The Good Ol’ Days?

old house where eight kids lived smallI promised to tell the story of this little house.  Seems a good time to do it, with the Moon (home) opposing Saturn (humble).

That little house used to sit on the land that our house sits on now. It belonged to the family that sold this land to the father of the man we bought our house from. They lived in that house with…get this…eight children!

Now the owner of this house wanted to get rid of the house but his brother, who lived next door, wanted it. So he jacked it up and put it on some tree logs and rolled it over to his property.  The father split the land, see?

They thought the house would come apart. It still had red mud between the wood beams (called “chinking”), at that time. But it stayed together.

The brother built the rock fireplace and the stove, to go with the house…and he’s got the inside all decorated with period pieces.  They’ve had a couple of weddings there…with a fire going and all. It’s extremely quaint.

I am going to take some pics of the inside, too, and show them to you the first chance I get. But this is a a start. And a vivid reminder, how hard times were not that long ago. Eight kids in a tiny house like that. My husband said they had better things to do, than tweet.

I suspect he’s right. He grew up playing in the woods. I don’t think he was ever bored.

12 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Days?”

  1. Apparently, people drive by and see it. He lets people come and go as they please, trusting they won’t steal anything. It’s pretty cool.

  2. I grew up playing in the woods and was still bored! *lol* 😉 I wanted a city life: museums, libraries (I never got to go to our local one, except for school research), lots of people, places I could walk to, etc. Ah, well… *smiles*

    But I know what you’re saying. My mother grew up in a house not much larger than that. Six children, three adults.

  3. I remember houses like those. There’s a small house across from me that’s not as rustic. It was moved many decades ago, too. It’s a four square with a back porch addition. My neighbor’s son moved into it a few weeks ago after it was empty for 8 years. They’ve had typical Mercury retrograde problems bringing the house back to life: water leaks, etc. I hear hammering almost every night.

    1. The new neighbor is a young man out of the army. He’s helping his father with farm work. I wonder if he’s had problems finding other employment.

  4. my husband’s grandmother before she passed away last year, used to tell us how she made butter out of this barrel. I thought wow, that’s hard work. These days we go out and get butter at the store. She made her blankets, made her cover for her sofas and chairs, and sewed clothes (my grandmother and mother did too) and my own grandmother used to tell me about her mother’s mother sitting at the river, washing clothes. it took all day. Those were surely the days.

  5. Life back then was about survival. When I see how they lived, I realize how lucky we all are today. We have so many conveniences we take for granted.

    What a great piece of history.

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