Who Is The Control Freak Of The Zodiac?

Lucille ballOver the last couple days there have been a slew of comments that characterize Virgos as controlling. I don’t get this at all.

I consider the Cardinal signs to be the control freaks of the zodiac without question!

I have both Capricorn and Libra prominent. It takes one to know one! But for the people who think Virgos are controlling – please ‘splain to Lucy.

In my mind, Virgos communicate what is wrong with you and then go off to do their other work. Um…

Who is the control freak King (or Queen) of the zodiac?

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  1. As a Virgo myself I’ve often wondered why we are painted so negatively. It’s refreshing to see this questioned. I do notice everything and sugarcoat nothing…but I also don’t judge, which I think is where the biggest misunderstanding comes in. It’s kind of a bummer that being direct is considered a negative trait. I think people take our actions as stepping on their toes, but if I start picking up the place I’m in it isn’t at all because I think you’re doing a shit job, it’s because we are wired to, if we see a need, fill it. The controlling thing is actually comical to me, we are inherently bad at telling people what to do, so bad in fact that we would rather just do it ourselves! I think it’s also important to separate what may just be a person with a bad attitude from a Virgo, sometimes there no explanation for a rotten apple!

    1. I agree, as I said above somewhere, it’s really great to see a bunch of Virgos trying to explain themselves. There are negative sides to every sign, and there are times when any individual falls toward their negative default thought and behavior. Interesting what you say about being direct, while also pointing out that “we are inherently bad at telling people what to do.” I agree, utterly, and the conclusion too, that we’d rather do it ourselves (because we’ve been so battered emotionally in the past by people’s negative reactions to our “helpfulness.” I am at a loss though how to characterize my motivations. Sometimes they are this, and sometimes they are that. I think the best that can be said is that a Virgo needs something to do (and someone else said that above). Rarely can he or she just stay still and enjoy the passage of time, especially when their is anything social going on around them. And yes, if they’re not feeling productive or appreciated in some palpable way, they (I) can get really pissy, embarrassingly so.

  2. I find myself daily struggling to take things lightly and to not pre-judge folks. When I do this, I, and others around me are more comfortable, and I can manage the day a lot easier. Virgos are their own worst enemies,but will correct ourselves after spending alone time fixing our attitudes and thought patterns.

  3. As for which sign is controlling, I’d have to say, nearly all of them. Depends on what’s at stake. I have a female Taurus friend who is said by some people to be quite controlling. I can see it, but since she has her husband under complete control (and always has) the rest of us get to relax and enjoy her wonderful hospitality. I have an older Scorpio friend who endeavors to control his entire circle of friends, as if he is trying to meld them into one happy family with him more or less at the center. It’s a mistake to try to compete with him in any way, and inevitably there will periodically be one of the members of his circle who rebells and spills the beans about something that is quite rotten in Denmark. He/She has to be excised; but that is the topic of another of Elsa’s blog posts, one which I am also perpetually subscribed to: Why do Scorpios try to freeze you out?
    I think Gemini can’t control it’s way out of a paper bag, normally. Libra is controlling in a certain way: they really really want harmony) but I doubt people are often harmed by it (though someone above says otherwise). And I agree that Capricorn is definitely “in control” of their lives and environment. It’s just who they are. Cancer, yes, a controller. You can’t escape it if they’re into you for whatever reason. Leo likes to be in control, but they would never stoop towards any awkward gesture that might expose them in this regard. Aries is in control, or you’re not there, you’re invisible. Someone above made very astute observations about Sagittarius and Aquarius. With Sag it’s more like, “what for?” and Aquarius is playing a whole different game. But they want to keep chaos out of their lives, too. So, control. In conclusion, Virgo controls for the sake of his own sanity, or insanity as the case may be.

  4. forgot Picses. Not controlling. Repeat, not controlling. The opposite of Virgo, yeah (but maybe not what you’re thinking).

  5. I’m libra with strong virgo influence ( I have venus in virgo in the 12 th house ). As someone said we show some things that we consider are not ok. If they listen to us or not, it is not already my problem. I try very hard and during long time ( years sometimes ) to make any kind of relationship works, try to adapt myself to others, but it is only one way street in general. The problem is that other people don’t take relationships seriously and that dedicated, devoted as us.
    Most controlling signs in different ways in my opinion: capricorn, aquarius, scorpio, leo and aries.

  6. I must say all my life has been controlled by Aries, Capricorn , Cancer & Scorpio … Sad but true ….. I never controlled them ….Me … Libra ….So …What I am saying That I et it happen ….why? …Ignorance is a bliss ….But they do not know ….I do not revenge ….Revenge is for weak people ….But …It will never happen again … I am in control of my life now …. Much love to everyone

  7. Cardinal people are controlling. For personal reasons. Virgo is trying to help. A cardinal person may control a situation for their own comfort cause they’re not feeling good cause they don’t like the way things are going cause they think life would go better if you just did it their way.

  8. But, honestly, I’ve told people with Virgo placements they are controlling. It is a psychology babble term that can be abused like ‘obsessive’, ‘gaslighting’, ‘projecting.’ It is said with fake concern and it claims the persons behavior is pathological. It feels controlling when people are strongly telling you what you should do. It’s none of their business. Particularly if they don’t know you well. Or they’re telling you to act starkly against character. Saying ‘why are you so controlling? why are you trying to control me?’ is a potent way to get a Virgo to shut up. Calling someone a control freak is a way to control someone

  9. My husband is controlling. He has a packed Scorpio 5th House so its passive but deep seated. He is uber polite and uber firm. You can’t get a rise out of him…his dispassionate nature has become burdensome.

  10. My son has a stellium in Virgo. He knows everything, in his mind.
    He won’t let you get one word in.
    It is mostly though critical, because Virgo is all about cleaning up.
    That can be really dangerous, Coco Chanel had Virgo prominent and she
    was about ethnic cleansing.
    But real control lies in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn.
    The fixed square to me is not the thing, most Aquarian’s are anti- control
    because they themselves recognize liberty and while not so willing to give is
    understand that if they want it, they must recipricate.
    They want to own anyone they are involved with.
    Live a little like I have, then get back to me…

  11. oh boy, virgo hating re-visited. 😀 For a sign that is chastized for being overly critical, other signs sure criticize virgo alot. Funny how that works. Virgo is supposed to put up with all the other sun sign crapola, but virgo is expected to be perfect in every way.

  12. hm i think if someone sees through the bs that they’re being controlled, they just won’t fall for it. It’s easier to be controlled when you’re a child, ect. But once you’re an adult, you realize, hey! i want to be the one in the driver’s seat of my own life you know?? So some folks, whether they are parents, peers, friends who look out for you, they try to control you because they just mean well? I guess that’s why. It helps if folks just learn to “let go” and “Let it be.” Whatever will be will be, que sera sera.

  13. Aquarius Aquarius the era of creativity and humanitarians with electrifying precision in positive control in our ever LOVING UNIVERSE always evolving brilliantly the GODLY way its supposed to be!!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t think it is so much the sign as it is the combination of them( and aspects). Iam libra sun,w/virgo rising however I have saturn in libra. I may be critical yes. but I don’t see myself as controlling. My friend also
    has libra sun/virgo rising, but he has Pluto rising in virgo and saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn and wow he can be a very critical and controlling guy.now thank goodness his virgo does trine his Capricorn, so this energy gets expelled at work, where he is friendly know as killer. He also has mars in libra. He does like to avoid unpleasant exchanges. So I do think virgo and Capricorn mix could be considered critical and controlling in general.🙂

  15. i agree on virgo. they just criticize and analyze what’s wrong with you then go off on merry way LOL
    i have virgo so i know what it means xD and same with my husband.
    but i’d say cardinal holllyyyy moley. lots of control. “you can’t do this, you can’t do that, do this, or do that, ” you can’t breathe. Fixed signs are just stubborn af. they dont really budge. I think i can liken this to the current situation of Libra sun Putin who wants control and to control territory and the stubborn fixedness of Ukraine’s president who Is aquarius sun/ leo moon, won’t budge and die to the death. While Libra wants to keep going, unstoppable force to the immovable object. the fixed and the cardinal. Mutable just be critical and run away lol

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