Who Shapes Your Identity?

elsa on tvsophiab in her usual eloquence writes on Family Karma:

“…I was thinking about this yesterday, how our beliefs are inherited, and so deeply entrenched in our identities, which are formed in a family system, that much is unconscious. Our beliefs shape our manifest reality, so it’s necessary to gain awareness of where we are simply accepting something to be true (being immersed in something to the point you don’t know you’re immersed) when in fact it is someone else’s vision and you are just spinning it over and over….”

I don’t disagree but I wonder if we should not update our thinking around this.  While I don’t deny the blood connection in families, I’m not sure our beliefs and identity come exclusively from this source.

With the proliferation of electronic devices; toddlers online exposed to all kinds of things, overtly and sublimely. There’s an impact which seems to be increasing exponentially.

Seeds are planted, unbeknownst to most. They wind up taking root and growing into twisted monstrosities.

People don’t tend to stick with their families these days which is another indication, the family may not be the only entity that has a grip on the individual.

Really, does the average child spend more time interacting with their family or the Internet?

I rest my case.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Who Shapes Your Identity?”

  1. Wow. I agree and when you think about all the influences in one’s life…I think about my granddaughters because that’s one way you can watch a child from the time they are born til the present. It seems parents have a really tough and constant job to be present in their children’s lives both physically and value-oriented, if they have certain things they want to instill in the children.

  2. Yes, times have changed. It would be so interesting to compare a child who is not raised with the internet with a child who is. The differences between the two would be Remarkable!.

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