Why Are Millennials So Disillusioned?

So glad I got that communications degree.

One of the things that distinguishes millennials from other generations is a deep sense of disillusionment. The world is just not what they were raised to expect, and they’re now being asked to navigate an environment they were in no way prepared for. What can astrology tell us about why this is?

The millennial generation (which, full disclosure, I am a part of) were born between the early to mid 80’s through the late 90’s. Their ages now range from the mid-20’s to late 30’s. Looking at the outer planets, which define generations, we see that Neptune was in Capricorn from 1984-1998, and Pluto was in Scorpio from 1983-1995. So nearly every millennial has these placements.

So what does that mean? First, Neptune, depending on what source you use, is in its fall in Capricorn. There is some debate about this (some sources say its fall is in Aquarius), but ask any millennial about the state of their dreams and I think you’ll see why I’m in the Capricorn camp. Millennials were raised in a world that that made certain promises about what the future would look like. Work hard, get an education, be morally upright and you too will be able to own a home, have a career you find reasonably enjoyable, raise a family, and trust the institutions around you to be fair and supportive. Basically, if they could incorporate all the best characteristics of Capricorn, they could reap the benefits in a structured, reliable way.

This, clearly, is not what happened. Instead, Neptune eroded the institutions. Those Capricorn dreams turned out to be illusions. Millennials were instead faced with the reality that hard work offers no guarantees, government and financial institutions are unreliable and often unfair, and that pursuing higher education may be the most costly and burdensome mistake they could possibly make. No matter how hard they worked to get a foothold (Capricorn), the path kept dissolving in front of them (Neptune).

Millennials also came of age as Neptune was transiting Aquarius. They saw technology come to dominate the world. They are the last generation to have gone to the library to look something up, and the first to rely on Google instead. They were the last generation to experience privacy, and the first to embrace the dream that technology could be an equalizing force creating an interconnected humanity.

Of course, this dream turned out to be an illusion as well. While the internet has flattened the globe to some degree, power structures not only remain are but have been exploited and reinforced in the new paradigm. What was once a platform for everyday people to connect and share knowledge is now a tool for social disruption and power consolidation by bad actors. It’s now a tool for social control. And so another dream bites the dust.

Millennials seem to be a generation doomed to see their dreams become illusion when faced with cold reality. And clearly, this has been true. That Neptune in Capricorn has its benefits. Millennials are better than any generation I’ve ever seen at cutting through false promises, overblown ideals, corporate/government pandering, and all manner of other bullshit. And through this, millennials are able to access a power that carries them through. They know by now that no one is coming to save them. There is no white knight. So, instead, it’s up to them to make their dreams (Neptune) a reality (Capricorn). It’s up to them to create a society in which compassionate (Neptune) power structures (Capricorn) rule the day. And little by little, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Keep an eye on this generation in the decades to come. Watch for that Neptune in Capricorn signature as they come into power. And marvel at how that disillusionment turns into a commitment building a world that cares for each and every member of society, regardless of how much power they hold. Watch them make their dreams of a compassionate society real.

Millennials, can you relate? What’s your Neptune in Capricorn story?

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54 thoughts on “Why Are Millennials So Disillusioned?”

  1. I’m not happy with the Pluto in Scorpio generation.. all in all they’re being pretty conventional and not doing too much to better our world. When are we going to wake up? Our music wasn’t even that good and was very ironic.. we and Pluto in Libra were also the most irritating generation of hipsters.. what a disappointment.

    I got severely scared and a bit disillusioned during the beginning of Pluto in Capricorn and the fall of Lehman brothers and stuff.. I was taught a historical narrative of progress that essentially implied there wouldn’t be another Depression because we “do it better now.” I didn’t think I could cope or manage. My good friend with three planets in Sag found the time of the Iraq war to be more significant.

    Weirdly I didn’t expect much from the Pluto in Sag generation but I’m so impressed with the Uranus/Neptune in Sag people of 16-23 years of age. They are recording a lot of music and being very creative on their own and revivifying art.. it is really beautiful some examples are (Clairo, Tomberlin, zack villere, Snail Mail, ..) too many to name. Also a lot of very young climate activists.. my circle is beginning to change because of this.

    1. I really appreciate your insight!

      I have a post coming soon that addressed Pluto’s move from Sagittarius to Capricorn. I know it’s something that affected us deeply. I just broke it into two posts for readability. 🙂

      And I love what you say about the Pluto in Sadge generation. One thing I have noticed with millennials is that we all seem to harbor a deep affection for the Gen Z kids. They never had the same expectations that we had, so they didn’t experience the same disappointment. I think that’s a real advantage for them. So most of us look at them like “You go, you little firebrands!”

      1. Thanks 😀
        Yeah, they really amaze me. Honestly during my Mars Pluto transit I’ve been hanging out with a lot of people of that generation (and never reveal my age 🙁 ).. I need to be around firebrands.. looking for hope wherever I can find it.. they love to play music and aren’t stuffed up like so many people I knew.. granted the people I’m “attracting” lately are more stuck in themselves (stelliums involving Neptune in Capricorn, stelliums involving Saturn in Pisces.)

        I don’t honestly know what expectations they had.. or how they know how to use the internet platforms like soundcloud or instagram to their advantage.. I listen to a podcast where they interview a lot of successful creatives from various generations, and they always have this moment when they realize that (acting, comedy, music..) is all they want to do and they’re good for almost nothing else.. and also the moments where they work toward it. The people I meet from gen Z have a similar commitment, they don’t even worry about a plan B which I love.

        I have to say, I really hated Pluto’s ingress into Sagittarius. Particularly the music. As a kid I was totally mystified by music (as I notice any kid with access to music television/youtube vids is).. Notorious BIG, Garbage, etc. it was fairly dark for mainstream music. The minute Britney Spears and Nelly became popular, the videos became saccharine and uncreative (nothing like Losing My Religion or all those grunge videos with creepy Children of the Corn-style kids..) I immediately started watching muchmusic and really got into the pretty fertile Canadian music scene I could watch on that (matthew good band, Chantal Kreviazuk, unfortunately I did listen to Avril Lavigne before anyone knew her :/ ). I pretty much hated/was absent from music (particularly the twee antifolk ironic hipster stuff like the moldy peaches) and couldn’t listen to it up til I started listening to Frank Ocean and Saturn went into Scorpio. I forgot how fascinated I was with it as a kid.

        Sry for the long comment. What I wanted to say was, with the whole 20 yrs back thing, a lot of people born in 1997, say, are talking about how much they love the 90s, even though backstreet boys and eminem are “nostalgic” for them. I saw some amazing boys who had to be 19 dressed head to toe as if it were 1991. The 90s are influencing fashion and music now, it is becoming more earnest as people finally tired of irony. I can’t get enough. Plus I love how people are referencing the style. Of course that will morph too.

        The thing is, I can smell the resurgence of 1999 and Britney Spears/Paris Hilton made cool again. I hate it. This great Leo girl was sitting wearing a bucket hat and hoop earrings, I complimented her on how 90s her outfit is and she said “the bigger the hoop the bigger the ho” 😀 (she was kidding and quoting Kris Kardashian, but I got a lot of warmth from the Leo light she had.) But said she really loves the fashion from 1999, the blue eyeliner, the butterfly clips. Ughh. They are gonna repackage Pluto in Sag as something other than a disaster in some ways (reality tv, really bad Southern rap, huge cars..) Obv my opinion. We are always repackaging some part of the past (even MJ) and forgetting what we originally thought of it. As a 6th house person, it’s pretty confusing to me.

    2. Pluto in Scorpio generation took one for the human team. They embodied transmutation of darkness into light and paved the way for Gen Z to build. In order to create new….the old must be destroyed . It’s unfortunate you are only able to see the negative in Pluto and Scorpio generation and you’re not able to see the positive that they brought to the world. They had to suffer the most And they had to be the scapegoats to be the ones to embody that destruction… They had to stay strong and say no to what was in the old order. Because they had the strength to say no this caused some chaos and yes eventual destruction. But this destruction is what is giving the generation z the ability to build the new. Hope this shares a little bit of enlightenment with you and can awaken your mind to see things from a broader perspective instead of blaming generations. Blame and shame is something that is carried within you and that is why you are projecting it onto other generations.

      1. I wouldn’t say I’m blaming.. Hmm.. I think my word choice was a bit general, but I’m watching the alumni of my school, people I’ve known, and fellow people my age. I try hard to keep my nose to the ground and sniff out any hope for my generation. (Some of the alumni are podcasters, urban organic gardeners, a lot of librarians, BUT I’m not seeing a lot of activism, music/artistic creativity, or protest that actually works.) Compared to the work of generation Z that is so quickly jumping into activism and the creative world, it just doesn’t stand up. Even compared to past generations.. I’m also watching Donald Glover, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J Cole slip off the radar after their saturn returns which is a trend I don’t understand.

        One of my friends who is Gen Z is not out of college and is already taking a leading role in some protests having to do with housing for the homeless being taken away (this is in another place), I know at least 10 bands living in a somewhat shitty town that are peddling their wares energetically to Germany and recording demos despite the cold and running out of money..

        I can only think of maybe 3 people from my town near my age who have done outstanding work I respect.

        If you can give me concrete examples of all of what you’re saying it would help.

        My environment is a bit specific and hipstery.. I have known the coasts better than the midwest or South. I’ve dwelled among pitchfork reading hipsters and girls that are more like Lena Dunham in Girls than.. some chicks in the craft. I do keep my eye out on pieces that “explain the generational viewpoint” but of course they can be garbagey think pieces that do blame my generation.

        I’m just not seeing a lot of output I can stand behind and that’s the truth of it. I want us to stand out. But, based on what I’ve been seeing.. it’s just not happening.

        1. There’s a 13 year old girl named manon macasaet who, last I checked, has already published a photography book and I believe a zine. Revivifying a place that I consider too sterile and gentrified to ever grow someone real. Not to mention musicians like Lou the Human who make me wonder if the place is finally popping off despite two mayors doing their best to homogenize all possible weirdness and basically chase out artists. Of earlier generations I can maybe name Shilpa Ray, Jeff Rosenstock, and Jeffrey Lewis who still stick around. (I’m focusing a lot on music.) I’m pretty sure that very few Pluto in Scorpio musicians that came to prominence started at 10 years old.

          I don’t know what we did to clear the way for these people. If you can tell me, I’d like to hear it.

        2. I can understand that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 In my experience I have many Scorpio Pluto generation friends who are currently working within organizations that focus on shadow work (think Katie Byron, Landmark, Yoga and other organizations that focus on the inner work for all generations). It’s a process and I am focusing on the positives we have brought to the table and know there is still more work to be done! Thanks ?

          1. Ahh, good news. I’m a big fan of yoga. I have to tell you, my friend (Mars/Jupiter in Pisces) tried Landmark and it was a very rough ride for him. But, we both do TM and it seems to work better for me (he has Sun/Saturn and his Sun takes no positive aspects so he only thinks about everything he does wrong)

            Any more good news like this you find out, don’t hesitate to comment it in 🙂

      2. I wonder how much it matters what part of the country I came from..

        I think it does.

        What did they have to suffer? (Are you referring to the recession and disintegration of job security/social security?) What did they have to say no to?

        Also I have Pluto in Scorpio. I think calling me unenlightened/benighted is pretty harsh. Also implying that there’s some type of “shame” that I have in me is quite the projection. On the other hand, am I ashamed that I’m not doing stuff to help the planet or distinguishing myself? Sure. Am I working on it? Hope so.

  2. People and astrologers keep promising a revolutionary change.. but I don’t see any of us moving as the environment degenerates and more Nazi and extreme right wing activity in my country.. it seems the only “revolution” is coming from the right. Of course I can’t sit there and talk about this without acting.. I feel fearful and confused in this world. Even during horrible times we had public intellectuals making sense of the disillusionment and insanity the people felt as their world crumbled underneath them or as culture wars such as the advent of hippies took over (Nietzsche, Simone de Beauvoir, WH Auden, Joan Didion, Katherine Ann Porter).. I’m unable to reflect on what’s going on. I can’t tell.

  3. Thank you Midara for writing this. Very interesting. I am almost 65 years old and often I am worried about this young people! Your vision is positive. Thank you again! : – )

  4. I appreciate your take on nept in cap. I would maybe replace “illusions” with “lies” here and there in your text though. I was 27yo when i came around to going to university. Completed graduation in geography in the 3yrs it takes. Only to find out… about so so many lies. In what is taught as well as in what we’re said to be doing after completing it. Pluto was exactly transiting natal nept when i started out. My classmates were 9years younger, the last “class” of plutonian children per se. Im among the first. Here’s where i disagree with you: pluto in scorpio childre are here to destroy and make way for the rebuilders. Maybe teach them. But not to build. Thats why i think we all feel doomed. Our role is to tear down. To show everyone where the stench is so that no one will be able to ignore the garbage piling up any longer. And once our job is done in one place, we’re called to roam and find some more rotting that needs fixing. We’re that powerful. Older generations, especially the boomers/hippies fear us like hell. Because they were the lala land talkers when we were growing up. They lied, or at the very least, they failed their promises big time. Maybe pluto in sagg are the rebuilders. I sure hope so. Cheers.

    1. Forgo to mention: nept in 9th. Complete disappointment/seeing the illusion/broken/corrupt system around the time pluto crossed my MC…

      1. Look at all the advances in health, technology etc that are coming to light and have been fully developed or on their way to since the late 2000s (when the 1984/5 gen started entering the job market, research, etc). From iPhone to online translators to groundbreaking social media to eliminate the middle man (myspace, bandcamp etc). Radical new treatments or detection for diseases, cures, implants, tech prosthetics low costs, 3d printing, new ecological construction materials, affordable renewable energies harnessing tech… the list goes on and on… of course I also see a lot of people of this gen lost to drugs and whatnot or simply not doing much. But you gotta see that we go DEEP whatever and wherever it is we go. Not light, but deep. 🙂 if you have the chance, pls pls come by Europe on for a while 🙂

    2. You know, that’s a really interesting idea. I do agree that part of our role is to dismantle existing structures to make way for something better, and I do think that Gen Z has a good shot at creating that better world.

      But from a practical perspective, millennials will have to build something. Eventually we will be the generation that holds all the political power in the way that the silent generation and boomers do now. And we’re going to have to do something constructive with it. I have faith that it will be something good. But I do think that Gen Z is likely to be where the real action is.

      1. Think about this Midara: gen Z only know the world with tech and internet. They need Google for answers. They are good at memes with quotes, they never read the authors. They have no sense of privacy as in they barely know what that means. In case an EMP is set over major cities worldwide they have no idea how to grow veggies and cows and chicken and go without a cellphone or gas in the tank. Without us, they might not be able to build nothing when the time comes. I do have faith though. I always think in terms of best and worst case scenario and believe humanity will always go to somewhere in the middle. But these new generations (I have niece and nephew born in late 2000s) take a lot for granted. A lot more than we do. They need to learn from history. Not everything of the old ways is wrong or needs changing. Core values like family and providing for oneself instead of looking to nanny-state for instance. I understand kri’s point of view, but it’s only one side of the prism. If pluto in Scorpio wanted to learn music, we didn’t have Google to teach the notes or eBay to buy 2nd hand instruments for a bargain. That’s only one example. We had to really really want something, face the world for it then choose something over something else. Lots of pain involved. And hard consequences for failing “why aren’t you more like your____ ?(insert relatives name)”. But I digress. I truly truly believe we are the guardians of the old ways and guidance for the news ways that the young will create. Kinda like we have a veto/counseling/shamanistic role to take on when we become the elders. Not before. Until we are of old age, we keep destroying and exposing the corruption. We are the bridge 🙂

  5. anonymoushermit

    We’re also disillusioned (Neptune) by the older (Capricorn) generation and older people (Capricorn), in general.

      1. anonymoushermit

        The last 2/3 Pluto in Leo and first 1/2 of Pluto in Virgo generations had America at its peak, culturally and economically. They (we, our country) won the war in 1945 and they were supposed to be responsible. I believe God was testing us. Did we pass? Heehee!

        1. Mundane astrology interests me much. Im no astrologer by no means but as my higher education was in geography with a particular detour in geopolitics and international relations… i always end up more interested in complementing my learning by studying world affairs/history through the eyes of astrology. You are very right about those generations/years. But true to pluto fashion… it was all a huge power game behind the scenes… endless wars to control the emergent nations… pluto in libra=the bipolar world =cold war balance usa/ussr… enters pluto in scorpio… the berlin wall falls as the ussr. Free reign to the capitalist corruption.. de-regulation of the banking system (margaret tatcher in the uk)… i always look at pluto in scorpio with a mind for the last generation that had it: tom payne, thoreau. Maybe Midara has it better than I, after all. Hmm. Maybe we a gonna build. I need some hope back! Thanks for the bouncing of ideas!

          1. Agreed about the controlling emergent nations especially. I think we are still playing chess with Russia and China through third world countries. A friend of mine thinks that we will eventually try to do this within Europe (he mentioned the testing of missiles by Finland.) What do you think?

            Pluto in Scorp generation were the soldiers in the Revolutionary war.. and yet, we donothing now.

            Also, do you have any Aquarius in the chart?

            1. I do. jupiter aq 11th placidus/10th equal houses (but mc in cap). Jup sextiles uranus in 8th sagg. Mutual reception. Jup squares NN 1st. Mc trines it! Combo…
              Yeah. The EU is an american plan from the start (plan marshal to contain commies in Greece evolved into the idea of a union to acquiesce/settle the disputes france x uk and include the losers of WWII. Control. Power also, because culturally europe was the perfect secondary market for all the US commodities/tech. Then they create OTAN to “defend” Europe…until this day we have no European (not real national) armies whatsoever really… Finland is strategic. Before they become a country (after WWI) their territory was battlefield between Swedish monarchies and Russian czars. It’s the obvious place to point missiles at Moscow. They have low population density. Most people live in a small region in the south of the country since the other 2/3rds of the country are in the arctic polar latitude. Ice and long winter days. Perfect place to keep Putin in check. But don’t fool yourself: they are under OTAN’s orders…
              At this point, after the end of the cold war (bipolarity in the international order) the USA had a free pass (unipolarity) to go ahead will the NWO (1991’s bush father speech). But then enters China into the picture (enters WTO in mid 90s) and the US outsourced their production… big mistake. Then enters Putin. No more controlling the big bear. I don’t think we have a say at this point. In my eyes WWIII is already in place, but it is taking place in the middle East destruction wise. Someone has guns to sell. You can’t sell that in times of peace… But what other groundbreaking tech does the US have to sell that others don’t… It is a cultural war also. Jewiah lobbies for that area. But the core has to do with economics. The Chinese think they’re going to win in alliance with Putin… Im just looking to see what happens Jan 2020 with the mega conjunction in cap. The way sure seems to be the transition to the virtual currency and microchiping every Damn breathing soul. We are in for a bumpy ride… worldwide… it is happening already. They just need enough destruction to come “save us” via surveillance. I say, when the time comes: Resist!

  6. I’m a bit older than Midara but I seem to remember every generation was disallusioned with the previous generation. The 40s generation became beatniks and gave birth to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. The 50s worshiped Bob Dylan and became hippies. The 60s tapped into Zepplin, then Punk and Disco – bringing gay liberation and black power into prominence. The 70s kids became the Uber capitalists and either won or lost, depending on their investments. Then the 80s and 90s kids bring us up to date… their crisis is no different from previous generations. Maybe it’s just expressed in a different way.

    1. Agree. And it’s in everyone’s face to see, so hopefully we can all learn something from this.

    2. Yes, culture wars do exist with every generation. I’d argue that the Led Zeppelin, punk, and disco people were all very different and I would think the Led Zeppelin people admired the hippie generation and wished they could be part of it (ok, I watched freaks and geeks.)

      According to astrologers I read like Michael Lutin, the Pluto return of this country as well as Uranus square Pluto is meant to make more lasting change and dissatisfaction in this country.

      The revolutions of 1848, Paris Commune, and the French Revolution have that distinction of revolution in common, but one caused more lasting effects.

      The culture war against boomer life is one that claims that this is a dream because “you have to be asleep to believe it” (George Carlin.)

    3. I couldn’t agree more! Throughout history there has been animosity and rebellion from the younger generations as they chafe under the restrictions of a older way of life, Similarly, there has always been panic by the older generations as they worry about young people going astray. There are even quotes going back millennia hand-wringing about kids having no respect. It seems like a pretty much universal experience.

      I think there’s value in that kind of macro approach just as much as there is value in taking a microscope to the source of each generation’s dissatisfaction. Both perspectives are necessary to form a complete picture.

  7. I hope we know that there’s a distinction between illusion and delusion: the former can come true whereas the latter cannot.

    My generation is the starting point for stepping out of these delusions that Capitalism and other fundamental values have promised.

    But we shouldn’t be to blame, we all are. I don’t see a massive, semi-peaceful process occuring in the US. We are very separated but if we really want change, we should stop supporting this and that and BE a part of your community.

    I was certainly lost in this bullshit Kool aid when I was a teen which lasted for nearly a decade, and my “elders” nearby didn’t help. I know many my age and older still caught in this hedonistic cycle of promises and it’s disgusting.

      1. No. Illusuons are something akin to a woman who suddenly finds a very wealthy man. There’s a small chance it can happen for all women but not obviously it will only occurred for some.
        A delusion is something that cannot happen whatsoever.
        These two definitions are not to be confused.

  8. Bringing my 2cents from Canada: your (US) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a good case in point for the positive force this generation is bringing to bear, and making dreams a reality.

    I prefer to see less division among the generations and more recognition of the necessary process involved as the court planets shift.

    Speaking as generation Neptune in Scorpio, young adults with Pluto Scorpio are transforming the world with the dreams we first dreamt, it was necessary for the intensity to build to this to effect change.

    1. I hope you’re right.. my peers really aren’t doing much (compared to the Pluto in Sag generation from 16-23, even younger people like Greta Thunberg 😀 ).

      AOC has a honey of a chart (so many difficult configurations!), but I’m really not convinced she can initiate a lot of change. I want more for me and mine.
      All they seem to be doing is having babies, less scared off by the divorce statistics than the Pluto in Libra generation.. and that is not enough for me.

      1. I see the opposite baby-making wise. In Europe you see a clear distinction between pluto librans and scorpionics. People born 1982 did it, the 1983’s on are still mostly solo-ing. Focusing on career travel etc etc. Many are 2nd sons. Seen older siblings/cousins born in the 70s marriages fail. Lol at all the innovation in tech and medicine, etc. This is pluto in Scorpio. Exposing big pharma, creating alternatives in all areas of life. If the pluto in sagg can breathe and create, they owe their liberation to us I think… it is no longer ostracizing just thinking differently. Pluto in Scorpio are proud of their difference and had to face ALOT to conquer their right just to BE!

  9. I feel the need to clarify something. As far as the church thing, I’ve met a fair amount of lapsed Christians (including Evangelicals) and Jehovahs Witnesses in their 20s and I think that the traditional way religion has been conducted really alienated them. The amount of fear and cumbersome ritual.. not to mention darker things (I had had a thing with a guy whose mom disowned him for leaving the Jehovahs Witnesses and said that she loved the lord more than him…)

    Reading this blog, it would seem like Pluto in Sag (coinciding with the scandals in the Catholic Church) had a lot to do with this.

    Millenials also have a documented attraction to astrology.
    I don’t think millenials are repelled from/don’t need religion, the times are fairly difficult. I think they want to reform the practice to have something more meaningful and personal for themselves. I love listening to Pete Holmes (he has Mars/Mercury/Uranus in Pisces I believe) and he is a lapsed evangelical.. he’s very attracted to more tolerant and mystical visions of Christianity such as books by Richard Ruhr and he likes Rob Bell. I read some Catholic blogs that said these guys are heretics.

    I know I’m speaking out of turn, I’m just not convinced that millenials aren’t interested in religion, I know they like spirituality. Probably it’s the way that religion has been practiced that they can perceive as outdated or oppressive and they want to customize it for themselves.

  10. Success is always hindsight. I am an old scorp transformed by the 90’s, and watched how my Millenium son grew up. The 90’s culminated in the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the Berlin War and the Tian Mun Square. The 90’s culminated with the stellium in Capricorn. Now Pluto and Saturn is right back at the Capricorn to remind you what Milleniums are here for. Set a goal (Capricorn), and work with it (Saturn). You may never reach the goal (dream), but you will realize the journey is your accomplishment. Obama: Change We Can “Believe”. Well, only dreams or lies need “believing”. Which is it?

  11. Although people might be leaving religion, others who I’ve personally met are now joining AFTER being atheist.
    Many Religious actions have been quietly immersed into American society: yoga, meditation, clean food etc. Religion hasn’t nor isn’t leaving us anytime soon for some rationalist view.

    Stats are never quite what they are, so I use them with some apprehension.

    I hope many, like me, speak with those older than us so that we don’t make the same mistakes.

    1. Gotta agree with you, DA. I feel like some of us turned to Eastern methods because we became exhausted or yes disillusioned (I think exhaustion is a Neptune concept! Prob wrong) with western organized religion. I don’t like how a lot of New Agers did cherry pick the “exercise” aspects of yoga and the practical parts of Vedic/Buddhist meditation. Yoga is more complex than just physical exercises, and yet, to completely stop lying?? Very hard :p (I don’t find a vegan diet excluding onions and garlic that hard, but the stomach does..)

      I wonder if current day lapsed Christians will turn to Christianity, but with a more mystical bent (such as Pete Holmes.) A lot of new churches are being founded with more open policies (such as Nadia Bolz-Weber’s church.)

      I feel like we’re not learning from past generations. Hippies turned eastward, but I don’t think they really did a lot with it.

      For me, I worry about parenting trends. I feel like people want to turn away from the methods of their parents (i.e. latchkey children in the 70s such as what’s glorified in F is for Family, helicopter parenting in the 90s, current trends of attachment parenting).. it’s never the answer. There are always wounds. We know what our elders did and we experienced it, yet we don’t learn too much from it.

      In the world of academics, where a lot of our views on how to live, how to parent, what to eat, trickle down from.. there are so many petty fights and pissing contests between older and younger professors and researchers. If you research far back enough, you can feel that there’s no “right way” of living our lives (i.e. conflicting studies about drinking coffee.)

      Do you really think it’s possible to learn from another generation’s mistakes?

      1. I do feel us millennials can learn, but many of us are compiling all older people into a genre so we can feel victimized, instead of opening up to different people, cultures etc, and instead want people to open up to us.

        College, where I’m at again, is where, as you’ve mentioned, much of our issues trickle down, but now colleges are into this victim culture, allowing for absurd “rules” to foster because the higher ups are too scared to give a spanking and speak on what’s wrong. It’s disgusting.

        But there’s a chance that those who are learning from the past etc., can speak publicly with those who don’t utilize there platform as they should but does allow for a different voice or opinion to be featured, if they’re willing to be humble and combative in a sophisticated manner.

  12. Great piece Miranda!
    If I may add opinion here as a Scorpio generation. So I believe that Scorpio generation Scorpio Pluto essentially is the definition of shadow work. my generation with Scorpio and Pluto had to go through the shadow work. This is why the majority of us went on the path towards spirituality and yoga a lot of us chose to travel the world and find a higher purpose. As I replied to one of the comments in this thread, I stated that my generation had it one of the worst in human history in terms of being scapegoated (true Pluto and Scorpio sentence right there) … Namely we had to overcome the shadow ramifications of feeling victimized and instead learning how to become masters of this world so that we can bring forth a new world. Trust me, myself and all of my Pluto and Scorpio friends are working on it we will get back to you. ?

    but I really love this positive article that you wrote and it brought tears to my eyes and I’m so glad to see that some people actually see the positivity that the Pluto and Scorpio generation has brought to this Earth and how we have contributed. Sometimes destruction is needed in order for us to pave clear a new path so that the younger generations can build a new world. Blessings.

  13. As I read back through the post, I have to thank you for it, too. I know a lot of millenials feel disillusioned and feel like they have to work around the clock and manage side gigs that can all be taken away, not to mention social security and other safety nets going.

    I don’t fully understand it and can’t identify with it. I’m an immigrant kid so I don’t know what normal American parents taught their kids could be possible (guess it’s go to college and get an education so you can get a good job like doctor.) wait but why has a really snarky post about generation Y (that’s a bit true 🙁 ).
    I get people like Aziz Ansari (his episode of master of none called “Parents” made me cry a lot and wanna puke cause I can identify and am *way less grateful*) or any kid talking about having a stinky lunch the other kids made fun of. There’s a cool show called PEN15 on Hulu that covers this.

    I also don’t get a lot of stuff about Gen Z (and it’s making me feel old.) How they gather clout, why they like youtubers, what they view as “cool” music (my generation used music and taste as a status symbol).. And I don’t understand how they keep up with memes 🙁 I have to just absorb what I see intuitively..

    1. Can’t. Shut. Up.
      Anyway, I don’t get this topic, but I seem to have a lot of opinions on adjacent topics, anyway.

        1. Indeed it’s been a great share with you all. I’m glad mercury finally transiting my 1st house too, as I wouldn’t feel like posting prior to that 🙂 feels good we’re all in the same boat and not really alone.

  14. I loved this piece. Thanks! So refreshing to read something positive. Everyone always speaks so poorly of Millenials. I’m Gen X and feel that Millenials and Gen Z will greatly improve things. I see so many young people involved in politics and I’m impressed because my generation (Gen X) didn’t even have a clue about politics or our environment when we were in our teens or early 20’s. All we did was party. Lot’s of Millenials I know are also paving their own way in digital media becoming millionaires in unconventional ways. Out with the old and in with the new. I like it!

  15. I was just watching this youtube series Gayle (by comedian, Chris Fleming), which, by the way as a Leo, I think you’d like it, Midara 🙂 (holy shit so many commas)

    I was watching this episode (Gayle – Episode 36: Town Meeting) heh.. and at this one part (at about the 2:10 minute mark).. Gayle starts roasting Pluto in Scorpio era millenials. I’m too lazy to quote but it goes like:

    “There’s a new housing development on my street.. filled with emailers, crowdfunders, ridesharers. And I’m talking about honey dipped young couples who met during acapella in college and conceive children conspicuously close to Mad Men season finales.. Young couples who walk around farmers markets with their babies ruthlessly inspecting parsley, acting like they wouldn’t throw their baby in a rhino pit for a rock climbing groupon..”

    Gayle as a caricature is everything I’m running away from (a WASPy suburban water cracker eating sweater set power walk mom with an old hedge fund manager husband she doesn’t care about.. or something like that..) you know, a relic.. (Reminds me of a cartoon where a guy says to a woman “You’ll eat anything that says poids net on it.)

    And yet.. these millennial urban organic garden couples are moving back to that same suburb! It makes me think of the futility of “doing it differently from our parents” and expecting something good to turn out.

    I mean.. occasionally, the idea that child development theories/parenting things are another “culture war” creeps into my mind. You know that Philip Larkin poem. I don’t know what all Pluto in Scorpio parenting approaches are.. but I am watching some of the new parenting styles of Pluto in Libra/Pluto in Scorpio generations. Obviously they are more open to talking about the challenges and vulnerabilities of parenting (i.e. mommy bloggers) and also I read some article that a lot of families (particularly in cities like Portland and Seattle) are choosing to stay in an urban area even after they raise their children and perhaps that “suburbanizes” it (with gardens and more spacious housing complexes and such) but also bloats the transportation system. I wonder if our generation will refuse to leave metropolitan areas and bloat the antiquated transit systems further.

    My observation is that alumni of my school do move to slightly different or less urban places.. but they are often still “alternative” hubs or more community oriented, like Durham or Asheville. But, of course Durham has been cool for a long time so is probably not cool anymore. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Blahh I take it back I find that show really depressing.. too ironic and full of water crackers.. Cole Escola as Joyce is cooler. Also John Early.

  16. I’m feeling even more disillusioned about myself and my generation (that I’ve observed around me) now that Gen Z is roasting us. I mean my cohorts and I really are noodle armed useless things who put off adulthood and spent our 20s dithering and not going after our dreams. Gen Z spends zero time dithering even before 18.

  17. I don’t really read much into these delineations right now. It’s a bit giddy to read how generations get their names. It started with the census bureau on Baby Boomers who where given their name by government involvement and as soon as they got older there was a need for a new ‘brand’ to market their products to. Gen X, Millenials, gen Z, alpha, beta, delta, zelda. Now, isn’t this quirky. I just think, You either you do something or you don’t. You help your own behind and other’s or you don’t. Being called a gen x, a millenial, or a handbag shouldn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. The world feels more unstable than ever so these generational disparities should be minimal and schematic for social sciences purposes. Maybe I will re-think these, mercury rx and so on..

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