Solar Return Houses Opposite Natal Chart

sun solarHi Elsa,

I recently bought myself a solar return report from you (which was excellent, btw!), & going over this, I noticed a theme- a substantial emphasis on 7th house related issues. For example, all my natal house cusps are switched in solar return. And then, a sun-mercury conjunction to return descendant, & return mars (in Libra!) in 7th house.

Now the simple conclusion is that there will be an uptick of 7th house related stuff, but I’m just curious, what do *you* see happen to people who face this type of upside down return charts? I’m kind of feeling blegh about this, cause I like to usually take charge & be top of things, so I don’t know, this seems a bit excessive.

Thanks for any & all help!
Gal from India

I can see why you’re not too thrilled!  Hopefully, I can change your mind on this though. You’ll be dealing with it for a year!

It will be easier to understand it we look at these issues one at a time.  First, the  reversed houses.  If I were to pull up my Solar Return and see it had Cancer rising opposing my natal Capricorn rising, I would think I was going to have a year of learning!  It’s something new and ultimately expanding.

As an example, take a natal Aries rising. The person appears to be a brash, confident leader, ready to conquer all challenges!  Give this person a Solar Return Libra rising and you’ve got a person showing up to please! I guess it’s disturbing but it expands the person as they learn to use another person’s tools.

Recently, I worked extensively with a super Mars-y woman, explaining over and over how her tactics were failing – try mine! My Libra tactics, I mean. Catching flies with honey but also body language and nuance.

Vintage zodiac paper dollsShe was adverse to this but the situation was very bad so she gave it a shot. Rather than go in and demand that morons do things, I had her go in and say these words, to the young woman, “I need your help…”

This worked but more importantly, it increased her prowess!  Expansion, see?  Aries headbanger, prevailing by deftly skirting ’round the problem.

As for the planets in the opposite houses, it sounds like you have a Virgo sun conjunct your ascendant. You go out there like a little maiden. Sweet, good, competent?

Now you get to be a Pisces rising, apparently with Neptune in your first house.  You’re an illusion walkin’. Your can be anything.  You’ve got fairy dust to throw on people this year. Are you sure it’s a problem? You don’t have to be “self-contained”!

Okay, it might be disorienting.  You usually assert yourself (1st), now you may seduce the other into asserting themselves.  It’s only disturbing until you decide to work with this in which case, you’ll see its educational.

You don’t have to make a huge effort. You will see things differently this year and you’ll be seen differently as well.  This is good and interesting as we’re not paper dolls. We’re always evolving and this year will be exceptional on that front.

You’re a first house person, who likes a challenge. Consider you have a new way to present yourself this year.  See what you can do with this opportunity.

Get your Solar Return Report here.

Have you ever had a backwards Solar Return? What was it like?

7 thoughts on “Solar Return Houses Opposite Natal Chart”

  1. Q… when interpreting any Return chart bi-wheel, does the natal chart go on outside wheel? I’ve heard/read both ways. Some say the natal goes on the inner wheel, some say it goes on the outer wheel. What say you 🙂

    1. I think people generally put the natal chart in the center for any dual chart. I think the natal and solar return chart stand alone. I don’t mash them all. I know people do this but I don’t see the point.

  2. Hey readers! That’s me asking the question. I’d say as a first house person, the bit about “morons do things” particularly resonates, haha!

    (Seriously, effective delegation is an art, that I’m realizing more & more as I progress in work, and life)

    Tysm Elsa 🙂 I’m feeling much more confident now, fingers crossed for this year!

      1. Hi ALlie! I’m glad too 🙂 think this will be an interesting year.

        Sorry for not showing up lately on the forum side! Too much going on irl, but I’m hoping to catch up there soon 🙂

  3. As a Libra rising I have all the houses in their respective opposing signs and there is definitely an expansive energy connected to this, constantly reaching out to some seemingly faraway place, option or person. Thank you, Elsa, your explanation of using the ‘skills’ of the opposing sign in the realm of the (in my case) natal house is absolutely true – just that I do that forever and a day and kinda thought it is what everyone does. This is not so – I know that by now. I have come to value this feature of my chart, it allows me to, intuitively for sure and sometimes consciously, ‘know’ something of ‘the other’ in a way that allowed me over time to reach out without being defensive or feel threatened. Every situation (and person) comes along with an option for change, including myself.
    I have checked my Solar Return AC’s over the years and the two times the Solar Return AC was in Aries were super chock full of learning and gaining depth of understanding. In hindsight, but worth it.

    NB: Current Solar Return AC in Leo conjunct natal Uranus, 2023 Solar Return AC in Scorpio conjunct my Mars. Looking forward to it.

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