

Are you hard to kill or do you know someone who is? Give us the astrology…

16 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Hard To Kill”

  1. I have a jupiter/chiron-saturn/neptune trine in water, with jupiter in the 12th. as David Sedaris says “you might can fuck (me) up sometimes” but nobody kills me.

  2. oooh i love David Sedaris! he’s the person i kept thinking of when i read the ‘can you learn to be happy posts.’
    his book ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY is so fucking funny i could roll over and die happy reading it…

    I consider myself hard to die but i don’t know how to read it in my chart.

  3. My Mother – a Sadge, with Libra Moon/Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron, and ascendant in either Aries or Taurus. Mars/Pluto in Leo, trine her Sun…

    One thing that stands out in my mind is when she was in the middle of a situation, when she turned to a friend and said “I think I’m heading for a nervous breakdown.” Her friend responded, “Honey, you’re in the *middle* of a nervous breakdown.” That’s Mum – she knew it was bad, but it was much worse to everyone else.

    I don’t always feel as strong as my Mother – I haven’t been in as many situations where I’ve had to be – but whenever I’m really low, or feeling/acting out of character, I remind myself of whose DNA I possess, and eventually get myself back on track. Obviously, spending time with her helps – we always end up laughing over something. I can’t imagine this world without her in it.

  4. I have NO idea what the astrology would be on this, but I keep expecting to be utterly squashed by life. Hell, I try squashing myself to beat the rush. And yet, somehow, I never quite die. I can only conclude that I must be a cockroach.

  5. That was very sweet Angela. Seems like you don’t hear that kind of thing very often (kids enjoying time with their parent(s) and looking up to them).

    My daughter (11) had to pick a role model for a project in school. She told me that she was going to pick me. Made me feel very honored.

  6. Well you know Jennifer, as disgusting as the cockroach is, it’s also pretty cool. They are about as old as the dinosaurs, they can survive for days without their head, and it seems to me they only die then from starvation (or is it thirst?). Also, it seems to me that they can differentiate between different people in a house…

    How’s that for a lot of useless information? LOL

  7. WAY too much discussion about the roach, man…I’m erasing that right now. Don’t want to visualize a headless, thirsty roach recognizing me.

    I consider myself impossible to kill. Don’t know why, but I think the mutable angle is a good possibility. Whatever it is, I can and will adapt.

  8. Yeah, my friend once said I keep putting on that football uniform and getting out in the field, over and over, despite all the injuries.

    It’s not glamorous, but I’m a fighter. I feel like I must have some Taurus in me, some bull, but I’m mostly all earth goat 🙂

  9. Have you ever heard about that Greek mith that talks about somebody attached to a rock, and his liver was eaten piece by piece every day, eternally? The problem was that the liver regenerates everytime it was eaten by the eagle(dont ask me why an eagle, please), again, and again. This mith reminds me myself. Hard to die people are like that……everyday-healing-wounds…..

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    Tina-Louise Lukaschus

    Thank you Elsa! Love these Saturn in Pisces posts, since I have mine natally in the 8th house!
    The mention of Pluto transits to the moon certainly caught my eye too, but in my case, it’s Black Moon Lilith @ 29 deg Cap ~ Yikes!
    Could you shed some light on what a Pluto transit means, crossing this ‘other’ moon?
    Again, many thanks ~ your articles read like a much needed ‘survival guide’ during these times!

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