Which Charts Or Techniques Should Be Used To Address Different Issues?

waitressHi, Elsa.

I wonder about the many astrological tools or approaches that are available: transits, midpoints, solar arc, progressed charts, natal + progressed, etc. What are your thoughts on which tools or approaches are best for what particular issues? If someone asks for your guidance do you just routinely look at natal & transits, do you consider other influences & how do you decide?

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Great question!

I start with a natal chart for any and all queries. For one thing, I need to know who’s asking!  I’ve been at this a long time so I can read a chart in about fifteen seconds.  This is my process when I get a consultation with a specific concern. It’s fast but orderly and works like a flow chart…

1.Who is this?

2. Does what this person is asking, correlate with what I see in the chart, plus the transits?

This takes about a minute.  Roughly 80% of charts / problems are delineated right then and there  Keep in mind, I am trying to address a certain issue, not ready every nuance. If I have the problem in hand – Skip to #5.

3. If I’m at all confused or unsure; if the lights don’t come on, BRIGHTLY, I know I’m going to have puzzle it out.  This could mean I need more information; need to ask the clients some clarifying questions. I may need auxiliary charts. I may have a weak case for some reason; this would see me check a solar return or progressed for confirmation, or otherwise.

4. I keep looking until I figure the thing out, unless it’s impossible, without further information. Examples of that are things like “a relationship” of one month is different then one of ten years.  Are there kids involved?

5. Next, I determine what I need to say to the person?  To help them, this is. That’s always my goal.  I usually get this really fast as well.  It’s the answer they need, or the idea or the plan, etc.

6. Will I be able to say it?

Time and a person’s resistance is a factor. Also the complexity of what I need to convey, which dependent on the individual.  That’s not a remark about intelligence.  Sagittarians don’t like being drug through the mud or stuffed in a dark well.  Mercury types rarely enjoy confusion and anxiety, etc.  I’m planning my approach here.

I can pull up a chart, glance at it, click print, reach over and grab the chart from the printer, walk to my bedroom, where it’s quiet with no distractions. By the time I  walk the fifty feet or whatever it is, I have it sorted and I’m ready to go.   This is why I have no-wait consultations.  I am on it before you can ring my phone. I don’t know why I can do this other than massive practice, and I have developed my skill.

Now I’m not saying there is not other information in other charts. There is other information!  But my clients generally want a hot shot. They are sad, scared or feeling out of control and they want it put right. They want HELP. Assuming I can discern the answer, what I’m describing works best because it’s not diluted.  Er… it’s better to be told the correct thing, several times, then it is to drown someone in minutiae that distracts from the problem you’re having.

That said, if someone mentions one of these other chart, I get in on that, every time.  The client is the boss, see?  Sometimes people look at one of these charts and it scares them. Someone told them they were going to die! Stuff like that needs to be dealt with.

I personally do not use Solar Arcs (but don’t care if you do).  I like Secondary Progressions and Return charts.

I will use composite charts for relationships, if it’s applicable, but this is not a common consulting thing.  People are generally looking at synastry.

I do consider midpoints, but only when they’re activated by transits.

I do have clients who call wanting to look at auxiliary charts, such as this Scorpio, the independent runner. I’m happy to do this but it’s not super common.

Basically, I’m a well rounded astrologer, working in service. The client tells me what they want and I use my astro knowledge to give them what they want; exactly what they want.

I’m the waitress of astrology, you could say.  You order, I deliver. Both parties leave satisfied! I like it a lot.

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