Man With Venus Conjunct Neptune – Impossible To Please?

Neptune statueI was talking to a pal…

“You realize no woman is going to make him happy? It’s not personal to you?”


“You don’t realize it,” I said. “Okay, l’ll explain. Any woman this guy gets or decides to be with, he’ll not want her. He won’t want you but it’s not because of your hair, your age your weight or any other thing. It’s the way he is. This has emerged.”

“You think…”

“I know. This is his nature; he has proven it over and over. As soon as some woman gets in his bed, regardless of who she is… fat, thin, old, young, pretty, ugly, nice or not so nice, from day one, the first time this guy wakes up with some gal in his bed, he’s going to be unhappy about it. He is going to see this gal in his bed and perceive it as a problem. She’s there, so now he has either has to either get rid of her or tolerate her presence. It’s a total burden to him and whichever he chooses, it will make him unhappy.”

“That’s true, isn’t it?”

“It is absolutely true. There’s no other possible outcome. And her looks don’t matter. I don’t care if he wakes up with the dream-girl starlet of century; he’s still going to be miserable. He’ll find a way to be burdened and strapped down by her. For example, she will be more famous than him,” I said with a chuckle.

“That’s true. That would bother him.”

“Of course it would. She’s beautiful, this is his problem. She’s ugly? His problem. If she’s there in any way shape or form and she is going to be his problem. There’s no way for a woman NOT to bother this guy. There is no way any woman on this planet is going to be with this guy and dodge this bullet. Sleep with this guy and become his burden. Whoever you are, you go right in the slot.”

“I see what you mean.”

“Good because it’s key. It’s really this simple: this guy is going to be unhappy with whoever he has in his life the same way I am happy with whoever is in mine.”

She laughed, knowing I’m always satisfied with my relationships.

“Yeah. So forget about what may be wrong with you and just be glad you’re not waking up in his bed because whoever does is gets to be in a world of hurt with little idea why. And it’s surreal how fast this constellates. Overnight. So just be glad you can see this which is a lot better than having to experience it because any woman who has to is going to be up a creek with this guy and have a very hard time figuring out why.”

Man in question has Venus conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius for starters. And various other sundries. But bottom line, no Earth girl is ever going to do. Ever.

Know anyone like this?

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    And what do you do when you realize your need to be unhappy and miserable is more seductive, satisfying and reliable than any partner you’ve ever had? Knowing you’re going to end up old and alone thinking like that, but as much as that terrifies you, nothing in the heat of the moment makes tolerating the boredom of a long-term relationship worth it. Realizing you may be just as boring to the ones you’re with doesn’t change anything either.

  2. I went to a wedding on Saturday. Two women were getting married but I don’t think that matters in what I’m trying to say. In one of their vows they said “I will not make you responsible for my happiness”. I thought that was really cool. It was one of the most loving things I’ve ever heard. On the flip side of that I could also say “I’m not responsible for your happiness.”

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    Even more of a reason to seek out a mutually beneficial arrangement and screw true love unless you can find the kind that doesn’t make you feel trapped. Otherwise why bother.

  4. Omg. I “coincidentally” saw her…the best friends wife…at the store over the summer. I just realized there was a meaning to this synchronicity. This shit is crazy.

  5. See I don’t really know her. I met her once. But I knew who it was instantly when I saw her. I didn’t speak to her or anything. Continued to walk on past her. She was talking to another woman. When I past, there was silence, and I felt it when she noticed me. I remember wondering what it meant…it was quite eery, the feeling… Well now I know and it just dawned on me. It was a warning or something. See I thought at the time he was with the other woman and we haven’t been in contact for a long time… Years. So I thought what ciuld this possibly mean??? This universe is bizarre.

  6. What about Venus-Neptune in Capricorn? With Uranus in the same degree as Venus. He also has the moon in Cap, but not in conjunction with the other planets…

  7. Looks like I am a little late to the party, but I am a woman and have Venus-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius too. In the 12th house as well. Ha. I think they are on to something…

  8. Hello. Sorry for the late comment. Is it possible that people with this aspect have the tendency to want or pine for what they can’t have, regardless of whoever they are dating at that time?

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