Pluto – Energy Is Neutral Until Directed

knifeMara writes on Anti-Bitch

“If someone has a twisted Pluto, the predatory instinct will surface. But if someone had learned Pluto lessons, this person can help other people trough hell and back, without hurting the other even more… Is that what you are saying?”

Mara,  I think that all energy is neutral until directed.  Pluto can heal or kill, Saturn can support or suppress, etc.

In the case of the bitch and the anti-bitch, let’s say someone is keen and understands psychology.  The ability itself is neutral until it is directed.

The bitch may use her skills to disable the other. The anti-bitch might say just the right thing to get their friend out of a slump.

Recently one of my friends was going off in a half-cocked manner. I was pretty sure if she kept it up the repercussions would be severe. Being an anti-bitch, I talked to her about this. It was hard.). A bitch would have thrown gas on the fire and watched her spin out.

An anti-bitch HAS your back.

A bitch STABS you in the back.

Both have a knife…

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  1. Yes, that was what I was thinking… We all have Pluto in our charts, but some people have learned to use it in a compassionate way, some people haven’t learned that lesson yet.

  2. Yeah but the other planets as well. A anti-bitch Saturn will support others. Bitch Saturn will oppress and control, make people feel small.

    Mars is a hero… or a tyrant. etc.

  3. Ok, so on this subject of women criticising other women appearance, we are talking about a twisted Venus… Nowadays, this energy is subverted, and “society” demands an ideal of beauty impossible to fulfill. Some people react to the stress those demands generate by trying to find someone they consider less “beautiful” (or elegant, or whatever) to prey upon, in order to feel better about themselves…

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    I like the knife analogy. It’s like the bitch is just using those ‘lesser than’ folks to sharpen her knife skills upon. A regular honing for when she really needs to be ready for a kill or be killed situation. And being one, she’ll find herself there sooner or later.

    A surgeon OTOH, wields a knife for healing purposes.

  5. This is absolutely fascinating – I’ve been reading all this and trying to get to grips with it somehow. My mother was like this – outside the home people thought she was a real lady, so nice and kind etc., but she used me as some kind of whipping post for her frustrations and certainly up until recently, I’ve often been the target of this kind of woman. So I’m trying to approach it from the point of view of what might attract this kind of behaviour – obviously it is a process that was set in motion in childhood, but there must be some astrological triggers, possibly karmic. My mother was Virgo and I have Pluto in Virgo in the 12th house square venus and opposite Jupiter. There always seems to be huge amounts of jealousy involved in these kinds of put-downs, I’ve noticed that these people seem to have no sense of self-identity or anchor or purpose in their life – perhaps it has been thwarted, so they do to others what was done to them. It only stops when you develop enough of a sense of self-worth to repel it. Elsa, I think it has a lot to do with something you posted recently about when you finally learned to stand up to the people who posted horrible commments about you on the blog. Maybe it’s two sides of the same coin; their lack of self worth is expressed outwardly as attack towards people who have a lack of self-worth in some area that they keep inside, that may not even be that conscious? I don’t know if this is making sense, I’m trying to work it out as I write. The 12th house Pluto I feel is significant – when unconscious can project or attract manipulation by secret enemies, and when conscious can transform into psychic protection that prevents all this blackness?

  6. “Maybe it’s two sides of the same coin; their lack of self worth is expressed outwardly as attack towards people who have a lack of self-worth in some area that they keep inside, that may not even be that conscious?”

    opal, that sounds right to me.

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    I’ve had some friends that have asked “Why does this crap never happen to you?” kinds of questions, which opens up the convo to helping them out of their verbal and non-verbal clues/vibes they are giving off. They don’t see their body language or acquiescing attitudes as something that a bully is going to pick up on. The hunter is going to know the prey’s weaknesses well before she goes in for the attack. I think you hit it dead on Opal. Bullseye!!!

  8. This does make me wonder about the end of a past friendship of mine. I suspect she has a strong Pluto-Mars aspect, but it’s not like I know her exact birthdate (much less minute), and I don’t plan on speaking to her again. For at least a very long time anyway.

  9. I got to read this post for the first time now… amazing analogy… the whole chart (at least for self) can be understood so well using this…

  10. I agree with Opal. This reminds me a lot of transactional analysis (parent, adult and child modes) from the book I’m okay, you’re okay. I think the bitch side is the ‘I’m okay, you’re not okay’ and the anti-bitch is okay with themselves and others. Living and letting live rather than over-compensation for insecurities that gives rise to bitchy behaviour to give self-worth.

    Hmm, if only people loved themselves and others a little more there would be no need for the mean girl mentality which I’ve seen in both women and men.

  11. “There always seems to be huge amounts of jealousy involved in these kinds of put-downs, I’ve noticed that these people seem to have no sense of self-identity or anchor or purpose in their life – perhaps it has been thwarted, so they do to others what was done to them. ”

    Very astute!

  12. “The bitch may use her skills to disable the other. The anti-bitch might say just the right thing to get’s their friend up from a slump.”

    Sounds like a Gemini gone bad. 🙂

    My Gemini Sun finds that part of the writing interesting!

  13. I recognize that potential and energy could be used for good or ill. I want to be able to use my potential for good, even if it’s small.

  14. Pluto and Uranus in my natal 12th, both retro. I know all about feeling “to hell and back”. I only, and constantly, help others. And those “others” are the kind who are in “hell” at this moment. Many I help find strength. Thanks, Elsa, for posting about Pluto’s duality.

  15. It makes sense, except when things aren’t clear cut when people get paranoid and very skillful.

    e.g someone talks to everyone in the department about someone a few times, but does it casually so people think it’s conversation. Then they go behind people’s backs to bully the person. And then they attack with a backhanded question in public when whatever the person has to say about the situation or in defense sounds wrong or defensive based on what has already been said to the group. So the victim is seen as the crazy person who isn’t a team player. And others pick up on it and keep adding to the drama.

    How do you tell if that is a bitch or anti-bitch? Because for the group purpose, that person has their backs, and are just weeding to show loyalty. It’s not in the best interest for everyone, but definitely for most.

    1. That sounds like bitch to me. Sometimes the psychological stuff is hard to pinpoint but your intuition is definitely pointing to something.

  16. I know an uberbitch, I would dearly love to get her out of my life but it’s a quasi-professional relationship and just not possible right now. I avoid her as much as possible. She’s toxic. She’s full of raging hatred, so it seems like the energy is already polluted, as it percolates in the depth of her monstrous being. The energy has a distinctive, and malevolent, quality before it’s even directed. She storms around looking for targets. I feel sorry for the horses she rides — she’s a professional equestrian, and all her horses look as if they should be on suicide watch.

  17. Neutrality is the state in which I observe what is going on. Without awareness of what is going on around me I am just a series of impulsive and knee jerk reactions. Aware of what is going on allows me to better decide what to do and when to assert myself. Probably am comfortable with this due to my relational libra mercury thinking.

    This does not mean I do not enjoy flights of fantasy and creative play with friends. My Neptune is there too. Because I have an unending imagination I have learned to reel it in with the extremely uptight which might be defined as one kind of bitch I deal with. I don’t want to agitate them. But the difficult ones are the ones that flip back and forth. I mean with my creative friends, if one of us goes too far out there, beyond the others limits, the play stops and it’s understood, we don’t resort to anger. But the knifer bitch, plays not to play but to win. I don’t know maybe they are just overstimulated or afraid. The message is the same: stay away from me.

    Starkttn, know of what you speak. There is usually a root person and the victim carries the wound for the group. Not that I’ve been there. Lol!!!! I would not buy into the root alpha person’s rally so I suppose I was the enemy. Twisted ain’t it?

  18. Pluto can kill or heal…absolutely..The most important healing experience of my life happened when Pluto was exactly conjunct, within seconds, my progressed Ascendant…

  19. I have pluto rising in libra, with cap sun moon and merc. A light Venus in 5 and virgo stellium in 11. Jealousy of my acumen and natural skill brings out the bitches every time. Every workplace. Bc my sun/merc is on IC, pluto square, I’m discounted as woo or angry or whatever their shadow sht is (pluto rising in libra, the shadow mirror) when I’m being plain or direct about strategy. I love to work. I love to collaborate. I’m anti-bitch to the core and I state my needs. For whatever reason this cycle is about not being acknowledged as the boss, or not being supported when I am. I’ll never work with a partner or coworker again as a result. Shark time.

      1. Thanks! I’ve been reading a long time and really glad to connect at last. I appreciate your forums and audience very much. Nice to meet y’all

  20. pluto in first house square my moon and conjunct chiron both in leo and have mars in scorpio in forth squared. i do deep transformational work with severely abused people, some from satanic cults that no one else can help. i have good boundaries and belief in our ability to heal. deep pain, deep truths can heal

  21. I can honestly be both but I do care about others and my community very much and I practice the nonaggression principle. I’ll help anyone (or at least not hinder) who isn’t blatantly attacking me, my family, my community or my money/property. I’ve become more discerning as I get older but generally I’m here to help anyone who needs help (generally those going through Pluto transits).

    But those that do attack me, well…? I don’t see anything wrong with protecting oneself from aggression (although I would really prefer to just be left the fuck alone!) I think if more people did that then the world would function more smoothly. I think it can be a type of healing too, for both parties. I’ve seen it and I think Pluto absolutely can work that way. Pluto can offer clean anger which is purifying and catalyzing.

    But our culture has become so twisted in this regard. It’s been made ok to go after someone and wrong to defend oneself. (I’ve been called a bitch for defending myself.) This is upside down world in a lot of ways. Freedom means slavery. Glad I know better. I teach my son Natural Law and the nonaggression principle, which to me is common sense, but when held as a standard for the world- phew, its violated constantly (by individuals and institutions), especially subtle psychological attacks.

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