Why Do Some People Grow On You?

I have a friend, struggling in a new environment. It’s not any fun but I think he’ll be fine longer term. He tends to get off to a rocky start, but invariably people grow to love him.

I have a similar experience. I grow on people, often against their will.

I’m thinking this is a function of the water signs and houses. You know. Shut the door all you want. We’re going to seep in anyway. Once we do you get used to us. We become familiar and oddly comforting.

Do you grow on people? What’s the astrology?

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  1. That’s really interesting!
    I don’t know. Maybe a little because I’m usually shy at first and it’s really hard to get to know me.

  2. Always. I get alot of projections for good or bad (pisces asc)and so it takes a while for people to really get to know me. Even took me a long time to get to know me. I can be painfully reserved which people take how they want, so i think people are just grateful that someone comes out at all. I like people like that myself, layered people. Most of my friends i haven’t clicked with straight away and we’re tight as. Other people who i have, tend not to last so long.

  3. Hi guys,
    I’m starting to feel awkward posting my opinion without having to introduce myself, since you guys seem to be a tight bunch. So, hi everyone! My name is Elena, I’m from Macedonia, currently finishing my MFA in Graphic Design, and am currently suffering from astrology fever. Virgo Sun, Moon and Venus, Asc in Gemini. It’s very nice to be here among you!
    About making friends…I usually need and instant spark, approachable chatty people always have a green light! Sharing quirky stories of embarrassment and jokes a must.Women friends are Sags and Gemini, men…Gemini and Aquarius. In all instances it was love at first chatting.-)

  4. I don’t know. I always know when people don’t like me right off the bat…but there are a few people that I am not sure of and find out later they like me/don’t like me.

  5. Sometimes. Depends on the person. Generally it seems more like other people grow on me than the other way around.

  6. ditto to MahEggo’s answer…I know right away when they DON’T like me…but there are often ones I’m not sure of & don’t find out one way or another until later…

  7. Hmmm… Not exactly. It’s more like they realize I’m likable after I’ve gotten comfortable to let my guard down around them. Until then, they sometimes find me too cold and/or abrasive to get near, I think. *shrug* I’m not bothered by it though… I’m very Aries with a very cardinal chart. *lol*

  8. I just assume everyone does like me to begin with. 🙂 Most of the time, I think they do, although I know I can sometimes be intense and this bothers some. But I think I project enough of “me” out there that the folks that wouldn’t like me tend to stay away…

  9. Avatar

    I draw strong responses from others… You either love me or hate me. I don’t think I grow on anyone if they don’t like me to begin with… I suppose it could happen.

  10. There was a woman who started working in my department early on. Very upfront, in your face, knew a lot, and would let you know it. One day I was talking to my manager, and just, honestly, bitching about this woman. My manager,( who I hadn’t really gotten along with until one day, we had a huge row, and then everything was good afterwards) got quiet and then said, “well, actually, she kind of reminds me of you….”. Point was taken, albeit somewhat painfully, and that woman and I became friends.
    In signs, I have some water, but lots of fire. Get lots of projections, most of them far off the mark, but like Z, most of the time, the ones with the immediate click don’t work out, while the friendships that take longer to develop, do.

  11. I think I definitely grow on people… I find that I’m almost always at first glance found as weird or kooky or I don’t know what they get of me actually.. Can’t really see it (Pisces MC and Neptune opp. ASC.. and just a lot of Pisces in general) but after a while I get the “You’re actually cool!”… Always found it bizarre how I’m being portrayed at first and how minds change over time and my personality didn’t change!! Like I want to understand what changed their minds… well as long as the end result is positive, it’s good enough I guess! 🙂

  12. I have no idear. You’d have to ask the people. Hahaha! Mold grows on things, so I guess it’s not impossible I might grow on people… :S

  13. I’ve grown on people.

    I have a Scorpio ascendant, conjunct Uranus, trine Mars.

    When I was little, I didn’t need to grow on people. I’d had no real experiences that left me doubting myself or others, I loved everyone, and they loved me. Shame that utter confidence in myself disappeared.

  14. I also have an Aries Sun, and Neptune trine my Midheaven.

    Several people have said that they see me as more Pisces (and occasionally Scorpio). That Pisces Mars aspects more than my ascendant and rules my Sun.

  15. I tend to get a strong reaction one way or another from people, but if I’m around someone who didn’t like me at first long enough I’ve found that I usually grow on them at least up to a neutral/civil point.

  16. yep. i’ve got water, and i definitely grow on people.

    i don’t think i make much of a first impression. but give me enough time…

  17. I usually grow on folks however people don’t usually grow on me. Unless I have to work with someone whom I am not popular with I do my best to make it as pleasant as I can.

  18. definitely. usually it takes time as pisces/cancer rising i’m quite reserved. also, with mars-in-leo and pluto-close-to-ic/opposing-sun – i easily attract confrontations. so a lot of times it’s people either love me or they hate me – but even those i’d fights with, later admit it was ok.

    otoh, i’ve learned even those people who consider themselves “enemies”… all of them taught me some essential lessons. & i’m grateful for that.

  19. Yes, but I don’t think it’s an one way street. Basicly, people have told me the initial vibe I send is friendly but distant. I’m a Sun/Pluto, and also a Capricorn Moon, with deep trust issues. When I was younger, I would often put people in test, and obviously, most would have failed. Nowadays I see that I’m a part of this process. My own actions can help me to gain people’s trust and respect.

  20. I think I grow on people because I’m not good at meeting people.

    When they get to know me they realise that I’m very kind hearted and interested in them.

  21. I don’t think any of my friends liked me when they first met me!:) All of them persevered and had an open mind when getting to know me. Two qualities I really like in friends, so it’s works out.

  22. I’m a heavy Scorpio… 4 planets here. 3 in 8H.

    “You never leave a Scorpio. Not really. If you do, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life”

    Well, it has held true almost every time someone left me, people come back to get their drug (water).

    Addiction is Neptune-related. Neptune rules Pisces.

    Go figure.

    1. My Scorpio moon guy and I have a complicated relationship. But he calls me the ‘drug’ and he resorts to all sorts of weird things just to get my attention. But you’re right, I can’t keep him away no matter how much he upsets me. I love him too much.

  23. I’m a lot of water and 8th house. Every once in a while people grow to dislike me if they’re a surface type. Then on the other hand a few people don’t like me at first and later come to like me and these people are usually a little deeper or more philosophical.

    Every once in a while someone will like me a lot right off the bat because they’re projecting something onto me I’m not. I hate that.

  24. Yeah the watery types grow on people because they are not usually inclined to hold grudges at all. Plus in nature, water goes well with the other elements…and can even destroy or poison the other elements. I think water is probably the most potentially dangerous just because of its nature.
    Fire is so much seen as dangerous, because it can wipe you out in mere seconds. It grows on us because we need it regardless for survival.
    idk where Im going with this but yeah…

    1. Well, take that back, they may hold certain grudges, but it has to be for something pretty major usually. Not something trivial about you calling their shirt ugly or something…

  25. Something I struggle with being very Neptunian and very Pisces is trying to be all things to all people all the time. When I get projections, I feel that I have to somehow live up to it even though I can see that it’s not going to last forever- the illusion. So I’m very wary of people in general on a deep level. I’ve disappointed quite a few people and it sucks.

    1. Right on, PI: being aware of others projections, then feeling bad because you can’t fulfill the illusion. Ha! That’s profound. As is recognizing it.

      And a natural reaction is to keep away from people. I know this one inside out and upside down!

      Glub, glub said the Pisces to the Pisces!

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